Painting a house might seem like an easy task for some people especially for experienced people . However, this is only an easy task for those who already have a lot of experience therefore people usually struggle with this task.Don’t panic, Electric Paint Roller may be your life-saver to overcome this task ideally.

It is undeniable that electric power paint rollers have more benefits than other manual paint rollers.

Therefore, this review today would help you figure out which is the best electric paint roller for DIY purposes. Please scroll down to the end of this article to check out some tips and good advice that may help you to make your final calls! Let’s begin!

What You Need To Know About Electric Paint Roller

If you need to decorate your house with lovely colors, now your painting task could be done quickly by one of the most amazing painting products – Electric Paint Roller, aka Automatic Paint Roller.

How Does an Electric Paint Roller Work?

Electric Paint Roller WorkTechnically, the electric paint roller is equipped with an automatic motor which functions as the main pumps of paint from the container to transfer paint to the outside via a hollow tube. Colour paint would reach the Roller and then evenly spread over your wall by roller pores.

One unique design in the electric paint roller lies in its switch, which is positioned near the thumb of a painter. This helps the painter control the amount of paint pump from the motor, which may prevent the problems of over-painting.

Advantages When Using the Electric Paint Roller

Using the Electric Paint RollerIn fact, electric paint rollers bring up several advantages to professionals due to its productivity and convenience. Just turn on the rollers, and it would handle the rest!

You will be able to easily paint your house without worrying about spilling, dirty furniture as well as reach your paint to the tightest corners of your home. Electric Paint Rollers not only save time but also help the paint task more comfortable and faster than ever.

With the unique design of this paint roller, the craftsman will no longer need to dip his brush paint into the paint bucket manually because the Electric Roller brush is designed to paint a wide area without leaving any trace of the Roller.

Electric Paint Roller or Automatic Paint Roller is highly suggested for a house’s wall paint system due to its better property. Besides, it functions well for painting challenging corners, or unique surfaces such as gates, fences with high adhesion.

5 Best Electric Paint Roller

1. Best Overall – Wagner SMART Flow Paint Roller

Wagner SMART Flow Paint RollerEditor Rating:

First appearing in the list today is one model coming from Wagner manufacturer – Smart Flow Paint Roller. If you are looking for an electric paint roller which has not only high productivity but also a reasonable price, this product is made for you!

Due to its unique design with a linear feed delivery system, Wagner Smart Roller does not need a tray to cover paint, which may bring up more conveniences while painting.

Moreover, Wagner Smart is exceptionally suitable for large painting projects since it can paint a vast area in a minimal amount of time (cover up to 70 sq feet in one fill)

About holding capacity, the SMART Flow Roller is designed to hold up to 22 oz. of paint, which may provide long reach for tall walls and ceilings, faster transform, and less mess after painting.

Moreover, the auto-feed control system is what you may expect in this roller model because it can continuously keep smooth paint flow for more than 30 minutes.

Besides, this painting power roller is completely battery-powered, which is quite easy to control and safer than other electric-powered rollers. Additionally, the Wagner cylinder also functions well for both water and oil-based paint, which is easy to clean up as well.


  • Strong, durable, high effectiveness.
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Easy Cleanup
  • Affordable price


  • Noisy power system

Verdict: Wagner Smart Flow Paint Roller is recommended for those who are looking for a fast, convenient, and portable roller to cover large painting projects.

2. Best For Hard-task Efficiency – Wagner Smart Edge Paint Roller

Wagner Smart Edge RollerEditor Rating:

Coming up next in the list for the best electric paint roller is also another product from Wagner Manufacturers. If efficiency is the most crucial factor when you buy home painting tools, Wagner SMART Edge Paint Roller may satisfy you most!

This product’s unique selling point is also revealed in its name – Smart Edge Roller. It is because this model is a smart design. Containing a 1/4th litter plastic cylinder, it is proved to be a smart painting device for hard-to-reach zones in your house. Amazing, isn’t it?

This Roller is easy to handle because it will deliver a straight, clean, and sharp edge paint onto your house’s wall without needing a roller tray for support.

Moreover, a 3-inch long Wagner Smart Edge with miniature structure is not only twistable but also reachable even with the wall’s corner or gorged area.


  • High efficient for painting gorged area, corner wall
  • Easy Cleanup
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Reasonable Price.


  • Small paint holding capacity.

Verdict: Wagner Smart Edge Paint Roller is recommended for moulding and trim painting projects due to its flexible and efficient motor design.

3. Best For Fast Performance – Wagner Spraytech Powered Roller

Wagner Spraytech Powered RollerEditor Rating:

If you are searching for the most time-saving product when working with an electric paint roller, we highly recommend Wagner Spraytech Powered Roller.

Wagner Spraytech Powered Roller has a unique motor design that sucks up paint straightforwardly from its cylinder and quickly conveys to the Roller through a plastic tube.

Therefore, you don’t need to stop your process from covering the Roller from the paint plate, thus saving a considerable amount of time. Wagner Spraytech is proved to function admirably, effectively, and efficiently for house painting.

Moreover, being equipped with high-quality 1-5 gallons cylinder and Auto-feed control motor, this Roller not only is substantially advantageous but also can prevent changing or re-coating the paint roller for a long time. That is extremely economical in the long run!

Cleaning up becomes much easier while you use this roller model because it also takes about 10 minutes to cover all of the paint mess inside.


  • Time-saving design
  • Excellent and fast coverage
  • Easy cleanup
  • 1-year Warranty


  • High Price

Verdict: Wagner Spraytech Powered Roller is suggested for large painting projects due to its ease and innovative design.

4. Best Price – Wagner HomeRight PaintStick

Wagner HomeRight PaintStickEditor Rating:

If you’re looking for an average electric power paint roller at a reasonable price, you may need to take Wagner HomeRight PaintStick into consideration right the way!

First of all, you may think with the low price, Wagner HomeRight PaintStick may not be great at all, aren’t you? However, you must think of this factor again because this Roller is so functional and durable.

Wagner HomeRight PaintStick is described to function as a “Syringe” due to its sustainable holding capacity up to 18oz. of paint, which may benefit your paint refilling time. Moreover, your paint would be distributed evenly and correctly on the wall by controlling this Roller with a simple switch.

In addition, this Roller is a high-qualified product. Without using a paint tray as a normal Roller, it has the capability to cover 70 sq feet of surface under a few minutes. Besides, this Roller is suitable for painting high ceilings and walls, it fits for long-lasting projects.


  • High effectiveness
  • Lowest price on the market
  • 1 year Warranty


  • Only functions well in 10-15 minutes before it gets heavy
  • Hard to clean up

Verdict: Wagner HomeRight PaintStick is suggested for those looking for an economical product that is powerful enough to cover large projects in the long term.

5. Best For Easy Control – Graco Pressure Roller Kit

Graco Pressure Roller KitEditor Rating:

Finishing our paint roller’s list today is a product not from Wagner manufacturer. When referring to the most ease-of-use paint roller, Graco Pressure Roller Kit may come up to be your Top-of-mind choices

Although Graco manufacturer ensures that the roller kit is well designed to use with Graco Airless Sprayers with a ⅞” thread, it is recommended to use this Roller as a single roller helping your DIY and painting purpose as well.

Graco Pressure Roller Kit has its special design to easily fit with different workspaces. This Roller is designed with a 9-inch stainless roller cage and 20-inch extension, which may benefit ceiling or high wall painting work a great deal.


  • Average effectiveness
  • Affordable Price
  • Can be used with Graco Airless Sprayer.


  • Not durable

Verdict: Graco Pressure Roller Kit is recommended to stand up for the rigors of commercial use due to its portable design and reasonable price which is very convenient.

How To Select The Best Electric Paint Roller?

If you still find it challenging to evaluate which is the most suitable for you, check these buying guidelines to make your final calls!

Holding Capacity

Holding CapacityElectric Paint Roller would be utilized if it is made from high-quality materials composed of intense nylon, lamb’s fleece, engineered texture in order to hold enough paint inside, this makes it really easy and convenient.

Therefore, you should first take these materials into consideration because not all materials would hold an equal amount of paint.

It is about the paint types like water-based paints, emulsions, and so on; therefore, consistently considering the holding limit of the Roller and the sort of the paint before making purchase decisions.

Suction Power

The second most important factor when considering to buy an electric paint roller is the suction power of the motor. In fact, the pull intensity of the engine used in the electric paint rollers is an important factor in making decisions of how much and how frequent the paint should be given to the Roller because of this factor suction power are improving.

We highly recommend checking carefully the quality and the measurement of the empty cylinder is crucial when making purchase decisions.


QuietnessQuietness seems to be one of the most important before buying an electric paint roller.. Each type of electric paint roller has the level of quietness differently while operating.


Additionally, portability may be the next urgent factor to be checked carefully before purchasing new electric paint rollers because portability can bring a lot of benefits when using it.

When making decisions, you should estimate how big and portable your electric paint roller should be. However, in any case, the weight and size of the power paint roller may matter. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to buy an electric roller with less weight and portability to provide much more mobility to your work.


AccessoriesLast but not least, in order to ensure your satisfaction while purchasing an electric paint roller, make sure to check the accessories and tools assembled in the paint roller carefully.

Guideline to Use The Electric Paint Roller Correctly

After being well-informed of the best five electric paint roller on the market, you are looking forward to knowing how to make the perfect house painting, aren’t you? Let’s follow these steps below to find out your answer!

Step 1 – Preparation – Clean up and Check the Roller

Preparation - Clean up and Check the RollerThis step is extremely important because before handling any surface, you must give it a thorough cleanup in order for the paint to work better and adhere to the wall easier.

This can be considered the most important step to avoid wear and tear, and create better adhesion and durability. To clean up the surface of your wall, please remember these things and follow it thoroughly to prepare your wall to the fullest.

  • Take off all of the grease and grime.
  • Scrub all the dust or mold with a regular household bleach.
  • Fill holes with plaster or sand to create a flat surface.
  • Rinse thoroughly to clean out any remaining dirt.
  • Cover the edges of doors or windows by tape in order to prevent it from paint running.
  • Finally, let the wall rest in about 30 minutes before painting.

Step 2 – Setting Up the Roller

Setting Up the RollerWhether you use an old or a new electric roller, before applying the paint roller to your house’s wall, make sure to check the technical features of the Roller first. This can be the most essential step to avoid any further mistakes while painting later.

Then, stick your Roller immovably on edge in order to ensure it won’t slide off while painting.

If you use your paint roller for the second time, make sure your Roller is ready for its next usage. To handle that, you can use tape to cover the fabric tube, then remove non-stick fabrics. For caution, you can repeat this step 1-2 more times, to make sure that the fabric does not stick during the rolling process.

Then, carefully turn on the engine to check out if the Roller works well . Last but not least, pull the trigger on the Roller and check the paint comes up with the cylinder.

Step 3 – Painting

PaintingIf your electric paint roller is ready for painting, please step into the most technical stage – Painting. To start the painting process, use your fingers to pull your Roller’s trigger again. If you observe some small drops dripping out from the rollers, it is ready to paint. So, put it on the wall and start painting.

In this stage of painting, you need to load the paint into the Roller, spread evenly on the net or tray to remove excess paint before rolling the paint onto the wall.

Moreover, it is suggested that you should start painting from the bottom of the wall, about 5-10 cm away from the floor and corner.

Besides, notice that your paint will always be in the smooth process as long as you keep the Roller steady. The painting process will keep going until you finish painting the entire wall.

When finishing painting, take your finger off the Roller’s trigger and utilize the Roller on the wet paint once more.

Step 4 – Cleanup

CleanupFinally, after finishing painting, it comes to the final yet most urgent step – Cleaning up your Roller. In this stage, to expel the paint from your Roller, turn it over the wall without pulling the trigger. And then, remove the cylinder from the paint can and remove the plastic lid. Finally, clean up the Roller again to finish the painting process.


Is it true that an electric paint roller uses more paint than a paint sprayer?

While it is certain that an electric roller will utilize more paint than a normal roller, it doesn’t seem that the power paint roller uses as much paint as a paint sprayer. In fact, several airless paint sprayers can be accounted for up to a gallon of paint in under 1 minute of painting. An electric paint roller is considerably more affordable.

Is an electric roller paint durable or not?

Most automatic paint rollers are durable. As long as you take much care of its gear and clean up after each usage, there is no reason that your electric Roller can’t last for five to seven years or more.

May I need to buy additional accessories when buying an electric paint roller?

The answer depends on which roller system that you get; you may not require additional accessories. However, it is crystal clear that buying painting materials like drop fabrics, painter’s tape, and individual defensive gear is reasonable.

Final Thoughts

That is our review of the five best models of electric paint rollers on the market right now. To name the most promising model, it would be Wagner SMART Flow Paint Roller due to its high productivity and flexibility to work with big painting projects with the most reasonable price.

Though this article is quite long, we hope our electric paint rollers reviews today may be helpful to you. Thanks for reading! We really hope this articles are helpful for you!