Faux painting ideas are often applied in many places and are popular nowadays. This seems like a modern trend recently but in fact, it has been around for a long time since ancient Egypt.

Do you want to renovate and decorate your bathroom? Are you eager to turn the bathroom into a place that is both artistic and romantic? Let’s find out what is faux painting and some greatest ideas for the bathroom of 2023 right now!

Faux Painting Ideas – Definition Of Faux Painting

Faux Painting IdeasFirst of all, faux painting is a way of artificially decorating, which refers to the imitation of other materials such as fabric, wood or granite. In another way, you can call this decoration technique as faux finishing.

Creating a faux finish means you have added to the house more texture or dimensions. Most people often do faux painting on walls or ceilings. However, if you are creative, try them on doors or furniture.

Different from traditional paint, faux painting application is much more complicated. Therefore, if you cannot do it yourself, hire a freelance artist or faux painting company. They will give you the best faux painting ideas. However, if you insist on creating a “masterpiece” by yourself, find out carefully about faux painting in the following sections!

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Faux Painting Tools 150

After coming up with interesting faux painting ideas for the bathroom, the first thing you need to do is prepare the tools that your project requires. Is it simply a paintbrush with a sponge roller? No. Let’s find out now!

Paint Remover

PaintFirst, check the condition of the walls in your bathroom. Are they still good? Or are they full of holes and mold? Which color do they have now? If the walls are white and smooth, you can easily cover them. However, if it is too dark, use high-intensity paint remover, which helps you to remove unwanted stains and paints. Ensure that your surface is clean enough to start decorating.

Paint primer

Primer helps to smooth out the part of the wall you want to paint. You can use them for uneven holes. After using the primer, it will not only help you paint more easily and stick better but also help your faux paint display the right color and quality.


OthersBesides preparing a good wall for painting, make sure to have these tools ready to avoid interruption while working in the bathroom.

  • Paint buckets with the color you want
  • A paint roller
  • A paintbrush
  • A sponge roller
  • A tarp
  • A painter’s tape
  • A ladder (you can also use step stool)

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Great Faux Painting Ideas For Bathroom

Here are some suggestions for faux painting ideas we’ve collected for you. It can be a creative inspiration for your bathroom. Let’s have a look!

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Color Washing

Color WashingThis is called the technique of handling broken finish. Color washing allows you to create extremely diverse shapes and satisfy your passion for creativity.Just apply a thin glaze on the background of another base color, then use a feather brush and paint the interior to outline soft lines. So you have got yourself a super cozy bathroom.


MarbleizingThis is a unique design inspired by the luxurious intricate pattern and color of natural marble.For this type of faux painting, use a small roller to create colorfastness. After the primer dries, you can use an extra-base coat to make the wall brighter. Then, use sponge paint to create faded marble patterns with a darker color. To ensure a stronger wall, you can paint a coat of sealant or polyurethane.

Strie Technique

Strie TechniqueThis faux painting process is also called “dragging”. To have a great-looking bathroom wall, you need a base coat, a layer of enamel paint. Then, use the brush to drag from the top down to create the shape. These vertical strokes can be made by using a brush or roller. This style brings a high-class and luxurious look to your bathroom.


DiamondsWhat about a faux painting style diamond model? This idea is formed after you apply a light-colored base paint, wait for it to dry and create diamonds with a tape grid. Then, fill the grids with alternating contrasting colors.. It is done, now you have a great bathroom wall.

Lime Washing

Lime WashingTo create this impressive faux painting, you need to have a mixture of interior paint and water. This will create a creamy texture after the paint dries. The more water, the thinner your paint will be. Use a paintbrush and dip it in the mixture and paint. After the paint dries, you can add a layer of latex varnish finish to protect the wall.

Pickling Wood

Pickling WoodPickling wood style is the same as lime washing but it is usually lighter. First, use sandpaper to sand the wood. Next, prepare the paint by mixing water with white primer in the ratio of 3:1. Note that you should use a small paintbrush to paint.You can use a dry cloth to remove particles after the paint dries out by pulling down from the top down. After that, use the acrylic sealant to make the wall look more beautiful.

Brick Design

This is a good idea to create a set of bricks without spending too much money.Prepare a kitchen knife and synthetic sponges first. Use the knife to cut the stamp sponges into brick-sized pieces. Then, glue them together. After the glue has dried, you can start repainting the tile color to your liking.

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In conclusion, you understand faux painting better now, right? There is a bunch of amazing faux painting ideas you can check out and select. Go through all the ideas and choose one that you love the most. It will surprise you.

So what are you waiting for? Unleash your creativity and start transforming your bathroom right away. Besides, you can also apply these faux painting ideas to other rooms in the house. Isn’t that great?

We Hope you have a nice bathroom and a meaningful day!