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  • FLEXiO 570 Sprayer
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  • Last modified: May 15, 2023

Review Summary:

  • The Flexio 570 provides advanced user comfort being 50% quieter and 20% lighter than traditional airless sprayers. Besides, the power of the X-Boost turbine and the material spraying capability of the iSpray nozzle combine to bring simpler for easy cleaning and color change, easier for any painting jobs.
  • The iSpray nozzle is designed without wear parts extending the usable life. Nozzle adjustments include horizontal or vertical and wide or narrow patterns, it provides up to 60% more airflow and makes smooth, professional coverage with any coating.
  • The Flexio Sprayer produces a slightly stippled, roller-like finish with The X-Boost turbine delivers 3X more power (at 65,000 RPM’s) to spray coatings with adjustable control, full coverage and low overspray. Bringing the perfect finish and saving time for other projects.

Wagner has made a remarkable addition to its collection of paint sprayers with Flexio 570. It is an innovative model that can be easily used to carry out indoor as well as outdoor painting tasks. Whether you want to add some color to your room or just looking forward to giving a new touch to your furniture, Flexio 570 paint sprayer allows you to do it all in few minutes with less struggle and complications. It offers a flawless paint application and a smooth coating. From professionals to do-it-yourselfers, everybody can use this paint sprayer to enjoy advance level painting.


FLEXiO 570 SprayerAs Flexio 570 is a product of Wagner brand, the quality is purely amazing and impeccable. The item has some genuinely fascinating features from which a few are mentioned here that will leave you stunned:

  • Two spray attachment: This paint sprayer can spray the interior that is thickened as well as the exterior by using different types of materials such as latex paints, urethanes, oil-based paints, and sealers. It comes with two spray attachments to help you with all sorts of painting projects.
  • X-boost power: This tool comes with X-boost power setup to meet the requirements of the task and your desires in a better way.
  • Efficiency rate: This sprayer has an average efficiency level of up to 7.2 gallons per hour. It’s not that good but considering its size; it’s quite better than other sprayer handguns.
  • Lock-n-Go system: Wagner manufacturers have introduced an impressive feature of lock-n-go in this model of Flexio. It allows you to change the color and clean the tool pretty easily without creating a terrible mess.
  • iSpray technology: Flexio 570 has advanced technology of iSpray that enables users to enjoy up to 60% more airflow while spraying and provides the smoothest plus professional coverage, no matter whichever coating you’re using. The iSpray nozzle is provided to enable horizontal and vertical spray painting with a lever that can widen or narrow the patterns.
  • Coverage speed: This sprayer gun impressively covers 8 x 10 inches surface in 2 to 6 minutes. The quarter-sized cup attached to this prayer is efficient enough to spray 125 square feet with a single fill.

These all features work together and make this tool the best paint sprayer for different types of tasks.

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The Flexio 570 spray gun comes with a lot of benefits that can make painting pretty easy and fun. Here are a few advantages of using this smart tool:
  • Lightweight: This model of paint sprayer by the Wagner brand weighs around 4 pound hence truly light in weight. You can carry it easily for hours to get done with your painting tasks. Being lightweight, this sprayer is pretty easy to carry anywhere without packing it in its backpack.
  • Variety of materials: Flexio 570 encourages users to experiment and try different material application. From oil based liquids to latex paint and lacquer to sealing, you can use this sprayer to apply all different sorts of materials flawlessly. Now you don’t have to buy several kinds of sprayers to attempt variety of applications. Go with this one and do it all!
  • Easy handling: Due to light weight and fine structure, Flexio 570 is pretty easy to handle and complete the task. It’s basically a hand-held sprayer gun and outshines all other hand tools used for spray painting. From filling the paint to applying it, this sprayer gun is not a problem to use.
  • Efficiency: Although the functioning of this gun is average, it covers most of the area in lesser duration quite flawlessly. You can go for as many coatings as you like to get the best results in shorter time.
  • Durability: Flexio 570 is also a durable product that offers a long lasting performance. Unlike other sprayer guns, you won’t experience any sort of breakage, leakage or applications flaws. Unless you keep it clean and well-maintained, this spray gun can be used for years.


Nothing is perfect and same is the case with Flexio 570. Apart from its benefits, there are also some problems that you might face while using this product. Let’s check out these two most reported issues by users:
  • Frequent refills for bigger projects: bigger projects such as painting the walls, floors, fences and decks can get pretty daunting due to frequent refills. As it can hold an average amount of paint, you will be needing to refill it again and again to get the job done completely. With a single fill, you can only so little tasks such as spraying the shelves or any little piece of furniture.
  • Amount of overspray: another drawback of Flexio 570 is that sometimes it get pretty messy and startover-spraying ridiculously. This extensive over-spraying results in paint wastage and uneven application. It is not the case with every user as only some pieces come with nozzle flaws. When buying this sprayer model, make sure the nozzle works pretty fine to avoid overspray problems.

Customer score and feedback

If we look at the customer score, this product has an average rate of 3.5 out of 5 that makes it a satisfactory tool for regular tasks. Many customers have rated it 5 out of 5 because of its easy handling and flawless performance. But there are also some users who have experienced some problems while using this product and complained about the item. Overall, considering customer reviews and feedback, Flexio 570 is an excellent tool to get for DIY projects. Especially, if you’re a beginner, this spray gun is perfect for you learn basic of paint spraying.

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How to use FLEXiO 570 paint sprayer

use FLEXiO 570 paint sprayerWhen it comes to getting done with the painting jobs in lesser time with flawless results, spray guns are the best option. Easy to use and handle, spray guns are pretty efficient in painting different surfaces, smaller or larger. If we talk about Flexio 570 paint sprayer, this tool is just fantastic and offers professional level painting even if you are an amateur. But, just like any other paint sprayer, first, you need to learn how it is used to enjoy the uniform and perfect application.

Here is a guideline for you to use Flexio 570:

1. Setup

The first thing is to set up your tool by following the instructions that come with the product. Unlike big paint sprayer machines, Flexio 570 is pretty straightforward and quick to set up. All you need to do is to fill the cup with your desired paint and remember; there is no need of diluting a standard paint. Once the cup is filled and attached, plug in the socket and press the lever to spread the colors.

2. Tips for spraying

If you want a flawless application, consider these tips while usingFlexio 570:

  • Try to spray with prolonged and continuous motion to enjoy the best coverage.
  • Before triggering the gun to let paint come out, the motion should be started and continued even after the trigger is released. This way, you will be able to avoid over-coating.
  • Try to maintain the distance of 12 inches between the surface and nozzle to let the paint spread evenly.

Uses of Flexio 570

Uses of Flexio 570Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or a professional, Flexio 570 paint sprayer can be used for different sorts of projects. Here are some most common uses of Flexio 570:

  • Furniture finishing: People are using Flexio 570 to give their quaint furniture a neat and innovative look. Using paints and varnish, you can add shine to your dull looking furniture articles.
  • Architectural painting: Whether it’s interior ceiling and floor or exterior walls and fences, you can use Flexio 570 to enjoy a beautiful bright look of your house. This tool allows you to use any paint and other liquids required for architectural painting.
  • Automotive uses: Another frequent use of Flexio 570 is automotive painting. People are using it in their auto shops to apply paint on cars and other spare parts. As it performs well on different surfaces including metal and steel, you can use it at home to give your car or bike a colorful touch.

How to maintain FLEXiO 570

Nothing lasts longer if not kept well-maintained. Same is the case with Flexio 570! To enjoy its long-lasting performance, you will need to keep it clean. Never leave it uncleaned after getting done with your project. It’s essential that you clean every part including the nozzle and cup because dried paint results in uneven application and overspray. With its lock-n-go feature, you can easily separate the nozzle from the turbine and clean it thoroughly.


Flexio 570 paint sprayer has made painting pretty easy and quick for even unprofessional people. It doesn’t matter how small or large your project is, you can use this sprayer to enjoy a perfect result and perfect application in lesser time. Forget about messy paint brushes and rollers and purchase this tool today to play with colors!