When it comes to the best paint sprayer for home use, no one can beat the Wagner brand. And the top product that we want to introduce you today is Flexio Paint Sprayer 3000. Belonging to the Flexio series, this popular line of the Wagner range is ideal for most indoor and outdoor household projects.Flexio 3000 from Wagner brand

And here are some benefits, including:

  • 10x faster than using a paint brush
  • Less overspray than other paint sprayers
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor paint projects
  • Capable of spraying unthinned paint and stains
  • Easy to clean up

That’s why the Flexio 3000 promises to help you finish painting jobs around your house effectively. But does this sprayer truly satisfy all your expectations? The review below will disclose everything that can help you judge its pros and cons before making a decision. Down here to know now!

A Detailed Review of Wagner Flexio 3000 Paint Sprayer

About Wagner

In the industry of paint sprayers, the Wagner company is one of the famous names with a huge customer base.Aside from selling high-performance spray equipment, they also join the decorating and painting business. They even have a research and development team to create a vast range of products that are suitable for home and pro uses. Since their products are always aimed at making painting easier to set up, apply and clean up, lots of people are loyal to this brand.

Flexio 3000 and Its Overview

The Flexio 3000 or Wagner 3000 paint sprayer is the same, as a hand-held paint sprayer. And before going into the details of the advantages and disadvantages of this product, we want to mention some essential specs!flexio 3000 hvlp paint sprayer

Suggested annual usage 30 gal
Paint types Interior/exterior paint, primers, stains, polyurethane/lacquer, sealers, etc.
Spray type Handheld
Pump type HVLP (high volume low pressure)
Power type Electric
Number of spray settings 15
Operating pressure 5 psi
Weight 9lbs
Ideal for Interiors and exteriors

Flexio 3000 and Its strong Points

Painting wall with a Flexio 3000Boast a Powerful Turbine 

The powerful X-Boost turbine boasts about making your painting job quicker. Furthermore, it makes the surfaces more consistent.So, if you want to spray denser materials, it’s an ideal choice. Another excellent point that the X-boost turbine is equipped with a dial. It allows you to direct the pressure that is produced by the turbine. Usually, using a lower air pressure will send more massive drops of materials, making a rougher finish but with the adjustable settings from this model this is no longer a problem.

With 9 different settings, it’s easy to control the sprayer for various finishes and materials. For instance, if you turn the air power up and use a thicker paint, you will get a smooth finish and quick coverage. Since the dial allows you to work with various viscosity of paint, you can create a fine finish on smaller projects with lower air pressure.

Feature Two Nozzles

With two nozzles, the Flexio 3000 is known as an excellent piece of equipment for various materials and surfaces. The iSpray nozzle is ideal for surfaces like walls, fences, and siding since it comes with a wide spray. Relying on that, you can get quicker coverage and a smooth finish.

Or if you want to regulate how to spray vertical, horizontal, narrow or wide patterns, you can do with ease. Additionally, you are able to change the nozzles by twirling the iSpray nozzle and adding another detail finish one. The second nozzle will help you apply a thin coat, leaving an even finish on any surface.

Use Less Paint Than Brushing

Since this product is an HVLP sprayer, it usually uses less paint than rollers or brushes. To help you know how far the pain can go, let’s take this example. Simply use 1 ½ Qt cups and then you can spread a wall up to 10ft x 12ft large. Of course, you don’t need to worry about over-spraying. In case you catch this problem, you can fix it by adjusting the X-boost power dial.

Clean Up Easily

Cleaning is an important part of painting because you can admire your work right after you tidy up the place. Sometimes you find paint where there should not be painted, and you have to spend lots of time cleaning the surrounding areas. Luckily, over-spraying is not a BIG issue. That’s why Flexio 3000 helps you save your cleaning time. And the paint is always on your intended surface.FLEXiO 3000 Cleanup

Equip a Storage Case

As compared to brushes and rollers, the paint sprayers always come at a high price but in exchange for its enhanced features and many more benefits. It’s because they include an advanced piece of equipment. But that doesn’t mean you don’t notice it when carrying or storing. Since the Wagner 3000 paint sprayer offers a sturdy case, you can transport, store, and use it without worrying.

Last for Years

Usually, the part that easily gets damaged is the nozzle. However, the iSpray nozzle from this product is designed with long-lasting performance. So, no matter how many times you use it, you always have peace of mind that it will last for years.

Offer an Affordable Price

Without a doubt, the Wagner brand always offers many high-quality paint sprayers that give a lot of customization with a reasonable price. That’s why this model is totally suited for those who don’t want to spend an enormous sum of money yet get a good product.

Flexio 3000 and Its Weak Points

Flexio 3000 and Its Weak Points
Aside from excellent features, Flexio 3000 also comes with some downsides.Firstly, it easily tends to clogs, which can be an obstacle to your painting. But, if you try to strain the paint before spraying or use a filter, it will work better. Additionally, you need to follow instructions to clean it accurately. Or it’s going to decrease the effectiveness of the sprayer.

Flexio 3000 and Its Performance

When it comes to performance, the Wagner Flexio 3000 DOES great.The design of paint container and the turbine offers a better weight balance. Moreover, its ergonomics are improved, making it more comfortable as compared to other models. The multiple flow and speed choices are a KEY in offering the best quality out of the sprayer. The controls are even extensive, giving an excellent selection for those who need different mediums.

Of course, many other things make you love this product, especially the versatility of its use. As a homeowner, if you want to paint small sheds, a fence or patio furniture, the Flexio 3000 is totally suited. Or in case you need it for larger projects, it also does well as well as help you save time than using rollers and brushes. It’s for the best to pay attention to some tough things while availing this sprayer for a better result.

Clogs seem to be a common matter with paint sprayers in general and the Flexio 3000 in particular so in this case, our best advice is to use a cloth to wipe out the pain during spraying and you can see a significant improvement. Additionally, you can catch some variables that can affect the severity and frequency such as weather, type of paint or occasional debris. So, aside from thinning the paint, you can try to strain the paint to make sure you get minimal dust and other matter obstructing.

Ways to Set Up and Use Flexio Paint Sprayer 3000

Ways to set up and use Flexio paint sprayer 3000Some people might wonder how a paint sprayer works and why it’s effective than a brush or roller. To be honest, everything is straightforward with this product. All you just do is to fill the container with paint, then screw it onto the spraying handle and aim it at any place you want to paint. As we mentioned above, the Flexio 3000 has 2 nozzles including one for bigger work and one for detail work. Depending on your different painting projects, you can choose a suitable nozzle. Now, we will guide you on how to set up and use it to spray.

Setting Up

Here you need to notice three crucial elements to set up accurately. They consist of the airflow, the paint flow, and the width of paint.


Take a look at the red dial on the body of the sprayer. The number 1 offers the least amount of airflow while the number 8 gives the strongest one.

Also, you should view a handy chart with a picture to determine which furniture you want to paint to choose the right setting. For instance, if you want to spray a chair, the best setting will be between 3 and 4.

Paint Flow

On the neck of the spray gun, there is another red dial to control the paint flow rate. While the number 1 offers a very thin coat of the paint, the number 10 will provide a huge amount of paint. You should use the adjustable setting to your advantage to save more paint and boost productivity.

Width of Paint

The next thing is to direct how wide you want to spray. If you’re working with a chair, you need it to be less broad. In case you’re working with the side of your house, the wide spray is necessary.


Use Flexio Paint Sprayer 3000After setting the 3 adjustments above, it’s time to plug the sprayer in and start painting and see what kind work of art you can create. Since there is no button, you simply squeeze the spray handle and then it automatically engages and turns on with the rest to let your hand move freely. While spraying, make sure to check the nozzle to prevent paint from clogging up. Prepare a rag or paper towel and wipe it off every once in a while. Additionally, you need to pay attention to safety when doing, such as:

  • Always wear protective gears such as gloves, mask, glasses, etc.
  • Always spread newspapers or a drop cloth to prevent paint from sticking to the surrounding areas.
  • Always hold the sprayer 12-15 inches from the surface and spray by using steady and even strokes to get the best result.

And after completing, you need to let your finished product dry thoroughly before using.


how to use flexio 3000

What Kind of Coatings Can Be Painted?

The Flexio 3000 can spray oil-based or water-based paints and stains. But avoid cleaning or spraying with liquids including a flash point of less than 1000F. It’s because the flash point is the temperature at which fluid can supply enough steam to burn.

Can I Use It for Shellac?

No, you cannot. As we answered above, this sprayer is only for oil-or-water-based products.

Is the Flexio 3000 Suggested for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use?

Yes, it is.

Is It an Airless Paint Sprayer?

No, it is.

Can This Sprayer be Used with 220 Volts?

It’s designed to work with 115 volts 60hz electric.

What Is the Suggested CFM for the Flexio 3000?

Actually, this sprayer doesn’t have a CFM requirement. It’s because this product has a turbine motor to provide air for spraying.

Is There Any Difference between Flexio 590 and 3000?

The Wagner Flexio 3000 is a new version of the 590. The BIG improvement is the iSpray nozzle. Also, easier cleanup, fewer parts, and better spray patterns are other awesome things.

Is Thinning the Material Necessary?

Well, it depends on which nozzle is being used. While the iSpray nozzle doesn’t require thinning, the detail finish one needs.

What Should I Use to Clean the Sprayer?

Make sure you use the proper cleaning solution such as soapy and warm water for latex materials or mineral spirits for oil-based materials. It’s best to examine the back of the paint container for sure.

How to Clean Its Filter?

Simply clean it under running water and then leave it to dry before putting it back to the sprayer.

At the Conclusion

With the Flexio Paint Sprayer 3000 review above, we hope you get a great idea about what this product is able to do, and whether or not it’s suitable for you. To be honest, the Flexio 3000 is an ideal selection for both first time DIYers and experienced ones. It’s also affordable, and as long as you take care of it and clean it carefully after every use, it will last for years.

If this is what you need, ORDER and get YOURS today, guys! Or you can ask us anything about this sprayer by leaving your comments below. We’ll support you now, guys!