Have you ever heard of folding ladders? Do you know how convenient they are compared to other types of ladders? If you are looking for a small, compact-scale device that can be used both indoors and outdoors and stored easily, this topic is for you.

Among hundreds of choices of folding ladders out there, we will help you narrow down the 7 most popular ladders in 2023 and how to choose a satisfactory one that can meet your needs. So what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling down to get the information you need!

Top 5 Best Folding Ladders In 2023

Top 7 Hottest Folding Ladders in 2023

After researching, we have picked out the 7 hottest folding ladders on the market. Let’s scroll down to see them now!

1. Delxo Folding 4 Step Ladder

Delxo Folding 4 Step LadderEditor Rating:

The first product we want to introduce is the Delxo Folding 4 Step Ladder. Having received a GS certificate from TUV, this folding ladder can be trusted for safety and quality.

If you do not have much space to store a ladder, Delxo Folding 4 Step Ladder is born for you. This ladder is compact, which will only be about 4.5 inches wide when you fold it fully. Besides, it has two sidebars for easier carrying. To be honest, it would be hard to find any other product that can beat this Delxo item in this field.

Another great thing about this product is that it provides non-slip steps. With the rubber grips designed, your feet are assured to climb up high safely.

This folding ladder is quite compact and helps you save more space. Moreover, its shape and design are quite beautiful and modern. However, Delxo Folding 4 Step Ladder has only 4 steps so it will limit the height you want to reach. For example, when using this ladder, it will be difficult for you to access slightly higher levels such as ceiling, roof, trees, and so on.


  • Small design
  • No need to worry about slipping while climbing
  • Durable ladder
  • Cheap price


  • Can not reach high spots

Verdict: If you need to save space for easy storing, this folding ladder will be an ideal option.

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2. Luisladders Extendable Ladder

Luisladders Extendable LadderEditor Rating:

Coming up next is an extendable ladder produced by the brand Luisladders. Besides the folding ability, this product can be extended for reaching high places. Therefore, it can be seen as a solution for the previous Delxo’s ladder.

The best point of this item is that you can apply it for multi-purposes. As the picture shows, you can modify this ladder into 9 different shapes. From the scaffold, leaning ladder, stepladder to work platform, temporary bridge, this product supports all!

Of course, with this Luis Ladders Extendable Ladder, you can be assured about safety. As it not only stands stably but also prevents you from slipping, no doubt that the product is suitable for many building construction jobs or big projects.

However, there is still a drawback of this folding ladder. The buttons which are used to lock and open the joints are really hard to push and pull. If your hands are not strong enough, the setup may take some time.


  • Can be set up into many shapes
  • Sturdy ladder
  • Be safe to use


  • Difficult to lock and unlock the joints

Verdict: This extendable ladder services multi-purposes, so it is suitable to use in many construction projects.

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3. Cosco 13′ Multi-Position Ladder

Cosco 13 Multi-Position LadderEditor Rating:

The above extendable item is really great, right? But let’s move on to see another product that is also convenient to use. Check out the Cosco 13’ Multi-Position Ladder!

To support various needs, this ladder can be modified into 5 different positions. In other words, it can serve as a step ladder, a scaffold, an extension ladder, and a wall ladder. Plus, according to some users, this is also one of the best ladders for stair painting! Is this feature enough to you?

If not yet, then the device still offers other excellent functions. When you climb on it, don’t ever worry about falling while working under the heavy rain. This is all thanks to the slipping resistant steps.

Moreover, we have to give a compliment to its strength. The truth is, this item can withstand a remarkable amount of weight. Even when two persons climb on it, this Cosco product can still keep balanced greatly.

As a big ladder, this product is quite heavy. As a sequence, you will get difficulty in moving it from place to place.


  • Can place in 5 different positions
  • Resist slipping


  • Heavy ladder

Verdict: If you need a strong ladder to support multi-purposes, this one will meet your needs.

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4. Comie Aluminum Folding Step Ladder

Comie Aluminum Folding Step LadderEditor Rating:

We will now move on to a folding step ladder of the brand Comie. After knowing its special design and the features it brings, surely you will be impressed!

About its construction, this ladder has a foldable design that can provide you with convenience in carrying around and storing it. Moreover, the unit supports indoor uses a great deal because it does not take much space.

If you see the sole of this ladder, you will notice some rubber covers. Thanks to them, the ladder can stand against the impacts of external factors.

Also, the joints of the ladder are solid, allowing you to modify the shape of the ladder for many different purposes. Looking closer to this feature, we can say that the company Comie has succeeded in producing a flexible product for its customers.

Despite the advantages, this product still has a drawback that you may not like. Because it is made from metal, you can not avoid the sharp joints of it. If you aren’t careful while opening and closing the ladder, probably the joints will damage your hands.


  • Foldable design, which is suitable for most indoor and outdoor tasks
  • Flexible ladder and can use anywhere
  • Lightweight, stable and safe


  • Can damage your hands because of the sharp joints

Verdict: Based on these great features, Comie’s folding step ladder is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses.

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5. SHAREWIN Aluminum Step Ladder

SHAREWIN Aluminum Step LadderEditor Rating:

Do you desire a stable ladder? Well, this ladder – SHAREWIN Aluminum Step Ladder will satisfy you with its great features.

The first thing we like about this ladder is its design. The materials used to make this ladder are aluminum and steel. Thus, despite being firm and sturdy, it is still a lightweight ladder, and you can carry it around your place with minimal efforts

The steps can resist slipping, so you can feel secure every time you use it. As this ladder has a rubber sole to cover the feet, it will never lose balance even when the weather is so windy.

On the opposite side, the rubber sole is so thin. Since the feet are quite sharp, they can cause some scratches on the floor so we don’t recommend you to use it indoors. In case you still want to use it in your house, you should buy some extra-thick rubber protections to cover the sole.


  • Easy to climb and carry because SHAREWIN ladder has a handle
  • Sturdy, safe and stable


  • Thin rubber sole, which can cause scratches on the floor

Verdict: If you like a solid and durable ladder, give this product a chance to be your sidekick!

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6. GP Logistics Compact Ladder

GP Logistics Compact LadderEditor Rating:

We will continue with a compact folding ladder – GP Logistics Folding Ladder. Its weight is light with just 25 LBS, which helps you to carry it with ease. Moreover, the manufacturer uses high-quality aluminum to make this ladder. Therefore, it is so durable and able to withstand impact from outside.

Another good point is, it is possible to replace all the joints and parts of the ladder with regular store-bought components rather than those of the same brand. That helps you save a lot of money instead of buying a new ladder.

For the capacity, this item can hold up to 225 LBS of weight. This weight is only counted for the owner and the box of tools. So make sure that you do not exceed the limit. Otherwise, you will break the ladder down.


  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to transport
  • Sturdy and stable


  • Thin steps, which can be easy to slip
  • Can only support 225 LBS of weight

Verdict: This product is suitable for every homeowner as it is so convenient to carry around.

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7. Good Life Telescoping Multi-Ladder

Good Life Telescoping Multi-LadderEditor Rating:

The last product in our list is a combination of versatility and portability. Why is it so? Good Life Telescoping Multi-Ladder can be modified into 3 different postures to support many needs. On the other hand, you can open and close it for simpler carrying.

Besides, this product can stand stably even in wet conditions. Thanks to its sturdy non-slip feet, you can safely stand and keep your balance on the ladder comfortably. Besides, you can climb up and down effortlessly without the help of other people.

Speaking of the downside, we should mention the steps. Although the ability to resist slipping is very good, the steps of this ladder are so thin that they can make their users fall if they don’t be careful while stepping on. So remember to be careful while using this item, or you will get unexpected accidents.


  • Versatile ladder
  • Compact and easy to carry


  • The thin steps can make users fall easily

Verdict: If you require a product that is both versatile and portable, you should consider buying this folding ladder.

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Tips to Get a Suitable Folding Ladder?

To own the best folding ladder, you need to determine your purpose of use. And then, these following factors will help your decision-making process much easier.

Maximum Weight

Maximum WeightManufacturers are very concerned about customer needs. Therefore, ladders are manufactured with different weight limits and can support weights up to 250 lb. This is the basic weight level that many people often use.

However, if you want to make a perfect option, own a ladder that can support up to 350lb. This type of ladder can help you deal with more purposes. For example, besides painting walls and ceilings, you can also use this ladder to carry heavy items up and down, repair electricity, drill walls.

On the other hand, you should also consider the weight of the ladder. The lighter the ladder is, the easier and faster you can move.


ConstructionIn daily life, the need for a ladder might not usually come up. Still, it is essential to keep one in case of emergency.

So, if you decide to buy a ladder, you should find one with durability, which can be used for long periods without damage or rust. Most of these ladders are made from high-grade aluminum alloy or steel. So you can consider these materials.

Height/Number of Steps

Height and Number of StepsAfter determining your using purpose, you will know if you need a short or long ladder, multiple or fewer steps. Choose an ideal ladder for yourself by asking the seller or find out more information on the Internet. However, most people think the higher the ladder is, the more reliable it is.

Portability and Size

Portability and SizeIf you live in a small house, you should consider the size of the ladder. There are many types of ladders on the market today that can be folded and stored in warehouses or dry places. This helps you save a lot of space.

Besides, the mobility of ladders is necessary. You can use ladders for many different purposes in many different places. So a portable ladder is important when making a purchase.


VersatilityIf you want to buy a ladder for regular use, choose a ladder with high flexibility. For example, a ladder with great adaptability may have articulated joints so it can stand at many different heights. Besides, other ladders have a bending machine and lock in place, which allow you to use for many different purposes. The frame ladder and extension ladders are two common types that can perform double duties.


MaterialMaterial is quite important in selecting ladders. Material may affect the weight and durability of the folding ladder. However, you do not know how to choose the right one?

Very simple. Identify the work you need to use, then learn about the materials that should be used for that type of work. For example, for electrical work, you will need a ladder made of non-conductive material. On the other hand, some particular jobs like fire fighting, you need to make sure the ladder is made of stainless steel.



What is the best folding ladder made of?

Folding ladders are made of many different materials. Among them, steel and aluminum are the two materials that look the best and are most durable you should know.

What are the main advantages of the folding ladder?

The folding ladder has many benefits. Not only can you fold it to reduce the size, but you can also transport and store the ladder easily. Besides, you can also use this device outdoors or indoors.

What are the features of folding ladders that are considered safe?

Here are a few features you can check when purchasing to avoid risks later on:

  • Good load capacity
  • Safety locks
  • Strong handrail
  • Wide steps
  • Safety standards certification.


We have listed 7 types of super good folding ladders that are popular nowadays. Besides, we also provide the most crucial factors when choosing the best ladder and answer some questions many people often ask.

Hopefully, with this article, you can come up with an option that works best for you. Read our guide carefully and you will never regret it later.

If you have any questions about folding ladders, please leave a comment below, we will help you as soon as possible.

And finally, good luck and thank you for reading!