Fuji Paint Sprayers

Fuji Paint Spray Brand for Best PaintingFuji Spray is one of the top manufacturers of HVLP paint spraying equipment in North America. They produce self-contained low pressure spray systems. Fuji is also leading company in manufacturing of HVLP tan spraying equipment.

They are the only one manufacturing HVLP spray tan models UL & CSA approved for use as cosmetic devices in the market. Established in 1986, Fuji Spray has set the bar for the industry in the manufacturing of HVLP system, which is a ‘Clean Technology’. With 25 years of experience to back us and with an eye on the future, embracing the changing technology and innovation, Fuji is a force to reckon with.

They are offering a wide range of spray systems to professionals and DIY enthusiasts who take painting their own homes seriously. To facilitate their clients is considered top most priority. And for this purpose, customer services are available round the clock to assist you in any kind of enquiry or problem.


Fuji is name of quality and has been known for manufacturing high-end painting products since 1986. Considering the surge in DIY market over the years, Fuji Spray has made sure that it meets the demand head on by manufacturing top quality DIY PRO Series which showcases 2 stage systems that is second to none.

They are not only leader in the market performance wise but also are cost effective. This Series is going to make your paint job an exciting and enjoyable experience. You can spray paint walls, ceilings, doors, shutters, cabinets, fences etc. with immaculate finish guaranteed. This system is ideal for workshops, gardens and homes. Fuji has floated following Spray products in the market that are leaders in the market to date.

Best Airless Paint Sprayer For The Money

Fuji Paint Spray Brand for Best Painting

Materials (19/20)

Fuji Spray is manufacturing wide range of paint sprayers along with top quality accessories to assist in the paint job and making the end result smooth and flawless. These products are designed to be used on any surface and provide full coverage and smooth finish.

You can easily spray paint your ceilings, walls, fences, shutters and cabinets etc. and experience quality finish. Fuji considered ease of use while designing these products and added features that facilitate the user during the whole process of painting.

Every kind of material can be spray painted through Fuji Paint Spray without any hassle. These materials can be paints, urethanes, lacquers, enamels, varnishes and sealers; Fuji Spray can give you smooth finish using all. They are designed and built to withstand any material and can produce excellent finish on vast variety of surfaces mentioned afore.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or an amateur trying your hands on new things; Fuji Spray makes the experience smooth and seamless for both.

Safe (20/20)

Fuji Super4Fuji Paint Sprayer System is a seasoned outfit that values human life more than anything and therefore, for using our products that involves electricity and dangerous chemicals, we try to educate our staff and clients alike. Providing a safe environment to our clients has been our top priority.

That is why; we have made sure to issue standard manuals with each of our product, listing precautionary measures and proper use of Fuji Spray System to avoid any unwarranted incident. This manual addresses every possible scenario and tries to state best possible preventive measures to deal with them. They include:

  • Grounding
  • Electric Shock Hazard
  • Fire and Explosion Hazard
  • Toxic Fluid or Fumes Hazard
  • Equipment Misuse Hazard

So before using Fuji System, it is highly recommended that these instructions should be duly read and followed in order to avoid any mishap.

Easy to use (18/20)

Fuji Paint Spray System is designed and manufactured keeping in mind the wide spectrum of end users which includes professionals as well as amateurs. Therefore, our products are made and designed to be easy to use and handle. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to operate Fuji Spray.

If this is your first time, you can always consult the manual; better yet, you can watch YouTube Tutorials that are readily available for your guidance. The handling of equipment is fuss-free and comes with handy gun holder as well to make the process more convenient.

Tutorials are quite helpful in preparation of the paint for the smooth spraying and quality finished product. Manual is available with detailed information about the assembly and usage of the equipment. Fuji Paint Sprayers is not only easy to use, they also are less time consuming as compared to brushes and rollers which cannot even ensure smooth coat and quality finishing in the end.

Variety of Designs (19/20)

VARIETY OF DESIGNSFuji Spray System has been manufacturing quality painting products since 1986 and has introduced variety of designs to meet ever growing demands of customers, especially in DIY industry. From amateurs to professionals, Fuji paint spraying products cater to everyone’s needs quite well, offering them quality finish and impeccable results.

Fuji has launched DIY Series to facilitate the new users and amateurs who want to try their hands on painting themselves. They have included exclusive features in all DIY PRO Series; like Fuji M-Model Spray Gun showcases Non-Bleed and a Fan Control Knob to adjust the pattern size from small circular to wide according to your need.

Similar features and more are introduced in multiple Fuji Spray Guns that gives you flawless finish, offering an exhilarating experience and make you look like a professional.

Clean (9/10)

Cleaning of any painting equipment is absolutely imperative for better performance of the Spray gun. After each use, the Spray gun should be properly cleaned and rid of all the remaining paint so that the residual paint doesn’t clog the Spraying tip, stalling smooth spraying process.

Cleaning of Fuji Paint Sprayers is not as tricky as it looks. All you have to do is to open the cup with paint and wash it with water thoroughly; you can use brushes to take the residual paint off. Then reassemble the gun; this time with water in it and spray paint.

This will wash away remaining paint in the Fuji Gun Hose and Tip, getting them cleaned completely. After that, you can open the gun and soaking every component except for the gun, in warm water and wipe them clean. This process of cleaning will keep Fuji Paint Spray Gun long lasting and you get smooth and high quality finish every time you use it.

In case of oil paints or other materials used, mineral spirit can be used to clean these parts. There are informative Tutorials also available on Internet to guide you about the cleaning process.

Highly Rated (9/10)

Clean Fuji Paint SprayersFuji Spray is name of quality and has been producing quality products for the last three decades. During this time period, Fuji has embraced the changes in technology and adopted latest innovations in its manufacturing of painting products. Customers have always regarded this company with respect and trusted its products to be highly reliable and effective.

According to them, Fuji Paint Sprayers are easy to handle and extremely easy to use. They show high regard for the finishing of the spray they get from Fuji Paint Sprayers which is as smooth as silk. They admire the fact that it is easy to clean afterwards without any hassle. Overall, Fuji Spray is considered high end technology and best quality, especially DIYers.

Best paint sprayer on market 2020!


Fuji Spray has experience in producing top notch Paint spraying equipment. It has been manufacturing high end apparatuses for spray painting that can produce excellent results on many kinds of surfaces and use a large variety of materials like paints, oil paints, latex, seals, enamels etc.

The quality and durability of Fuji Spray compensates for its high price, which compares nothing to the results it produces. So, if you are planning to paint your garage, renovate your kitchen or give new look to your kids room, you can count on Fuji Paint Sprayers to get your dream look.

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