Do you want to decorate your home or garden with unique beauty, even glow in the dark? But you still do not know about this type of paint. Please do not worry about anything, and we are here with you.

We will give you the solution of all things related to this glow in the dark paint. We will help you to understand better the features of this type of paint, how to apply glow in the dark spray paint, how to make this paint at home. And also some useful tips help you get the perfect paint finish.

Believe it or not, the glow paint is the most widely used glow-in-the-dark product today. Luminous paint is one of many paints used by many people especially young people. With high brightness, colorful, you can paint it on any object that gives you beautiful works of art. You can apply a lot in life to decorate houses, make handmade things, and more.

Let’s make your house shine with this special paint.

What Is Glow In The Dark Spray Paint?

What Is Glow In The Dark Spray Paint?

The manufacturer produces this paint with the application of a substance that glows in the dark night, called luminous substance. Thanks to this substance, luminous paint can shine very well in the night without using electricity.

In fact, we also use the luminescent material to make a lot of luminous products for human life such as luminous signs, luminous decal, glowing sea, glowing escape sea, glowing fire protection, etc. The great thing here is that these signs can be bright for 6-8 hours.

Good glowing ability in the night helps luminous paint to be widely used in life such as glow watch, house painting, luminous painting, house decoration, luminous fabric making, and handmade making as glowing glass jars, glow rings, and more.

Here are really interesting things. People apply the glow paint specially in the field of labor protection, construction for making useful separating lines, road markings, safe passage guiding lines, and glowing lines alerting danger or also used in industrial zones, warehouses, and workshops.

Do You Wonder How Long The Luminous Paint Glows?

Do You Wonder How Long The Luminous Paint Glows?

Let us answer your question. Luminous paint glows well in the night, so it is widely used in real life. Luminous paint is capable of glowing automatically in the night very well. It can glow for 6-8 hours and can absorb daylight to shine at night.

The light of luminous paint is not as bright as an electric lamp, so it cannot replace electric light. However, it saves electricity because it can automatically glow in the night 6-8 hours without using power. In consumer goods application, the products from luminous paint such as luminous watches, luminous pens, glowing glass bottles, etc. glow very well in the night with the beautiful colors.

Therefore, luminous paint is bought and loved by many people. It sounds impressive, right?

Do You Want To See How To Use It Right Now?

It can be said that luminous paint is one of many paints used by many people especially young people. But if you do not know how to use luminous paint properly, its luminous efficiency will not be high.

First, let us help you choose to buy quality, non-toxic luminous paint

To use glow in the dark spray paint effectively for your purposes, you should buy genuine luminous paint, luminous powder to have a good glow and non-toxic paint to ensure health safety. We can use it on many materials such as wood, glass, fabric, concrete – broad application in real life.

Cheap luminous paint is not a good paint. So, instead of going cheap, you should test the paint before using it officially. Although we can buy many good luminous paints in the market, the non-quality luminous paint products are still sold in small glow shops and they have no clear origin. You should be careful when buying them.

The high-quality luminous paint and luminous powder glows well in the night and can absorb daylight, and especially they are no harmful. Also, you can also buy other luminous paints like glow in the dark exterior paint, glow in the dark outdoor paint, and rust oleum glow in the dark paint. Do you still read our article? Next, we don’t let you wait long.

Let’s see how to use glow in the dark paint

To apply glow in the dark spray paint correctly and with high efficiency, you should choose quality paint. You need to wear gloves and masks during the use of paint spray to ensure your health safety. After mixing with the solvent if necessary, you should stir the paint evenly and use a sprayer to apply paint to the material to be decorated.
The luminous paint glows better and more durable if you spray thick layers.

Do not forget:

Hard paint is tough to use, so when buying paint, open the paint box, you should use it immediately to get the best effect. You can create many extraordinarily unique and impressive items to use or give gifts to relatives and friends. Just imagine how happy the recipient will be with this unique and loving gift.

After you apply the paint to the item surface, you need to allow the item to absorb light or sunlight, then at night the paint will glow better. Again, to keep in mind, ordinary luminous paint will glow well within 6-8 hours. Now that you have the basic concepts of luminous paint, do you want to know the best part about this paint?
Let us disclose to you, you can create glow in the dark paint at home.

The Way To Make The Glow In The Dark Paint At Home

We will guide you how to do it yourself with fluorescent powder or highlight pen.
Note that the method using a highlight pen will need ultraviolet light (black light) to see the glowing effect.

When using fluorescent powder

You need to buy a glow in the dark powder or fluorescent powder and paint. Note that the paint you use must be able to combine with fluorescent powder. The tip here is that if you want the paint not to show color under the light, you should choose clear paint like acrylic gel or if you want to display color under the light, you can select acrylic or tempera color.

Next, you continue to make a mixture of one part powder with five parts paint (or 20% glowing powder compared to paint rate). Now it’s time to slowly pour the paint into the bowl, carefully stirring the mixture. You can add more of paint to have a more thin texture.

You should use this paint right after creation. The proportion of powder and paint determines whether the mixture you create can or can not last long. Therefore, you should only mix the amount of paint that can be used for 1 hour. If you want to preserve the paint, you can pour the paint into a sealed container and remember to stir well before using it next time.

When using highlight pen and water

First, you need to open a highlight pen and remove the ink tip. You need to make sure your highlight pen must glow under ultraviolet light.

Tip to check: you use a highlight pen to write on the paper, turn off the light and shine ultraviolet light on the word. If you see what you write, then it is the highlight pen you can use to make the glow in the dark paint.

Next, you pour water into the ink tip so that the yellow ink of the pen (or any pen color you like) flows into the glass. You can use some pens to get the right amount of ink water to use.

Using about half a cup of white cornflour, you continue to mix cornflour and glowing color water with equal proportions. You need to add 1/2 cup of glowing water and stir until the cornflour dissolves completely. If you want to change the paint color, you can add a few drops of food color and mix.

This paint is quite diluted, so you have to wait for the paint to dry and paint many layers. Multi-coat paint will make the paint glow better and for a longer time in the dark.

Finally, you should turn off all lights and close the curtains, then open the lights with ultraviolet light to see glowing paint.

Safety warning:

Absolutely do not let children play with this paint because they will be poisoned if swallowing it.

Although glowing powders are safe, they can be harmful to the respiratory tract. The toxic ingredients from the paints are also not good to your health, so you do not use this luminous paint in things for young children.

7 Helpful Tips To Help You Use Glow In The Dark Paint Effectively

Helpful Tips To Help You Use Glow In The Dark Paint Effectively

  • Luminous paint will be almost invisible in the first few layers. You will not see neutral glow paint or fluorescent colors in the first two or three layers. Therefore, you should paint more layers.
  • You can see the glow because of the reflected light, so the lighter background color can make the glow in the dark paint appear brighter.
  • You need to spray a thin of paint layer first, then use more paint when needed to avoid having the brighter glow in some parts than others.
  • You can use a black light or ultraviolet flashlight to check the consistency of the paint while the paint is still wet and transparent.
  • You need to let the paint dry for 10 – 15 minutes because the following paint layer will remove the light from the previous layer and leave a dark spot. You can also use a hair dryer with a low mode to dry paint fast.
  • If you want to brighten the glow paint even further, you can add one or two other paint layers to maximize brightness. The 4th layer or more will not make much difference in the light brightness.
  • For best glowing results, you should charge the painted place or thing with ultraviolet flashlight, black light or sunlight, do not use household lights. Let your imagination and creativity create great decorations with glow in the dark paint on many different materials.

So, you have grasped many secrets to use luminous paint, if you have any questions, please continue to see the next part of our article.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why can’t I see the paint glowing?

Luminous paint needs the energy to glow, so you should let the paint absorb sunlight or lamp light and bring it into the darkness to see. The first light will glow strongly then weaken. If you want to see more glowing, turn on the light for a few minutes to provide some energy for the paint.

Here is the glow time: Aqua, Neon: 6 – 10 hours; Purple, white, red: 3-5 hours; the remaining colors: 2 – 4 hours. The time is calculated when the paint has absorbed enough energy by sun drying for 15 minutes, or under the light for 1 hour.

Q2: How to use the glow in the dark paint effectively?

For paint, you stir and paint on the item, and more paints will lighten the object more. And for the powder you need to mix with glue at a ratio of 1:1 and you should not dilute it a lot to make the paint less bright and more challenging to draw.

Q3: If you get the paint wrong, how to fix it?

The simplest way with wet paint is to remove with the cotton material quickly. If the paint is dry, you can use nail polish or gasoline to remove it.

Q4: Which color will make the brightest paint?

The blue and green are the brightest color. Sunlight can help paint absorb light faster than ultraviolet flashlight and black light.

Q5: Can luminous paint be used for metal?

Do not allow luminous paint to come into contact with metal because the metal limits the luminous ability of the paint. If you want to paint on the metal surface, you should primer white paint to ensure luminous efficiency.

Q6: Can you give me more information about rust oleum glow in the dark paint?

Yes, we can. This paint product can glow up to 2 hours and you can be use it for wood, metal, plaster, brick or ceramic which is not glazed. You can also wash it with soap and water. You will love the product because it is quick to dry, great for indoor use like children’s rooms, school projects, and holiday decorations.

Enjoy Great Glowing Results With Glow In The Dark Paint

We believe that everyone will love the light that appears fanciful from luminous paint. With the article about how to apply glow in the dark spray paint, we hope you have many great ways to decorate your home for your family.

You can choose to buy luminous paint at the store or make your luminous paint at home easily with your favorite colors.

Above all, you need to enjoy and work safely with luminous paint, and you can use protective items such as gloves, masks when contacting luminous paint. And remember this: you absolutely do not allow children to reach this paint. Are you ready to be creative with glow in the dark paint?