In the modern era, cordless tools are becoming popular for many reasons. And a cordless paint sprayer is not an exception in this track.

Painting and finishing are a daunting task to jump into as different jobs require different ways to undertake. The cordless paint sprayer possibly provides you a wide range of solving the issue.

In the paint sprayer market, Graco is still a hot brand on the top around the globe with latest innovations.
We have shown lots of posts about the Graco cordless paint sprayer reviews.

And today, we continue supporting you this mainstream with the Graco 20v cordless paint sprayer. What makes this series is attractive?

An Overview of the Graco Paint Sprayer

There is no denying that Graco has a magnificent line of paint guns for all projects.

For those who are a handyman, a homeowner or just a do-it-yourself person, they can find out a reliable paint gun for their fine finishing industry.

Most of the products in the Graco have the lithium battery with 20 volts. This battery category is suitable for any scale of the project. You enable to find a cordless paint sprayer in Home Depot easily.Graco paint sprayer

About Versatile Models of the Garco Cordless Paint Sprayer

Ultimate and Ultimate Max Airless Handheld

This type is Graco ultra max cordless handheld airless sprayer. It is great if you apply to small jobs with an immediate task.

The GRACO Ultimate™ handhelds are one of the most top-notch paint guns in the globe with high speed. This line also has Perfect Airless Finish™!

Furthermore, this category has both steel and carbide elements. It also uses ProConnect for a modular and drop-in-on-the-job pump reinstatement.

Garco Cordless Paint Sprayer

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Key Features

  • RAC X™ Low Pressure: transfer unexpected spraying consequences and create clearing tip sabots easily. You need to sprinkle at a lower level!
  • TRIAX triple piston pump: this is a long-lasting carbide piston made to take inclusive reliability.
  • 32oz. FlexLiner: it is so easy to clean with disposable liners. Also, the product can spray in any direction.
  • ProControl™ II Pressure Control: modify the engine speed and flow for a total monitor with thick and thin materials.
  • Drop-In On-the-Job Triax pump replacement: this is the patent-pending technology of Graco.
  • SmartControl: bring stable spray fan at all levels of pressure while spraying.


  • You probably achieve a single-coat finish without getting any extra requirement.
  • SmartControl™ is an exclusive pressure management technology that can deliver the similar performance to the Ultimate Nova™ 395PC (in the right palm of your hand).
  • Just spend a few minutes to use and clean. There are not any Inlet Valves to make any troubleshooting.
  • The priming is reputable along with Automatic Outlet Ball Knocker.Benefits Garco Cordless Paint Sprayer

Professional Handheld Sprayer

A professional handheld sprayer is a new series of the Graco. With an addition of the new XForce HD cordless paint gun. In general, Graco paint sprayer can cover all painting applications between fine finishing and architectural painting to protect corrosion and coating handles.

Key Features

Professional Handheld Sprayer

  • ProControl™
  • Pressure Control System
  • Variable Pressure: 1000 – 2000 psi (69-138 bar)
  • Two–G20 Lithium-Ion PowerPack Batteries (Cordless Model)
  • 15 ft (4.57 m) SuperFlex™
  • Power Cord (Electric Model)
  • 32 oz (.95 l) Tilt-N-Spray Material Cup
  • Pendulum Suction Tube Design
  • Fully Repairable
  • Pump Armor™
  • Storage/Start-up Kit


  • The products are often tested, so they meet the standards and requirements of the projects.
  • ProSpray technology is made with safety standards, distribute to the speed and finish quality of the project.
  • With accessories, these devices can accelerate job performance by offering the various options for any application.
  • It is also simple to set up to start the job quickly, and the cleaning up is not a big deal!
  • In the cordless handheld sprayers, these possibly take over the portability and boosted productivity (when you have to do in small projects or particular applications).
  • You do not need to diminish material wastes more (this is a necessary task to evade the rig, and the hose are wet in small applications).
  • The working time is reduced because you must not set up and rinse the unit in a big sprayer. In other words, you probably save 5 times to complete rather than with a brush or a roller.
  • You meet the demand of customers or your initial targets.

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Graco TrueCoat Pro Fine Finish Paint Sprayer

As it names, this is made for small fine finish projects. Mostly, this device has a ProControl Pressure Control System.

It supports you to cut down the pressure when beginning with a variety of excellent finish materials like stains and enamels.

This is also an innovative design to make the gun excellent and well-suited with lots of hot solvents.

Key features

Graco TrueCoat Pro Fine Finish Paint Sprayer

  • TrueCoat Pro-X Fine Finish Cordless Airless Sprayer
  • 210 & 312 fine finish reversible tips
  • Two G20 SlimLine power pack batteries
  • Lithium-ion battery charger
  • 70 l (24 oz) multi-spray cup with
  • Cover and 5 disposable cup liners
  • A free-of-charge pump Armor storage/Start-up kit
  • Sprayer storage case
  • ProControl Pressure Control System


  • This is a compact model and you can apply in the fine finish applications.
  • In tight areas, brushes and rollers do not work correctly. Forget these tools and catch a TrueCoat Pro Fine Finish Paint Sprayer. It is easy as a pie to solve!
  • With 2 pressure levels (high setting and a low one), you can adjust the spray speed to be suited on the real project.

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Graco Ultra Max and Ultra

In Graco Ultra Max product’s line, it is one of the most conventional sprayers in the small electric tool industry.
It is proven in the model and technology; there is no doubt that professionals also choose it in their spraying job. Different ranges of the coating are smooth at all!

390 PC Ultra 395 PC Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro Ultra Max II 495 PC Pro Ultra Max II 595 PC Pro
Maximum Tip Size 0.021 0.023 0.023 0.025 0.027
Maximum psi (bar) 3300 (227) 3300 (227) 3300 (227) 3300 (227) 3300 (227)
Maximum gpm (lpm) 0.47 (1.8) 0.54 (2.0) 0.54 (2.0) 0.60 (2.3) 0.70 (2.6)
Motor hp 5/8 DC 7/8 TEFC DC 1.0 Brushless DC 1.2 Brushless DC 1.6 Brushless DC
Weight lb (kg) 30(14) Stand 42(19) Stand 34(15) Stand 34(15) Stand 72(33) Stand
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Key Features

Graco Ultra Max and Ultra

  • ProConnect™ (this is the latest pump replacement system to complete the job in a few minutes).
  • Endurance™ Pump
  • Long-life V-Max Blue™ packing
  • QuikAccess™
  • SmartControl™ 1.0
  • Easy Out™ Pump Filter
  • Advantage Drive™
  • Chromed steel frame
  • Swivel inlet suction hose


  • Easy Out™ Pump Filter is designed in the vertical to get rid of spills when spritzing.
  • DC Motors helps voltage fluctuation steadily and allows it to run well on long cords.
  • Hardened steel gears quietly run when operating.
  • Reduce the pump pressure to increase the used time.
  • Chrome and steel are inbuilt in the frame to make the product are powerful.

Top models of the Graco 20 volt series

TrueCoat Pro II Cordless

This is a cordless airless sprayer has a ProControl Pressure Control System to support you modifying the pressure of spraying. This is a common issue in a wide variety of applications.

Most of the professionals said that this is the next generation of the TrueCoat Pro II sprayer with a whole motion of spraying. For instance, it has a new Tilt-N-Spray pendulum suction tube, a lightweight lithium-ion battery, etc. Briefly, you can gain maximum performance in a reliable brand that you expect from the Graco.

Adjustable Pressure Range 1000 – 2000 psi
Maximum Working Pressure 2000 psi
Weight 6.48 lb
Length 13.75 in
Width 5.25 in
Height 10.25 in
Storage Temperature Range. Pump damage will occur if fluid freezes in pump. Damage to plastic parts may result if impact occurs in low temperature conditions. 32° to 113°F
Operating Temperature Range. Changes in paint viscosity at very low or very high temperatures can affect sprayer performance. 40° to 90°F
Storage Humidity Range 0% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Sound Pressure Level, per ISO 9614-2 measured at 3.3 feet (1m) 73.2 dBa sound pressure level, 84.2 dBa sound power level
Vibration Level Acceleration per ISO 5349, no load condition Less than 5.5 ft/s²

Key Features

  • Patented ProSpray Technology: you can spray the materials like the paint from a professional manufacturer does it! Also, it does not require thinning coating. When you need to make the pattern for 1-pass coverage, do not forget this gun type!
  • Tilt-N-Spray Pendulum Suction Tube: the equipment has a full range of motion for adjusting without losing any element. It is like a contractor sprayer! Additionally, you must not refill the paint which means the product is more productive!
  • G20 Lithium-Ion PowerPack Battery: this battery pack offers high performance that the paint gun can do up to 1 gallon (in each battery charge). The shape is compact and lightweight.

Package Included

  • This is a compact model and you can apply in the fine finish applications.
  • In tight areas, brushes and rollers do not work correctly. Forget these tools and catch a TrueCoat Pro Fine Finish Paint Sprayer. It is easy as a pie to solve!
  • With 2 pressure levels (high setting and a low one), you can adjust the spray speed to be suited on the real project.

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Ultimate Cordless Airless Handheld and Ultra Max Cordless Airless Handheld

Ultimate cordless airless handhelds are made for both small projects and significant applications.
The positive points are the portability on the task and getting a perfect airless finish. Drop the paints in a few seconds!

As a painting contractor, you enable to apply in small projects without opening the sizeable airless sprayer thoroughly.

Key Features

  • On-The-Job Pump Replacement System: it can change a pump in 3 simple steps which use a screwdriver only.
  • ProControl II: you probably modify motor speed to spatter at any speed when the project requires. Due to more control feature, you can control the spraying speed.
  • RAC X FF LP Tips: it possibly gives the highest finish at low pressure. You even find it in other Graco Airless Sprayers like the handhelds and the big airless tools.
  • 32 oz FlexLiner Paint Bags: thanks to the disposable liners, you do not have to rinse the bag all the time. It is so easy to open and clean!


DEWALT 20V-Max Compact Lithium Ion Batteries

  • RAC X FF LP 514 Tip
  • 2 – DEWALT 20V-Max Compact Lithium Ion Batteries
  • DEWALT 20V-Max Lithium Ion Battery Charger
  • 4 – 32 oz FlexLiner Bags
  • Durable storage bag
  • 4oz bottle of pump Armor storage fluid
Ultra Corded Ultra Cordless Ultra Max Cordless
Hot Solvent Compatible
Pressure Control
Pressure Range 500 – 2000 psi 500 – 2000 psi 500 – 2000 psi
Tip Type Supported RAC X FF LP RAC X FF LP RAC X FF LP
Tip Size Supported .008 – .016 in .008 – .016 in .008 – .016 in
Tip(s) Included RAC X FF LP 514 RAC X FF LP 514 RAC X FF LP 514 & RAC X FF LP 210
FlexLiner Bags Included 4 4 6
Power Source Corded Battery Battery
Batteries Included 2 – DEWALT 20V Max Compact 2.0 ah XR Lithium Ion 2 – DEWALT 20V Max Compact 2.0 ah XR Lithium Ion
Filter Mesh Included 60 Mesh 60 Mesh 60 & 100 Mesh
Fully Repairable
ProConnect System
Storage Bag Included

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How to Spray

Many of us have no idea about the speed control in the cordless paint sprayer.

This allows for keeping the pressure while spattering. It means that overspray possibly appears. Therefore, you should begin at the lowest speed setting and increases the level when necessary.

We have to add this point as this is the main point in the spraying process of a gun.

To get a perfect finishing job, you should utilize a piece of scrap cardboard to try various spraying techniques before doing with a real surface. Learn how to keep it is also essential!

How rapid you move the tool will impact on the final application. If the material is stiff, you will not want to spray quickly. In the material drips, you should reduce the speed.

When you need to spray in the vertical corners, you should adjust the spray tip and control the unit to move up and down.

How to Clean

Cleaning your paint gun correctly and after finishing each spraying time is the greatest crucial.
Right care will make the product works well and lasts for a while (no matter you use the oil-based or flammable materials).

  • Step 1: Turn the electric power before cleaning.
  • Step 2: Adjust the spray knob to decrease the pump pressure.
  • Step 3: Open the vac valve to support air can move to the FlexLiner.
  • Step 4: Split up the cup support with the FlexLiner from the machine or the cup cover.
  • Step 5: Put the product upside down on a solid surface. It will hold the wet paint in the cup cover. Go back the excess material to the previous container. Keep the FlexLiner in the right place when filling.
  • Step 6: Clean or change the FlexLiner
  • Step 7: Fill a half full of the FlexLiner with the cleaning fluid like mineral spirits and turn off vac valve.
  • Step 8: Tight the cup support with FlexLiner to the paint sprayer.
  • Step 9: This is the time to rinse the cup cover and the pump filter at the same time. You should shake the whole sprayer in a few seconds.
  • Step 10: Secure the Prime Pump in the right position and modify the speed control to 10.
  • Step 11: Take the product upside down and move it to a waste pail. Kick off the trigger for 15 seconds.
  • Step 12: Turn the Prime Pump back to the spray position
  • Step 13: Take the sprayer to a waste pail when keeping it upside down.
  • Step 14: if you use the second spray tip, you should install the new one and clean the spray tip from the guard one.
  • Step 15: Get rid of cup assembly and throw away used fluid. Also, remove used genuinely cleaning fluid.

How to Maintain

  • Routine maintenance is vital to make sure that operation is always correct in your product.
  • Place the Graco ultra cordless tool to another area like a well-ventilated surface and other harsh conditions like flammable and combustible materials, solvents and other paints.
  • Do not shove outlet valves in the valve plugs or front valve. This is because the performance will be decreased.
  • Read the manual make sure that you understand all points in the guide and apply these to your paint gun.
  • If the trigger is locked, you will need to detach the trigger.
  • Always remember to check the battery life and its condition. You do not know when the battery is blowing out!
  • Never spray or operate the product near your kids.

Final Words

As usual, we hope that our review can provide you a proper perspective on finding Graco 20v cordless paint sprayer. As we have said, those models are appealing and versatile in the new type of equipment.

We are not sure what kinds of projects you will do, but we always try our best to give you the reliable information behind the scene. We build a foundation, and you need to land off your choice.