Can Graco 395 yield enough performance for a flawless and durable paint finish? Researching its features and pros/cons can be a daunting task. And we did just that to save you from the hassle.

An airless paint sprayer is a powerful alternative to brushing and rolling paint. Having a quality sprayer will speed up your paint job and save your paint consumption at the same time. Let’s go with us through this review, and we will decide whether Graco 395 is worth the deal.

What Should You Use Graco 395 For?

You Use Graco 395 ForElectric airless paint sprayers are by far one of the most advanced paint applicators in the industry. You can thus use Graco 395 for multiple purposes as below.

  • Applying Paint Faster And Easier
    As an airless sprayer, Graco 395 works best for large and outdoor projects; this is its most significant use. Walls, cabinets, and cars will need its help. You can also use it for almost all indoor projects that need even coating and quick drying speed.
  • Engraving Designs
    This sprayer can help you with engraving insignia and marks for your architecture design projects. Graco 395 can hold up well on logos, coat of arms, and emblems.
  • Hiding Imperfections
    Most furniture and walls will show defects over time. An airless sprayer will resurrect their original appearance, giving you more time to use them. Most faults and blemish can be fully covered with Graco 395.
  • Creating Decorations
    Sometimes you may want to go further than just painting. Creating permanent patterns and color twists sounds excellent. Combining an airless sprayer with your sense of creativity will give your project a complete makeover.

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Graco 395 Review – All-in-One Findings

Opening Line About Graco

Opening Line About GracoGraco has long claimed itself as a market leader in providing premium spray and pump equipment for fluid handling. Its history dated back to 1926 by the idea of its founder – Russel Gray in lubricating cars.

Graco had its very first days as a family-owned business in Minnesota. Now with its advanced technology in fluid handling systems, Graco has reached out to the world with its diverse product lines of painting applicators. Of which, we now have Graco 395 being one of the most popular airless paint sprayers. Now let’s take a closer look!

How Does It Work?

Let’s give it a simple way to explain. An airless paint sprayer has a pump that pushes the paint up to the hose and out of the spray gun. And on the head of the spray gun, there is a tip to control the even coating of the paint when it flies out. This tip/ nozzle also creates a fan pattern of the paint, different sizes of them will come with varying flows of paint.

In other words, such electric airless sprayers as the Graco 395 utilize the high pressure from their hydraulic pump. The high pressure, powered by electricity, allows the spray gun to atomize the coating and achieve a specific pattern with the tip size.

What Are The Outstanding Features?

What Are The Outstanding FeaturesLet’s now take a walk with us through all the worth-noticing features of Graco 395 airless paint sprayer.

Pump Replacement System

Outstand itself from the counterparts, Graco 395 comes with an exclusive pump replacement system – ProConnect. This is basically an upgrade from Graco, allowing you to replace the pump faster and easier.

Graco 395 aims at a newbie-friendly pump replacement mechanism, making it usable while on the go. As compared with most common ordinary mechanisms on the market, the ProConnect from Graco really deserves the title.

This system is the most significant feature that will benefit your paint job. You won’t be restricted in a particular area to engage it. It saves your time moving around when you paint so you can achieve your outcome in the shortest time possible.


The built-in Endurance Pump from Graco is designed to last while still remaining its prime performance. This pump allows for more flexibility while you are multitasking in your projects.

Endurance Pump is actually one of the most reliable pumps on the market. Also, with V-max Blue packing, Chromex Rod, and robust stainless steel cylinder, this sprayer can be your painting companion over the long run.

This feature is the core of Graco’s durability in most of its products. And besides the durable materials, this brand also equips the Graco with QuikAccess intake valve for easier cleanup. This tough guy will get the job done without much maintenance.

Paint Consistency

If you want a consistent pattern on a large project, this sprayer can do the work. Graco engaged in this sprayer with the so-called SmartControl 1.0, which really leverages the painting outcome to a superior finish.

With SmartControl, Graco 395 can handle pressure fluctuation. And that’s the key behind its consistent finish quality. It also does not require too much intervention from users – another plus point goes to the ease of use.

This SmartControl feature is then ideal for smaller tips that are popular in fine finish works. The spray fan on Graco is quite versatile, so you will have many options for the nozzle.

Filtering Quality

Graco 395 can hold up the paint well, the EasyOut Pump Filter on this sprayer can eliminate the spills as it is built vertically. The filtering area is 7.8 inches square, large enough to reduce the clogs from happening. While consuming a big area for filtering, it does not compromise the consistency of the outcome.

However, there are still times you will find the nozzle quite clogged up, mostly when you have been painting for a very long time. Refer to our tips below for the solution.


Most of the airless paint sprayers these days are quite noisy, and there’s nothing much to do about it. Even though the noise would be unavoidable on the Graco, we still should appreciate how they are trying to deal with the problem.

Graco 395 comes with Advantage Drive using hardened steel gears to reduce the noise. Its Advantage Drive also offers a high-ratio reduction to ensure slow pump stroking.

Applications & Materials

Most Graco products are at the higher end of the price spectrum, and they are there for all good reasons. Versatility is what you can expect because this sprayer can work on almost all large projects with all materials.

Let’s say stains, enamels, latex, and acrylics; they are all good. Interior, exterior, property maintenance, garage, door, deck, fence, these applications will not be big of a deal. With variable pressure adjustment settings on this Graco, you can easily choose the thickness and pattern of your preference.

Coverage Size

Even though the design is quite “rough” and robust, Graco 395 provides a Contractor Spray Gun that is compact and easy to handle. The pull force is also light and comfy, the pressure rating is around 3000PSI more or less, and the cup capacity is 32-fl. Oz. The good chances are that the coverage will range from medium to very large, most suitable for the solvent-based finish.

What We Like And Don’t Like

Overall, Graco 395 still remains its competitive value in both price and quality. Here is the wrap-up of its pros and cons.

What We Like

  • Ease of replacement
  • Consistent high pressure with minimum maintenance
  • Endurance Pump for a longer life
  • Excellent paint finish with impressive filtering
  • Durable design with quality materials

What We Don’t Like

  • Not lightweight – the design is mostly for large and heavy-duty projects

Important Things You Should Know While Using Graco 395

Important Things You Should Know While Using Graco 395

  • Before spraying, try different pressure settings to find out what is best for your expected pattern.
  • While spraying, start from the top left to top right. And when you finish painting in one long and wide stroke, repeat with the area below it.
  • Do not let the sprayer lose prime. Keep a close eye on the paint bucket to make sure you won’t run out of prime.
  • If the tip gets clogged up, reverse it backward, pull the trigger 2-3 times to back feed the nozzle, it will purge the paint out again.
  • Using PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is vital; it’s no bargain.

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How To Set Up And Use

How To Set Up And UseFirst, you need to dip the hose of the sprayer in the paint can and turn it on so that the paint can go from the container to your application.

Before the setup, spread out a big cloth that can cover the area of your application. Other areas like trims, edges, or walls that won’t need spraying; protect them with masking tape and newspaper.

For detailed setup, you can refer to the manual of the product. But the basics will include the power source, two buckets (one for paint and one for waste), and connection wire (if necessary).

When you have your setup essentials ready, place the suction tube in the paint bucket, and the prime tube to the waste bucket. Now turn on the pump and let the spray valve sit on Prime mode.

Once you see the paint going out from the prime tube, direct the tube to the paint bucket. Pull the trigger of the spray gun while heading it to the waste bucket.

Until you see the paint flying out in steady flow, it’s ready to paint. While spraying, the spraying gun should be 6-8 inches away from the surface.

How To Clean Graco 395

How To Clean Graco 395To start off cleaning an airless sprayer, prepare one soft bristle brush, two buckets ¾ full of clean water, one bucket for dirty water, and 1 gallon of mineral spirits.

First, with the sprayer already turned off, unscrew the tip housing from the gun. Use the soft bristle brush to clean the tip housing, tip, primer tube, and siphon hose with clean water from a bucket.

Next, set your sprayer to prime, turn it on, run the 1st rinsed water through the sprayer. Direct the primer tube into the bucket of paint, and run all the extra paint out from the pump. Once you notice water coming out from the primer, switch it to the scrap bucket for dirty water. Repeat with the sprayer gun (switch back to Spray mode and pull the trigger before turn on the sprayer)

Use a cloth to dry and clean the hoses and tubes. Do the above process all over again with another bucket of clean water. This time you will attach the tip housing and the tip back on before rinsing the sprayer gun. Spray with the tip forward, reverse the tip and spray again. Do this twice to make sure the water comes back and forth in the tip and clean it thoroughly.

If you want to store the sprayer for a while, mix the water with anti-corrosion liquid. For longer storage time, still the same steps, but you need to use lacquer thinner or mineral spirits, and one more time rinsing with water.

Frequently Asked Questions About Graco 395

Frequently Asked Questions About Graco 395

Where Are The Filters Located?

There are two filters; one is on the inlet hose, the other is in the manifold right before the paint goes into the hose.

Can You Use Smaller Fft Tips On Graco 395?

Yes, this sprayer allows for smaller tip attachment.

What Is The Largest Tip Size That Graco 395 Can Support?

It’s up to .23

What Can The Longest Hose Be?

It can be around 50 feet.

Does It Work On Upper-End Painted Cabinets?

Yes, with a fine finish tip 310.

Final Verdict

If you need a shift to a more high-end gear for your painting job, an airless sprayer is really worth the investment. It gives you a smooth paint application even on the most demanding surfaces.

With our detailed instruction and analysis on Graco 395, we really hope to facilitate your buying decision. Thank you for checking out our Graco 395 Review.