If you often need quick and easy renovation tools for your work, you should have this unique product in your toolkit. It is the product used on different paint types or in a specific part for large projects. With a long paint sprayer, this product helps you complete the job correctly on time. It is also very light and convenient for people working in significant areas.

The manufacturer equips the product with a durable pump for long-term use over time. To help you thoroughly understand the product, we bring you a full review and details. Let’s discover the unique features of the best professional airless sprayer, Graco Nova 390 PC Paint Sprayer. So here we go. Firstly, it’s great to mention the unique features of the product you will own.

Graco Nova 390

The Main Features of the Graco Nova 390 Paint Sprayer

Two Frames for Your Choice

You can buy two types of frames for this product. One is a 30-pound stand for a stable base, made from chrome steel with a four-legged design, corded and convenient handles to transport anywhere you want.

The other is a 30-pound HiBoy frame with handy tires for quick transport, also made of chrome steel and wrapped cord. Prices of both types are quite similar, so you can consider choosing the most suitable one for your demand.

The Setup for the Product

Since this product is designed for professional use, you need to know how to complete the machine setup, and it seems more complicated than your regular paint sprayer. However, you do not worry when the manufacturer will provide you with very easy-to-understand instructions, just follow that you can accomplish this effortlessly.

The System used to Replace Pumps

Do you know what makes this product durable? That is the understanding of users’ needs when Graco brand equips this product the System of Pump Replacement, implemented in 3 simple steps for about 1 minute. It sounds great, isn’t it? Now, you say goodbye to the long waiting time when you need to replace your pump in other similar tools.

The Durability and Filter of the Pump

It is the most outstanding feature of the product, the Pump Endurance. You will have a pump with a cylinder of hard stainless steel, a durable V-Max package and a Chromex bar, an intake valve of Quick Access to clean the debris quickly. Compared to other brands, Graco 390 pumps have twice the durability. How about the pump filter?

Graco designs a high-quality pump filter to help you remove spills and stop the material collapse during surface painting. In addition, the filter area of 7.8 square inches are helpful to reduce the clogs of sprayer tip, so you can paint things smoothly when using the Graco Nova 390 PC paint sprayer.

Advanced Pressure Adjustment for Professionals

Want to spray paint on a pattern made of light or heavy materials? You will easily do this with some changes to this tool’s simple settings. Now, with materials like stains, oil-based paints, enamels, lacquer, latex paint, and more you can use Graco 390 to work correctly. You can also practice the settings before making the paint so you can master this tool and get the best result.

The Long Hose of Suction

One of the best features for you when using Graco 390 is that you can use the long tube of suction to paint directly from a paint container of 1 or 5 gallons. You can reduce the working time because you don’t need to fill the paint tool container and repeat this action every time the tank is empty. With the design of Graco 390, you just change a new container when needing more paint.

As a result of that, you don’t need to clean up much when you don’t dirty the paint container. You only need to use the above suction hose to clean the device with proper materials. Here we have a tip for you. You can use water to clean when you spray the paints of water-based and mineral spirits when spraying the materials of oil-based. Now, it looks like you have explored most of the features of the product. But wait – there’s more.

Handy Accessories From Graco Brand

Genuine products from Graco brand will be sold with many beautiful and useful accessories to serve your paint job best. Two of them we can mention here are the extended paint tip for further access to the paint or Pump Armor with a unique formulation to help protect and store your Graco Nova 390 paint sprayer better.

Pro and Cons


  • Graco 390 has a handy design for both professionals and beginners.
  • It is a lightweight and portable product for easy lifting and carrying when painting.
  • It is the ideal tool for repairing and decorating homes or part of work in large projects.
  • The manufacturer makes products with excellent and durable materials.
  • You can paint smoothly, quickly, efficiently with high performance and don’t have to spend much time cleaning up after finishing the job.
  • You will own genuine goods with full warranty and can purchase handy accessories to help work well.


  • This product may be quite expensive. However, it is worth the money to buy and use in a professional way.

In short, whether you are a skilled handyman with a hobby of painting a house or a professional painter and are experienced with projects, this product is ideal for you. Therefore, in the next section, we will suggest projects or places where you can use the Graco Nova 390 PC paint sprayer to paint.

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Where Can You Use the Graco 390?

Your Interior and Exterior Walls

Both are suitable for using Graco 390 to show the versatility of this tool. There are many reasons to back up our statement. With interior walls, you use this tool efficiently when it has a 50-foot hose and can be expanded up to 300 feet. Especially when you can move this light product around the unfurnished room to quickly finish the painting of your dream house. When your room contains items of furniture, you should be careful to cover these things with papers so that the preservation and the cleaning process can happen much easier.

But here’s something really interesting. This product is even more incredible when used outdoors. Compared to paintbrushes or rollers, the Graco 390 helps you get the job done in less time because it can pump materials at 0.47 gallons per minute. You also save waiting time when you can pull paints directly from a container of 1 or 5 gallons. And of course, long tubes that can extend six times of their original length also help when painting exterior walls.

Your House Fences and Deck

Just like walls, you’ll paint quickly the fences that surround the house with this fantastic tool. Now, you don’t need to spend much time and effort to paint with a brush or roller, buy and use the Graco Nova 390 PC paint sprayer right away. As mentioned above, you can use this tool to pump stains, latex paints or acrylic quickly with 0.03 liter of material per second.

It’s easier than you think, isn’t it? Let’s move on with the deck. Basically, the floor has the same material and painting process as the fences. Therefore, it can be said that this tool is suitable to help you quickly finish painting the broad area of the deck — no more rollers or paint brushes.

Your Doors of a Garage

The garage doors are the impressive places for those who visit your home, so you need to paint them beautifully. And let Graco 390 help you do this easily, conveniently and quickly. Also, you don’t have to clean up much after finishing painting, just clean this tool up with water or mineral spirits depending on the paint materials you use.

Self-Manage, Repair and Decorate Your Home or Property

Here is our new suggestion to help you save your family spending and personal time and give you total control over the results as you wish. You just need the best professional airless sprayer, Graco Nova 390 PC paint sprayer. You will not need to hire someone to repair, decorate or repaint your houses and property, and you can do this alone or with the help of relatives and friends.

Finally, The Use of Graco 390 for Commercial Purposes

This section is for those who have a career as a professional contractor when the Graco 390 can help you complete a part of your large project. Features such as spraying 0.47 gallons per minute or spraying directly from a 1 or 5-gallon paint container, or a Graco system of pump replacement makes it easy to work because finishing the project as soon as possible is your job requirement.

Let’s see what the things are.

Where Not Use: Your Cars, Furniture or Cabinets

Not only Graco 390, but other types of airless paint sprayers also are not suitable for painting your car due to details, cracks and small cracks in vehicles that are easily over-painted. It’s better to buy another sprayer if you don’t want to prepare more and create more mess.

The same problem will happen for furniture or cabinets. The Graco 390 is not designed to handle details easily, so you should remember to use this tool only for large paint surfaces.

To help you better understand this product, we think you will need the following questions.

Where Not Use the Graco 390

Let’s Explore Some Frequently Asked Questions

What will the product you receive include?

You can have a full product box from the manufacturer including one FTx Gun, one RAC X 515 SwitchTip and Guard, and one 1/4 in x 50 ft BlueMax II Airless Hose.

Can beginners use the Graco 390 well?

We have mentioned this in our review article. Although the product is designed for the professionals, you can still use it with simple settings thanks to easy-to-use instructions from the manufacturer.

Is Graco 390 heavy or light in weight and usage?

It is lightweight (about 30 pounds), heavy-duty for a large area but simple to use.

Which materials or paints can I use with Graco Nova 390 PC paint sprayer?

There are a lot of materials you can use with this tool such as lacquers, stains, latex paints, oil-based paints, and enamels.

Does it take a long time to clean up after painting with Graco 360?

No, it doesn’t. Due to the ergonomic design of the long hose and direct paint pull, it’s easy to clean up after using this product. Remember to use water to clean for the paints of water-based and mineral spirits for the materials of oil-based.

How long is this product warranty?

Graco sprayers will usually have a one-year warranty, but since Graco no longer sells this product, you need to ask for warranty information from the distributor or seller.

With Many Great Features, Do You Think It’s Worth Buying the Graco 390?

All in all, we want to summarize some main features of the Graco Nova 390 paint sprayer. First, you can use this tool for your interior and exterior walls, fences, deck, garage doors as well as your big work project. Do not use it for cars, furniture, or cabinets.

Next, you can own the best product from a famous brand in the industry of paint sprayer, the Graco Brand. The manufacturer brings you the high-quality and durable product materials, versatile and handy design, lightweight and portable product.

Last but not least, this product is perfect for both professionals and beginners. It’s easy to use, simple setup with proper manuals. But do not forget to protect your furniture in the place where you use this paint sprayer.
We send you full information about the product, and it’s your turn to choose to buy.

Now go to the local tool shop or online website to buy you the best professional airless sprayer, Graco Nova 390 PC paint sprayer. We believe you will have a great assistant for your home painting and decorating jobs.