Graco True Coat Plus II Paint Sprayer
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Review Summary:

  • The Graco TrueCoat Plus II Electric Paint Sprayer is the best at what it embarks on doing. As promoted, it is small in size, capable spray gun that is portable and can work with effectively. Graco TrueCoat Plus II Electric Paint Sprayer is compact, it is anything but difficult to manage, simple to store and clean, and will assist you to finish little tasks at a faster rate.
  • Do see in any case, that this machine was made for undertakings its size: little. A storm cellar job or painting this spray gun can effectively accomplish a wall. In any scenario, on the off chance that you are looking to repaint your home totally, it is advisable to put resources into a huge machine. Observe additionally, that despite the fact that it brags high perseverance as far as quality is concerned and can paint persistently without anything being not as much as an expert review. You won't have the capacity to utilize it for 60 minutes or longer without offering it a reprieve in a cool region, as it will, in the end, heat up.


With regards to giving an expert finish, the Graco paint sprayers have been known to be the bosses of everything. The level of which the vast majority of the paint sprayers from this brand has been known to convey its tasks must be seen when the way that no thinning is required with their utilization is considered.

That is the thing that the Graco TrueCoat Plus II Paint Sprayer, which is thought to be another chip, which emerged taking after the coordinated endeavors of the manufacturer to give the client just what somebody longs for capitalizes on the gadget. It is not then shocking that each paint sprayer from the brand has something special up its sleeve, to the fascination of the clients in the market.

In spite of its size, it finishes the task with excellent quality and uniformity; you won’t perceive any discernable contrasts between paintwork by this gun and one by a machine considerably bigger. Weighing at just 8.3 pounds, that is a great deal of force in a little bundle.

Graco TrueCoat Plus II Paint Sprayer Features

Here are some of the most extraordinary components of this paint sprayer include:

  • It includes the proDurance piston pump, which is known to work proficiently and for longer than the progressive True Coat II.
  • The paint sprayer has a pressure control system as the proControl feature. It permits for better usage of the paint and simplicity of pressure regulation over the span of any given painting work.
  • It has an adaptable pendulum with a tilt-N spray technique which allows for the spraying in every direction.
  • The sprayer will be seen to have the additional suction pressure furthermore inside its tube consequently takes into account practical utilization of the torment; nothing is cleared out.
  • It includes a 0.017, 32 oz, 515 reversible tips for superb spraying.
  • The 5 cup liners on its container permit for better quality in holding the paint.
  • Its pump is heavily clad for better strength and lifespan.
  • It is accompanied with an instructional DVD that assists the user to learn how to operate this paint spraying tool.

Graco TrueCoat Plus II
Even though it is handheld, the shoulder strap takes into account better holding on the shoulders when spray painting.

  • It furthermore has an elegantly composed instructional manual which has everything any client may fancy while utilizing it.
  • The paint sprayer weighs 8.3 pounds and an extra size of 5 x 13 x 10.8 inches which makes it very adaptable in its utilization and storage.
  • It is fitted with a power string with a capacity of 120 volts which allows for its better utilization.

Graco TrueCoat Plus II Paint Sprayer Benefits

Graco TrueCoat Plus II Paint Sprayer BenefitsProficiency – the fantasy of any paint sprayer client is to get something with the ability to convey immaculate layers of paint in record time that and a great deal more is what this sprayer has on offer.

Usability – Even though the paint sprayer is known to be handheld, it has the option of the shoulder strap which makes the client decide on choices when at work.

Lifespan – The ordinary reality that the brand forestalls more widespread utilization of the paint sprayer is sufficient to disclose to you that this sprayer is made to last for many years. It is a durable tool.

Ergonomic plan – Take a glance at the Graco True Coat Plus II, and its scheme alone will make you like it.


  • Steady for little tasks- it has a great deal of perseverance with regards to covering a zone with unfaltering pressure. Its ProSpray pumping activity conveys consistency in the paints' quality and thickness, and you won't have sections where the scope is more slender.
  • Transportability because of its little size, you can undoubtedly carry it to any place where your occupation requires it and can cover diverse areas without tiring.
  • Simple to set up-Very little with small in number parts, and you won't need to dilute or utilize acetone- simply stack it up and begin working.
  • Simple storage- Again because of its size, it is anything but difficult to tidy up and store. It cannot take you the length of greater splash weapons to totally clean it of gunk and remaining paint.
  • It is a multipurpose gadget with a very wide range of usage.
  • It is fast equipment and very accurate thus the user is capable of completing the job at a faster rate and produce a magnificent outcome.


  • First and foremost, the Graco TrueCoat Plus II Electric Paint Sprayer experiences a considerable measure of paint. You will require a greater number of liters of paint than you would initially expect, as it pumps through the storage rapidly.
  • It cannot prime thus may require a primer, an additional cost of its utilization.
  • It might be somewhat heavy, particularly for a handheld gadget.
  • Furthermore, it was not made for heavy duty tasks. Indeed, utilizing it consistently for 60 minutes is pushing it because of its compact nature, it can convey consistency and power, yet should rest from time to time. 40 minutes to an hour is feasible for utilizing, however, any more than that; you will require a greater machine.

Graco TrueCoat Plus, II Paint Sprayer vs. Graco TrueCoat Pro II, Paint Sprayer

There is nothing else like Graco TrueCoat handheld airless paint sprayers. Compare and contrast the Graco TrueCoat Pro II Electric Paint Sprayer and the Graco TrueCoat Plus II Electric Paint Sprayer, model. These models of sprayers vary on the power source, life expectancy, and pressure rating and so on. This examination guide is accessible to help you see the distinctions next to each other bearing in mind the end goal is to pick the hand-held airless paint sprayer that best fits your requirements.

Both the models are presently completely capable of being rebuilt again! Most now have variable pressure control to spray a more extensive scope of materials with more power and lessened overspray. Instructional DVD included making users paint all the more rapidly, in addition to a Pump Armor Startup/Storage unit.

Models TrueCoat Plus II TrueCoat Pro II, Electric
It highlights variable pressure control, a more drawn out enduring pump than the TrueCoat fundamental, a cover for the container and also a shoulder strap and can deal with a bigger. This model allows you to spray without changing or energizing batteries. Suggested for those spraying many gallons; more than two gallons at any given moment. It keeps running on 110-volt power.
Practical application Walls, ceilings, doors, siding, shutters, fences, decking Walls, ceilings, doors, siding, shutters, fences, decking
Pressure Regulator Variable! from 1000 – 2000 PSI Adjustable! from 1000 – 2000 PSI
Cord 18’’ 15′ SuperFlex
Repairable Yes Yes
Tip Support .011-.017 Tips .011-.017 Tips
Tip Included 515 515
ProDurance Pump Yes Yes
5 Cup Liners Yes Yes
Shoulder Strap Yes No
Storage/Carrying Case No Yes
4oz. Pump Armor Yes Yes
32oz. Cup Cover Yes Yes
Mean Lifespan Before 1st repair 200 Gallons 400 Gallons
Materials Sprayed Latex, enamels, primers, stains, oil-based, and acrylics Latex, enamels, primers, stains, oil-based, and acrylics
Suction Tube Tilt-N-Spray Tilt-N-Spray


The Graco TrueCoat Plus II Electric Paint Sprayer does what it embarks on doing. Here you have a little, convenient yet effective spray gun, which can convey a reliable and expert review wrap up. It’s pumping highlight will permit you to continue to carry on without seeing any breaks in quality, and you can finish segments at once without halting.
As promoted, it is a small in size spray gun fit for pumping out high-pressure paint at a steady pace, without thinning or diluting. It is a snatch and goes kind of gadget, a hand-held spray gun that will permit you to start working without the regular set up of bulkier machines.