This kind of color combination can positively affect your life, especially your mentality. Brown is a subtle and versatile color that brings about relaxation and calmness, ideal after a long hard-working day.

When blended in with grey, brown tends to bring out more warmth while grey shade harmoniously highlights its relaxed counterpart. Based on that, we will give you practical tips to improve your living room decoration to become more comfortable for you and your sweet family.

Why Should You Have a Living Room With Brown and Grey?

Living Room With Brown and GreyGrey and brown combination looks great on fabric, so how about starting from there? A Gray or brown fabric sofa or chair is a pleasant choice, for instance. A piece of brown fabric with interesting patterns and quality material can modernize your furniture’s beauty.

Moreover, the fabric is so durable that we can probably use fabric furniture for a very long time. They are easy to clean and repair. Combining a brown sofa with a gray table is a good choice.

You can also decorate the living room with natural gray and brown leather. This material helps highlight the room and makes it brighter. Trust me, combining this with the gray wall can give you some sort of luxurious feeling in your seat. Leather always has a classic touch which makes your home more classy.

Let us show you some advice on how to make your living room closer to nature and resemble a forest. Our secret ingredients here are natural woods and stones. As we know, wooden materials are inherently natural brown so don’t worry about its colors fading over time.

We can use decoration rocks to give the living room more depth and warmth. A gray room with a dark brown tone of wood will refine the brown look effectively.

In addition, if you want a combination of gray stones, then gray or brown marble might be the best choice, like a fireplace surrounded by the classic wooden floor that we often see in fairytales. In this way, your living room will look more delicate.

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3 Mind-blowing Tips to Decorate A Grey And Brown Living Room.

What is a solution to liven up your grey and brown living room, fearing that these colors might make the room dark or heavy?

The contrast between dark and light will turn your room into a splendid work of art and we will help you achieve that. Alternatively, you can also use green to create a more distinctive look in your grey and brown living room.

This is some amazing fact you should remember!

A Green, Brown and Grey Color Scheme Recommended

A Green, Brown and Grey ColorWell, we can tell that this color works very well with our theme here. For example, the cushion having a green pattern or simply the curtains with a green pattern or the edges will brighten and freshen the room and, especially, your seat.

Another combination that can bring a stronger sense of warmth to your living room is a combination of red, yellow, or orange. Try them out and you will understand.

Simple Yet Glamour Monochrome

Simple Yet Glamour MonochromeFor people who dislike the hot or overly bright tones from another color in their gray and brown living room, we recommend black and white as another excellent combination which can support the grey and brown tone of your room.

This combination also has an eye-catching and striking decoration effect. Black and white can create a balance in the overall style of the room. Black enhances the brown and gray tones, making these colors healthier.

You can paint pictures using gray-brown tones or use wallpaper in brown-gray color to bring special beauty and accents to the room.

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The Brighter, the Better!

The BrighterNatural light is the key to the harmony between light in your room!

The best way to make use of the natural light is to design a living room with many large and small windows, especially when your house is surrounded by lush greenery, colorful roses. You will feel like sitting under an old tree and in the middle of a forest full of flowers and leaves. Also, it is recommended to open the sheers, blinds, or shutters during daylight so that sunlight can get in.

You can also brighten the room by mixing natural light with some artificial lighting equipment. Placing lamps on consoles and side tables is well-worth trying. A chandelier under the ceiling or some light strips attached to the tops of your shelves or bookcase will also add extra brightness to the room – in a comfortable way.

Moreover, the light bounced back from such surfaces makes the room to be brighter. For example, you can hang on framed mirrors on the walls or add a mirrored accent furniture. The frames of artwork are also helpful if you go for shiny metallic or lacquered one.

For houses with this design, the brown-brown living room layout will work best. Remember that you can also pair a soft gray tone with brown color in order not to disrupt the natural flow from the exterior to the interior.


To sum up, there are many tips to improve your grey and brown living room. With this article, we hope that you can feel inspired by our ideas for grey and brown living rooms and make your own choice. Hopefully, your creativity and hard work will result in an ideal living space.

We would like to thank you for reading our article. If you have any other ideas to decorate the grey and brown living rooms, also share it with us.

Thanks in advance.