Unless you are new to the paint sprayer industry, you have probably heard about Harbor Freight Electric Paint Sprayer. A lot of customer reviews have been swirling around this big guy.

However, researching the pros and cons of Harbor Freight may take days. So just let us do the homework for you. In this one-stop review, we are going to unveil all the fundamentals of Harbor Freight paint sprayer, helping you to decide whether or not you should finalize it as your buying decision.

Harbor Freight Electric Paint Sprayer Review

A Glimpse At Harbor Freight

A Glimpse At Harbor FreightHarbor Freight started out as a family-owned business in 1977, providing a diversity of equipment for household maintenance. Went over more than 40 years, the brand now offers wide-range equipment from hand tools and generators to air and power tools.

Its sub-brand – Krause & Becker is most known for painting kits, which include the electric paint sprayer we will soon put under the spotlight. Being on the market for decades, Krause & Becker electric paint sprayer from Harbor Freight has gained so much popularity, and the controversy about its quality has never ended. Let’s now dig in and explore the truth about this paint sprayer.

Key Product Specs

  • Product Name: Krause & Becker Electric Paint Sprayer
  • Material: Stainless steel frame
  • Pressure Range: 1000 – 3000 PSI
  • Engine: ⅝ hp
  • Amperage: 7 amps
  • Hose: 25 ft.
  • Flow Rate: 18.6 GPH
  • Fan Width: From 12 in. To 16 in.
  • Power Cord Length: 1 ft. 8 in.
  • Battery Required: No
  • Weight and Dimensions: 19.20 lb. (Weight), 15-3/4 in. (Height), 12 in. (Length), 11-1/2 in. (Width)


SetupThis paint sprayer comes with a detailed manual, so setting up won’t be a tough task. Attaching the hose and spray gun is quick and easy. You won’t experience a steep learning curve in your first time dealing with the package.

Krause & Becker electric paint sprayer is packed with an easy twist knob pressure control. This functionality facilitates your steering when operating the paint sprayer. It also has a trigger lock to ensure the user’s safety when the spray gun is not in use.

Painting Performance

As compared to an air pressure sprayer, such an electric one as the Krause & Becker is a better idea for covering large surface areas. You will normally need more than 14 gallons of paint for a medium-size household project. This means that airless sprayer will still be the king of heavy-duty painting jobs.

Krause & Becker does a great job of both priming and painting. It takes just a few seconds to pressurize the spray gun and the hose. You will need a few first triggers to let go out of the air before painting the surface.


With the stainless steel frame, the Krause & Becker electric spray gun from Harbor Freight will work with no idle issue for about two years. This frame also keeps the corrosion at bay, giving the machine more time and power to tackle heavy-duty painting tasks.

The stainless steel bucket is also ideal for preserving the finish quality. Besides the durability, stainless steel material can save your time and effort for the cleanup. There’ll still be some stubborn stains, but overall the appearance remains at its prime time for quite a while.

Size And Weight

Size And WeightThe Krause & Becker electric paint sprayer is a lightweight alternative to professional contractors. It’s suitable for your DIY projects regardless of the area you will be working on.

The ergonomic handle on the paint sprayer is another feature making it compact and easy to carry around with. If you need to move from place to place and multitask between them, this sprayer is the go-to choice. As being thin and all set ready to work, it saves you an ample of effort while operating its machine.


It can generate a maximum working pressure of 3000PSI, which is powerful enough to deal with almost all interior and exterior projects. For light-duty projects, it can be adjusted down to 1000 PSI.

With a ⅝ hp motor and pressure control knob, Krause & Becker electric paint sprayer reduces overspray while still ensuring a uniform finish. Most sprayers in the same category come with a ½ hp motor, but the Krause & Becker truly takes a further step. The sprayer also has the anti-rust motor; you should expect consistency in its performance.

Tip Sizes

The unit is versatile with an interchangeable nozzle; you can choose one that best fits your expectation in coverage, pattern, and flow rate. Come with the box; you will have a 517 tip; it thus can handle both latex and acrylic-based paints.

The tip is reversible for easy cleanup, so the clog-up issue rarely happens. And with the rust and wear-resistance properties, you won’t find yourself buying an aftermarket replacement tip anytime soon.


CleanupThe suction hose and spray gun can be cleaned up well with water or mineral spirits, depending on whether you use water-based or oil-based paint.

Cleanup work is also a breeze with this electric paint sprayer. But always remember to turn it off and switch it to prime mode before cleaning.

If you want to clean it for long-term storage, there’s one more step to take. Simply disassemble the filter inside the gun and rinse it with water. After letting it dry, you can assemble the filter back to the spray gun, then store the kit in your garage.

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Hose Connection

Hose ConnectionThe suction and return tubes are in close coordination, accelerating the suction either from a paint bucket or any other paint container. The mounted filter inside the hose helps reduce the bubbles and contaminants. The spray gun will then come out with pure paint fluid to ensure an even coating.

The hose is 25 feet, and the power cord is 1 foot 8 inches long, giving you enough flexibility to go back and forth when multitasking. Still, for entire household projects, moving the machine is unavoidable.


Renting an electric paint sprayer for a week will definitely cost you more than a Krause & Becker. So if you are going to use it on a regular basis, a Krause & Becker electric paint sprayer is a worthy investment.

In the paint sprayer industry, Krause & Becker is rated as an affordable brand. Consider all the salient features on this sprayer; it’s fair to say Krause & Becker electric paint sprayer from Harbor Freight is a real deal for anyone who is budget-conscious.

What Should You Use This Painter For

What Should You Use This Painter ForKrause & Becker electric paint sprayer is cut out for all DIY projects that need a professional-grade paint finish. If you are an avid home painter, this sprayer is for you. But if you are a professional painter and painting is your job, Krause & Becker electric paint sprayer would be more suitable to be your affordable back-up tool.

This sprayer works best for exterior projects with medium-large surface areas. You can use it for decks, exterior walls, doors, etc. and get your job done in no time.

Pros and Cons

It’s impossible to find a perfect paint tool without any downside. Understanding its disadvantages should be a more appropriate approach to taking the best use of the machine. So here are all the good and the bad of Krause & Becker ⅝ hp paint sprayer.


  • Durable material – Stainless steel frame and wear-resistance properties
  • Trigger lock and easy twist knob control – Less overspray, more uniform finish
  • Powerful motor – Wide PSI range and robust engine
  • Compact design – A lightweight package that is easy to move around with
  • Affordability – Good price for a good-value features


  • Noise – When it is pressurized, the motor turns off and will go back on when you use the spray gun again. The engine will then have a whirring sound for a few seconds before it totally shuts down.
  • O rings – While doing post-job cleanup, the o rings get loose quite easily sometimes.

Are Electric Paint Sprayers Any Good?

Are Electric Paint Sprayers Any GoodA good value electric paint sprayer will do wonder to your painting jobs. There are many merits to this tool, but let’s break it down to 2 most popular staples.

  • Precise and Even Coating
    Whether it’s a touchup task for an uneven surface or a large-scale painting job, a quality electric paint sprayer can always apply a smooth and even coating. As the paint is atomized very finely by an electric engine, the result is much better than that from a roller, brush, or conventional sprayer.
  • Lower Cost, Higher Speed
    An electric paint sprayer may not be cheap, but it surely saves you some money. By reducing the overspray and paint waste, it also gives better paint control and efficiency. You won’t have to spend some extra budget on solvents for the prep work, which makes the electric sprayer a cost-effective paint applicator in the long run.

Spray Tips With Harbor Freight Electric Sprayer

Spray Tips With Harbor Freight Electric SprayerIt’s advisable to keep a wet edge while painting with this electric paint sprayer. Otherwise, there will be lap marks becoming more and more apparent in the years to come.

There must be no bubble in the tube when you pull the sprayer gun’s trigger. Double check the valve to make sure you have it properly connected so that no air can get inside.

Beware of the tip size; it should be suitable with the paint viscosity and surface size. The bigger the number assigned to the tip size, the bigger the nozzle is, and the thicker the paint can be.

Always do some test sprays before actually applying paint on the surface. This will help you get used to the movement of the spray gun to create an even coating.

After your painting job or when you are taking a break, it’s important to lock the trigger to avoid paint waste, clog-up issues, and also for safety purposes.

It’s recommended to take a break from your painting work every 30 minutes. Spray painting continuously for a long time can be harmful to your eyes.

Harbor Freight Electric Paint Sprayer Troubleshooting

Harbor Freight Electric Paint Sprayer Troubleshooting

  • Pump cannot prime
    It’s likely that your cleanup is not “clean” enough, and the input valve is now clogged. Press the inlet release button, and check the inlet check ball again, and clean it up if in need.
  • Blobs and splatters
    The consistent performance may be the result of an obstructed trigger, clogged tip, or damaged filter. Disassemble them to check if they need cleaning.
  • Orange peels
    If the surface is bumpy and has the orange-peel texture, it’s probably because the paint is too thick, the gun is too distant from the surface while operating, or the paint volume is incorrect. Try adjusting the pressure control knob, holding the sprayer closer to the surface, or thinning the paint if necessary.
  • Uneven coating
    If everything works fine, but the coating is still uneven, maybe it’s time to have a quick check on your painting technique. Also, sometimes when the paint is too thick or too thin, and the tip size is not compatible, this issue may happen.
  • Contamination
    There may be insufficient sanding, raised grain, or too much dirt on the surface. Make sure the surface is properly sanded and thoroughly cleaned before applying paint.



What is the black cup that comes with the package of Krause & Becker Electric Paint Sprayer?

It is used to measure how fast your paint can pour through it, so you can decide if the paint’s viscosity needs any thinning.

Should I use the 5-gallon or 1-gallon paint bucket?

Krause & Becker Electric Paint Sprayer from Harbor Freight can work well on either of the volumes.

Can I attach a 50-feet hose to this paint sprayer?

Yes, you can. The hose on this paint sprayer can be easily attached and detached.

Can this sprayer be used for outdoor wooden fences?

Yes, it can. But remember to adjust the pressure control knob to avoid overspray.

Can this sprayer be plugged to 220V?

No, it works with 120V only.


This sprayer is one of the best heavy-duty paint applicators for DIY household projects. The all-inclusive package makes it ready to run right out from the box. And it won’t leave you skinned by having to buy any accessories. Overall, Harbor Freight Electric Paint Sprayer is the tool to tackle any of your weekend projects.