HomeRight C800850 Finish Max Pro Sprayer
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Review Summary:

  • The HomeRight C800850 Finish Max Pro Sprayer has been made keeping in mind the quality. There are a lot of features that are contained by this device to make it more useful in the practical life. This device is ideal for someone who wants to maintain the looks of the daily furnitureand related items on a professional level.


You may need to paint many things in your daily life. There is a device available to you through us that fulfills your daily painting needs. You can use this device for your interior and exterior places for light or medium objects. The tip of the appliance is handy for domestic needs, and a beginner can use it very quickly. If comparing to others, it is more practical and convenient to use.

Product description

Home right C800850The HomeRight C800850 Finish Max Pro Sprayer is an excellent finish Sprayer which consists of more power and allows for a better finish paint on your indoor and outdoor equipment. This sprayer is next to that professional equipment which helps you to avoid overspray its best.

The spray for cabinets, furniture along with woodworking projects with the most elegant finish can provide 1000 Watts of power. The two-way spray design ensures that you have precise control over the device.

This device can spray up and down is an ideal task. Because of the design is a 90-degree horizontal pattern which does an easier job. Besides, the plan of 180-degree is the vertical design which makes it possible to spray from side to side. The brass in this device makes it a durable as the main needle has to be durable as it is the most critical part of the device. Also, it improves the overall performance of the device.

You will always need that device which comes with some standout qualities and different from the others in the competition. The HomeRight C800850 Finish Max Pro Sprayer can do the following tasks along with it being long-lasting.

  • Using to cover stains, oil painting, latex paint, and sealers.
  • You can spray 1 gallon of paint within 7.5 minutes without any loss of quality.

The paint flow regulator does an excellent job of setting the amount of paint spraying, and it is straightforward to do. You have to turn the knob which can control. The 15 feet hose allows moving around different places without inconvenient to spray with the gun through the hose.

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Specs and Features

The things included in the HomeRight C800850 Finish Max Pro Sprayer are as follows.

  • Hose length – 15 feet
  • Volts – 120 AC
  • Watts – 1000
  • RPM – 3400
  • Warranty – 2 years

The features of HomeRight C800850 Finish Max Pro Sprayer are beautiful and you must go through these before purchasing it.

  • The Piston pump of such devices must be durable to make them usable for a long time as a whole. Besides, this appliance is made of stainless steel which is said to be one of the best materials to use.
  • The power outlet has to be from a power plug due to the lighted power plug.
  • The handles of devices are prone to getting dirty, and it can prove to be very difficult to clean them. This appliance is very easy and convenient to clean as the chrome plate handles.
  • This device contains two-way spray pattern which exactly ensured control.
  • The brass needle included in this improves the performance and the product life. It is straightforward to use.

The benefits of using HomeRight C800850 Finish Max Pro Sprayer

The HomeRight C800850 Finish Max Pro Sprayer has the unique design for those who want to remodel, maintain, and own their properties on a regular basis. It is an ideal device for those who paint their interiors and exteriors of the house regularly. You can repaint many types of things like fences, barns, projects, houses, etc. Also, you can handle the dirt and debris easily through the Instaclean pump filter which gives it a professional finish. Moreover, it allows adjusting to spray settings which provides you with many options for various coatings and works well with the 0.17 in tip size.

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  • The Piston which the device consists of allows very smooth performance and is convenient to use.
  • The feature of cleaning the device through the auto prime which eliminates clogging of dirt and debris.
  • The DIY people have it as the best option for them to use.
  • Many constituents of the device make it very easy and durable to use even if used daily.
  • The easy clean cart makes the cleaning operation of the device very quick and easy.
  • Move around the place with a 15 feet hose without having to disconnect the unit and the gun from the power source.
  • The adequate power delivery from the power source is always to its best.
  • This is one of the best priced products in this price range.


  • The only con is that the spray gun tends to get jammed due to the thick paint material. But if the paint material is of good quality, then this con is eliminated.

Usage and maintenance

The best way to paint anything is to use HomeRight C800850 Finish Max Pro Sprayer. This machine is also the quickest and the most convenient devices you can use. You need a little knowledge and practice to get the right output. With all the above, you can get the professional finish to your painting.

The correct setup

HomeRight C800850 Finish Max Pro SprayerWhether you are a beginner or you have done this task earlier, it is essential to follow the guide to use the device to get the best result. You must follow the necessary steps before anything else which is as follows.

  • You must connect the hose to the unit and the unit to the spray gun.
  • Flushing and priming the sprayer before usage.
  • Install the tip of the gun.

You must read the user manual before using the device and comes along with the product. The detailed information about the product always stands in the packaging.

The paint surface

The surface for painting needs preparing before painting. It is essential to develop the surface to get the desired result. Moreover, there is a small chance of overspray from this device which can be avoided by covering the baseboard. So you must also take note of the direction in which the wind is blowing if you are painting outdoors.

A proper way to spray

If you follow the user manual and the tips and tricks to use the product, there is a little chance of mistakes, and you will get the best results.

  • There should be a 12-inch distance between the surface to paint and the gun.
  • The gun must be in motion before starting and for a few seconds after stopping.
  • A long and continuous motion must be made.


The features that HomeRight C800850 Finish Max Pro Sprayer consists of need a little support as compared to others in the market. Primarily, the maintenance of this device is very minimal. Also, one of the examples of this is the Piston pump which has a lifetime lubrication pad. The clean up of this device is very easy overall through the power Flush cleaning adapter. The chrome plating on the handles can be cleaned very easily. Hence, the overall maintenance of the device oy consists of cleaning up and nothing more.

Customer reviews

The customer reviews regarding HomeRight C800850 Finish Max Pro Sprayer are very positive. This makes it one of the best devices in the market. The main attractions in the device for the customers are its design and the convenience to maintain it. They found it very convenient to clean the device, especially the chrome plated handle which tends to get dirty due to the hands that touch them. The demo for the device is also available online so that the customers get the best out of the device which also they found very useful. The avoidance of overspray has been a beneficial factor to get good reviews.

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This is a great device that is worth the money invested. This statement is proven by the practicality of features it provides and the excellent customer reviews that this device has got. The best feature is that it is easy to maintain and the time saving achieved through it. There are some of the cheaper alternatives available to you which have not given the money’s worth to its customers. Always the customer reviews are a huge deciding factor to buy any product.