HomeRight C800917.M 2-Speed 8.0 GPH Heavy Duty Paint Sprayer, 120-watt

HomeRight C800917.M 2-Speed 8.0 GPH Heavy Duty Paint Sprayer, 120-watt
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Review Summary:

  • HomeRight C8000917 heavy duty paint sprayer is ideal for commercial as well as personal use. It offers an amazing effortless approach and helps in achieving smooth finish. One of the best things about this hvlp paint sprayer is that it is made of high quality material for that extra durability.

Product Description

Searching for a quick and simple approach to shower your substantial outside painting venture? The HomeRight C800917.M 2-Speed 8.0 GPH Heavy Duty Paint Sprayer is not only the speediest but also offers the most effortless approach to shower latex paint, oil, stains, as well as sealers.

This paint sprayer accompanies a fired spout for long haul toughness and gives a smooth and highly even splash design without fail. It is an ideal paint sprayer if you are planning to go for huge undertakings.

The volume control handle rapidly and effortlessly modifies for different paint viscosities. This sprayer additionally includes two paces; effectively select the speed for your undertaking with the snap of the catch.

Incorporated into a high quality case and a 5-foot Suction Tube with Clamp, Sprayer, Cleaning Brush and Oil, Long-Term Storage Solution Kit, Cone Tip, Bonus Atomizer Valve and Atomizer Valve makes it one of the best paint sprayers.

  • Utilize for latex paint, stains, oil paint, and sealers
  • Sprays 1 gallon in 7.5 minutes
  • Long lasting


HomeRight C800917What is the HomeRight Titanium series heavy duty paint sprayer? For any jack of all trades, renovating temporary worker, or any genuine DIY individual, this is a desire materialize for painting needs and purposes. It is best to utilize when splashing it to light or medium outside or inside covering applications utilizing its 120-watt power which convey 10% more yield contrasted with other ordinary sprayers.

Product’s summary

  • 120-watt defines a more advanced operating sprayer for an awesome esteem contrasted with the opposition.
  • Titanium cylinder implies more noteworthy strength and long haul execution.
  • Ceramic fan spout gives better 12-Inch splash design scope for each square foot.
  • Quick discharge container makes it simple to refill while splashing.
  • Spray at any point and use both of the 2 speeds.

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Advantages to utilize HomeRight Titanium series heavy duty paint sprayer

HomeRight Titanium series heavy duty paint sprayer has been particularly intended for re-designers, upkeep individuals, genuine DIYer, and property proprietors who consistently paint their decks, investment properties, outside or inside activities, wall, outbuildings, and residents.

The flotsam and jetsam and earth that normally occur amid painting occupations are effectively dealt with and cleaned by the fast clean pump channel and accord it an expert complete too. The customizable splash settings give a large choice of different coatings which functions admirably with 120 watts. Mostly all of our customers are quite happy with the utilization of HomeRight Titanium series heavy duty paint sprayer.

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  • Simple to utilize and keep up while working and subsequent to working
  • Complete most extreme work in least time
  • Clean shower
  • It is the best shower weapon for DIY individuals to utilize.
  • It has an extremely tough shower firearm that will keep going for some paint employments
  • Simple to clean contrast with numerous I have utilized.
  • Makes painting snappy
  • No overwhelming wind stream


  • Trickles when splashing (Might simply be mine, however, didn't make a difference much).
  • Heaps of splatter around the work (USE MASK WHILE SPRAYING)
  • Little expensive but worthy

Client Score

HomeRight C800917.M 2-Speed 8.0 The client score with respect to HomeRight Titanium series heavy duty paint sprayer online has a rating of 5 stars which makes it as a standout amongst other items to use for painting employments. Clients like the outline and simple to utilize highlights.

The video demo online by HomeRight was extremely useful in giving tips and traps to the clients for simple upkeep and utilization of the item. The clients additionally discovered it a breeze to clean particularly the splash firearm. They especially enjoyed the restricted overspray and fog that were created when the item was utilized for indoor painting.

How HomeRight Titanium series heavy duty paint sprayer is utilized?

One of the speediest and simplest approaches to complete most painting occupations is to utilize paint sprayers. It is very simple to utilize that needs a little learning and practice to hit the nail on the head and accomplish an expert hope to painting occupations in the blink of an eye.

Regardless of whether you are an accomplished or a beginner painter, here are a few hints to manage you when utilizing the paint sprayer:

Rectify Sprayer Setup

Every sprayer will have distinctive set-ups relying upon the sprayer however the fundamental strides will dependably be:

  • Connect the hose to the splash weapon
  • The sprayer should be flushed and prepared before utilizing.
  • The tip and monitor must be introduced before utilizing.

The direction manual that runs with the item must be perused precisely which could likewise give nitty gritty data on the most proficient method to utilize the sprayer.

Arrangements for Proper surface

HomeRight Titanium seriesThe surface must be set up before showering which is the most critical part of any canvas work.

The HomeRight Titanium series heavy duty paint sprayer can give a touch of overspray so it would be reasonable with respect to a painter to ensure the furniture, baseboards by covering them before splashing.
It is likewise well to observe the Breeze’s bearings when the composition is done outside and cover plants or bushes with plastic insurance.

Legitimate approaches to splash

Paint can be equally dispersed which could give an expert complete to the occupation when these strategies are utilized:

  • A long and consistent movement gives the best scope. Before setting off the weapon, the movement should as of now be begun and preceded even after the arrival of the firearm trigger.
  • There ought to be a 12-inch separate from the surface when utilizing the splash weapon.
  • There ought to be a half cover to your splash design which you can get by pointing the following go at the beforehand painted range’s edge with the tip of the shower firearm.

Step by step instructions to Maintain

The highlights of this item are nearly support free, for example,

  • The solidified cylinder draw made of stainless steel has a lifetime greased up a cushion that can get rid of support in the wake of painting employments are finished.
  • Fast painting work clean-ups should be possible with its Power Flush cleaning connector.
  • The truck is anything but difficult to clean with a foldable handle that can be brought down for reduced capacity.

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Incredible appraisals can be given to the HomeRight Titanium series heavy duty paint sprayer that is definitely justified even despite the cash contributed when individuals purchase the item. Some have even lamented not thinking about it sooner and have selected to purchase other less expensive alternatives that did not give them their cash’s worth. The most well-known component that is viewed as its best is now is the right time sparing auto groundwork and power flush capacity.

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