We both know how terrible it is when the power goes out in the middle of the work or on a harsh summer/winter day. So, you should always prepare a power generator to produce on-demand electricity anytime.

Better safe than sorry!

Of all the generator types, the inverter generator has become more and more popular for good reasons:

  • The power is produced from state-of-the-art magnets and 3-phase electronic circuitry. Hence, the flow of currents are more constant
  • The inverter generator runs much more silently than other types thanks to mufflers and modern technology
  • On running, the engine saves up to 40% fuel consumption, which means protecting the environment and your wallet as well

Here I introduce you to Honda Inverter Generator – one of my favorite brands. Keep reading and you will know why.

Top 5 Best Honda Inverter Generators for Home Use

Do You Know Honda?

When I first searched for power generators, I was amazed to see “Honda Inverter Generator” right on the first page.

Back then, I had already known Honda for their automobile and motorcycle products. It turned out Honda even manufactures other products under various sub-brands such as Honda Powersports, Honda Power Equipments, Honda Engines, Honda Marine, and so on.

A Brief Introduction of Honda Company

Honda Inverter GeneratorFor those who are not familiar with Honda products, here is some information about this brand.

Soichiro Honda established the Honda Motor Company to create and produce small engines attached to bicycles so that Japanese people can travel faster and more economical. One year later, the first Honda Research Institute was set up in Hamamatsu.

Honda switched into manufacturing automobile and truck by 1962 when they accounted for 65% of the domestic motorcycle market.

In the ’60s, the U.S market began to welcome Honda’s products, which opened the worldwide success of the company as one of the six largest auto manufacturers.

Products of Honda:

  • Honda Auto (cars, minivans & trucks, SUVs & crossover, electrified)
  • Aura Automobiles
  • Honda Powersports (street vehicles, off-road, ATV, SXS)
  • HondaJet (aircraft, light jets)
  • Honda Power Equipment (generators, lawn mowers, robotic mowers, pumps, snow blowers, tillers, trimmers)
  • Honda Marine (outboard motors, parts, accessories)
  • Honda Engines

Why People Love Honda’s Products?

Fuel EfficiencyHardly can we beat the quality of Japanese products – Honda is as well.


The quality is what Honda has a remarkable reputation for. The company has paid significant investments in R&D to launch high-qualified and safe parts for their products.

A testament is that the company always ranks at the top in terms of quality reviewed by Consumer Reports. Moreover, there are a sheer number of old Honda vehicles running on the street nowadays.

Fuel Efficiency

The fleet fuel efficiency is another plus.

Accordingly, Honda products consume less power or gas during operation. Meanwhile, the efficiency is still very high.

In the times of high gas and electricity prices, reliable and efficient products are a must-choose.


That Honda products rarely go cheaper than other main counterparts makes them the best “bang for the buck” auto brands.

More excitingly, the features are worth every penny.

An Overview of Honda Inverter Generator

Honda provides a wide range of generators for multiple purposes such as:

  • Portable generators for camping, races, parties, etc.
  • Home generators to back up power for the outages
  • Larger generators used for rental industry or construction projects

Here comes a brief introduction to Honda Inverter Generator.

Best Champion Inverter Generators

Top 5 Best Honda Inverter Generators for Effective Review

1. Honda EU3000iS – Best Inverter Generator for Heavy-duty Tasks

Honda EU3000iSEditor Rating:

Using the advanced inverter technology, you can expect this generator to be stable and reliable as your household power source.

At a Glance

The tool is covered with a durable steel frame without plastic, so it will not easily get unwanted damage by weather.

However, the steel frame makes the EU3000iS somewhat heavier to travel around. In case you want to take the generator out frequently, you should buy a set of wheels.


Using a four-cycle, 196cc engine, this Honda inverter generator delivers 2800 watts of continuous power and even surges to 30,000 watts and more depending on the load.

This tool is an ideal backup for power emergencies at home to run a variety of appliances (fridge, TV, microwave, etc.) without any worries. It is also a companion while camping or other outdoor activities.

Fuel Consumption

With a single fuel tank of 3.4 Gal., the generator can run between 7.2 to 20 hours. This is far more efficient than many generators at a similar price range. In other words, you can save more on the gas bill.

Quiet Operation

To tell the truth, the noise from power generators used to get on my nerves and make my neighbors upset.

Thank Gods, I have found the EU3000iS, which is super silent since the noise on running is only 49 to 58 dB (A).

Safety Features

What I also like about this Honda inverter generator is several thoughtful safety features such as the low-oil alert or the available choke valve.

However, it is better if the manufacturer equips this tool with a fuel filtration system so that the maintenance will become easier.

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2. Honda Eu7000iS – The Most Powerful Generator for Industrial Work

Honda Eu7000iSEditor Rating:

I have 5 keywords to summarize the EU7000iS generator: high-quality; reliable; heavy; quiet; and costly.

At a Glance

The EU7000iS is also made of durable steel. However, its dimension is twice as large as that of the EU3000iS. As a result, the dry weight is up to 262 lbs – too heavy to bring along.

Fortunately, there are two wheels and foldable handles to make it more portable. Taking it down for maintenance or for other purposes will take efforts.


Although this Honda inverter generator is advertised to produce the maximum output of 7000 watts, users confirm that the steady output is only 5000 watts.

The machine can only produce 7000 watts in peak capacity and the power falls off slowly.

Rather than the capacity, what I like is the power quality. Unlike the cheap inverter generators whose sine wave of AC tends to distort over time, the total harmonic distortion is only 4%. To be specific, the sine wave is clean.

Fuel Efficiency

The machine runs on the single fuel system with an available eco-throttle switch which helps produce more power while using less fuel. It means you can save money on gas consumption. However, the power output will drop off.

The difference in the output is acceptable if you do not always use the inverter to the maximum 7000 watts.

Quiet Operation

Mounted on the rubber feet, the machine runs quietly at 52-60 dB. When you are as far as 23 feet away, the sound is almost inaudible. When you come nearer, the noise is still not annoying.

Safety Features

There is a sensor next to the main inlet to find out whether the oil pressure drops lower than the acceptable level. If so, the generator will automatically turn off.

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3. Honda Eu1000i – Best Compact Design for Outdoor Activities

Honda Eu1000iEditor Rating:

The Honda EU1000i is famous for its lightweight design and the features are beyond the expectation at the price range.

At a Glance

The dimension is compact and the dry weight is only 29 lbs, so you can take the generator around easily. Not to mention, there are four wheels to make your life even more comfortable.


The maximum output is 1000 watts and often continuous at 60 Hz. The rated load is 900 watts. At this point, there is almost no fluctuation so that you can operate sensitive gear like CD players, computer systems, test apparatus, or printers.

This Honda inverter generator; however, is not ideal for high-capacity appliances such as air conditioners, fridges, TV, and so on.

Fuel Consumption

Like other Honda generators, the EU1000i is equipped with the inverter technology and eco-throttle system to cut down on the fuel consumption as well as to improve the power quality.
Accordingly, the operation can last for 3.8 hours of 0.6-gallon tank.


The most blessing of this generator is the noise level from 53 to 59 dBA. It gives off the sound that is even quieter than a normal conversation.

Hence, I highly recommend Honda EU1000i for camping or activities that require a quiet operation.

Safety Features

To prevent overheating accidents from happening, the tool has an oil alert when the oil falls by the harmful ranges.

Moreover, a USDA ignites arrestor or muffler is available to stop producing sets off and protect the machine and people from the sudden bursting out.

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4. Honda EU2200i – The Most Standard Inverter for Household Appliances

Honda EU2200iEditor Rating:

The output of 2200 watts is a standard for an inverter generator, so what makes this Honda generator stand out in the market?

It is due to the reliability, durability, and many add-ons features such as color-coded components, smart fuel shut-off valve, stress-free oil drain, and more.

At a Glance

Like other Honda inverter generators, this EU2200i has a signature red and black housing. Even better, all parts are designed to be compact and user-friendly.

The dry weight is around 47 lbs so you can carry it around even without the supportive wheels. What’s more, there is a system of four color-coded steps to navigate the users through operating the generator with ease.


The steady running power is 1800 watts while the surge power is up to 2200 watts. This standard flow is compatible with almost all the appliances in your house.

This Honda inverter generator offers a 120V Ac out 15 amp receptacles and a 12V DC outlet to power any corded tool, charger, and smaller appliances on the fly.

Fuel Consumption

As a compact version, the fuel tank is also small – just less than 1 gallon. Do not expect the generator will last so long as the full load.

In turn, the machine is affordable to run. Also, there is an eco-throttle system available to make the most of the energy efficiency; in other words, to lengthen the consumption of the fuel.


Another quiet inverter generator as the noise level is of 57 dBA at the rated load and 48 dBA at a quarter load.

Safety Features

For the generator’s safety and easy maintenance later, the machine is equipped with the low-fuel shutoff, oil control, and automatic circuit breaker.

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5. Honda EU3000iH 1A – The Lightest Inverter for Camping

Honda EU3000iH 1AEditor Rating:

Do not mistake this EU3000iH for the EU3000iS (I reviewed above). The Honda EU30000iH 1A is the Handi model coming with portable design.

The feature list is also a bit different.

At a Glance

With the “handi” benefit in mind, Honda has improved the design and components to be lighter. It turns out the EU3000iH is the lightest 3000-watt generator of Honda, for the time being.

There are even two wheels at the back so you can transport the machine more easily. Not to mention, the offset handle makes it easier for lifting.


Although the power of EU3000iH can surge to 3000 watts as that of the EU3000iS, the running power of the Handi model is only 2600 watts.

Fuel Efficiency

Along with the more compact design, the fuel tank is also smaller.

Accordingly, the EU3000i Handi is less fuel efficient than the EU3000iS. For example, at a quarter load, the former’s maximum runtime on a full tank is 7..7 hours whereas that of the later – EU3000iS is up to 20 hours.


Operating at 57 to 65 dBA, the EU3000i Handi is easy on your ears so you can take it along for camping or supplemental RV power at the office without concerning the disturbing sound.

Safety Design

Circuit protection features are available to keep the generator away from being overloaded or overheated.

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Honda vs. Hyundai

A Brief Introduction of Hyundai Group

Honda vs HyundaiInteresting enough, Hyundai is not only the competitor of Honda in terms of the automobile but also of the inverter generator.

In 1947, Chung Ju-Yung established Hyundai Group in Seoul, Korea. Back then, the company focused mainly on construction projects.

During 1999 to 2003, Hyundai experienced an enormous corporate restructuring and now Hyundai is split up into 5 independent business groups, including Hyundai Power Equipment – the manufacturer of the inverter generators.

A Quick Comparison Between Honda and Hyundai Generators

With over 70 years of experience in meeting the customers’ demands, both Honda and Hyundai are well-known for their high-quality and reliable products.

While Honda’s generators are filled with customer’s perennial favorites, Hyundai lineup offers long warranties and continuous improvements in the quality of their products.

Here I compare the Honda EU2200i and the Hyundai HY2000iS:

MODEL Honda EU2200i Hyundai HY2000Si
Max Output 2200 watts 2200 watts
Rated Output 1800 watts 2000 watts
Runtime at ¼ Load 9 hrs 10 hrs
The Capacity of Fuel Tank ~ 3.8 L 7 L
Dimension (LxWxH) 21 x 19.5 x 12 inches 22.6 x 20.7 x 13 inches
Dry Weight 47 lbs 71 lbs
Noise Level 48 – 57 dBA 65 dBA
Starting System Recoil Recoil
Fuel Gauge Monitor Yes Yes
Warranty 3 years 3 years

Coming at a similar power output, the Honda EU2200i turns out to be lighter and more economical since it requires less gas consumption (less than 1 gallon) on a single full tank. Meanwhile, the runtime at ¼ load is as impressive as that of the Hyundai HY2000Si.

Honda vs. Yamaha

A Brief Introduction of Yamaha

Honda vs YamahaThe competition between Honda and Yamaha is as exciting as that between Coca Cola and Pepsi. To be specific, they stand head and shoulders in almost every field of competition in general and in inverter generator, in particular.Both Honda and Yamaha were established by Japanese owners so they somewhat share the market and business culture.

Yamaha now is a multinational corporation with a great number of products and services ranging from musical instruments, power sports equipment to electronics.

A Quick Comparison Between Honda and Yamaha Generators

If you find the best inverter generator which is reliable, quiet, lightweight and has a great value for money, you can choose either Honda or Yamaha. Both will do exceptionally well. Concluding which is better is really nitty gritty.So, I will take two most common models, for example, The Honda EU3000iS and Yamaha EF3000iSE.

MODEL Honda EU3000iS Yamaha EF3000iSE
Max Output 3000 watts 3000 watts
Rated Output 2800 watts 2800 watts
Runtime at ¼ Load 20 hrs 20.5 hrs
The Capacity of Fuel Tank 13 L 13 L
Dimension (LxWxH) 26 x 22 x 17.6 inches 29 x 25 x 22 inches
Dry Weight 131 lbs 147 lbs
Noise Level 48 – 58 dBA 48 – 52 dBA
Starting System Recoil Recoil
Fuel Gauge Monitor Yes Yes
Warranty 3 years 4 years

Here are several things you can tell from the table:

  • Honda inverter generator is more compact than the Yamaha
  • The power output of both the Honda and the Yamaha is similar
  • The Yamaha has more efficient fuel consumption than the Honda

To sum up, Yamaha wins over Honda in terms of the 3000-watt inverter generator.


Honda inverter generator is good for its reliability, durability, and high quality. Do not hesitate anymore as the best generators are right at your fingertips. Of 5 inverters today, I strongly recommend the Honda EU2200iS due to its standard power that is compatible with almost every appliance. As a plus, the design is compact and user-friendly.

This review calls it my day, please enjoy and share with others.