Your work requires high climbing? However, there are many various types of ladders, which makes you confused because of its own use.

To deal with this problem, I will introduce about 12 different types of ladders below. In addition, you can get specific information about each type of ladder.

Understand deeply about each material, function of each ladder, you can choose the best one as desired.

What is Ladder?

What is ladderFirstly, you should learn to know what a ladder is. Ladder is an essential item in families. Many equal steps joined together will form a ladder. People use ladders to touch objects that are not normally reachable.

For each different purpose of use, the ladders will be made of different materials. In the past, people used wood or bamboo to make ladders. However, with human development and intelligence, ladders are also made from other materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, steel, rope and so on.

Although there are many different uses, the main function of a normal ladder is allow people to climb up or down at the height of the place.

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Types of Ladders

Step Ladder

Step ladderMost families own a step ladder, which is also the most used and most popular ladder in the world nowadays.

This type of ladder is very sturdy. This kind of ladder is mainly used in a house for replacing light bulbs, cleaning ceilings, installing wall clocks or any activities that require height.

Step ladder is not too expensive. The price of this ladder ranges from 100 to 1000 dollars depending on the size and design.

Extension Ladder

Extension ladderBeside step ladders, most families own this great type too. When you need to reach a very high place, extension ladder will always be the best tool.

This type of ladders does not account for much space. However, it helps you get to a higher point due to the ability to slide out.

How much money is enough for a good extension ladder? I will say that you need only about 50 dollar. Of course when you can afford more, the quality may be better.

Attic Ladders

Attic laddersAs its name, this type of ladder helps you to access the attic in your house. If your house has a little attic, do not forget this wonderful product.

The material of this ladder is mostly iron. The attic ladder is firmly installed with the attic, ensuring safety. Although it looks quite big, you can stack it up and down to use. So do not worry if you are scared about loss of space and acreage.

There is only a disadvantage that users can not move it to another place due to its permanent position.

According to the price, I would say that 150 to 300 dollar is already for a perfect attic ladder.

Telescoping Ladders

Telescoping LaddersHave you ever worried that you would fall down when you are climbing the ladder? You want a ladder that is totally safe? Then you should choose this telescoping ladder.

You can stretch it out or shrink it when in use. The special thing is that this ladder has locks at different positions, which makes sure for your safety.

This wonderful type of ladder is perfect for anyone who is finding a ladder under 150 dollar.

Platform Ladders

Platform LaddersYou can also know this type of ladder as “A – ladder”. Why does it have this A – ladder name? Look at its shape! You will notice that it has the A frame design. This type of ladders is quite similar to the step ladders but it is bigger, more permanente and better.

Many stores sell this platform ladder for only under 300 dollar. I would say that is a worthwhile price.

Fire Escape Ladders

Fire Escape LaddersThis fire escape ladder is for emergency situations. All firefighters always equips it available.

The advantage of this ladder type is that fire escape ladder is strong, durable and can be resistant from flame. The material on the rungs of this ladder is high quality. It must be tested before being released to the market. So you can absolutely feel sure about the safety.

You will need from 80 – 100$ to own a fire escape ladder.

Multipurpose Ladders

Multipurpose LaddersAre you confused because of the many ladders on the market nowadays? You only want to buy a ladder with many useful functions? Then, you should make a decision for this type of ladder.

This type of ladders can be modified in many ways for multiple different purposes. They are very sturdy and firm. On the other hand, multipurpose ladder has many balanced legs, which is easy for you to stand stably.

Under 200$ is enough for this ladder. Less to pay, more to use.

Step Stools

Step StoolsStep stool is known as an “extra foot” when you want to reach something at a higher place.

It is a small stool with 4 legs. Although it is sturdy, it has no high weight. You can bring it easily from place to place.

This one is the cheapest type of ladders. The price of a step stool ranges from 5-7$.

Folding Ladders

Folding LaddersAnyone who likes convenience will like this one – folding ladders.

You can use this ladder anywhere you want and store it simply. In addition, it can help you out in any situation because it can hold big weight.

One thing you must pay attention to is that this type has many different sizes, heights, and step numbers. Therefore, do not forget to check it carefully before buying.

Orchard Ladders

Orchard LaddersFor anyone who always works outside, an orchard ladder plays an essential role.

This orchard ladder has an extended back leg which helps staying stable. On the other hand, you can adjust the wideness of the front legs to work more flexibly.

This type of ladder is quite expensive. You have to spend about 500$ to own a good orchard ladder.

Rolling Ladders

Rolling LaddersThis type of ladders is very mobile. You can see them in many places such as storage areas or warehouses.

People add small casters under the ladder to move easier. This type allows you to store things up high.

You will need an amount of 200$ or more to get a rolling ladder. Based on your working aim, this price is totally worth.

Flexible Ladders

Flexible laddersA flexible ladder will be your best partner if you often do things such as climbing, rescue (fireman). Moreover, this type of ladders is very suitable for anyone who always travels.

This type of ladders helps you save your space by its flexibility. Instead of sliding, you can roll up this ladder and store it in a small corner of your suitcase or in your car. Because of its great uses, it is necessary in emergency situations.

The price of a flexible ladder runs between 8$ and 30$. As you can see, it is not hard to get a good one.

How to Preserve Ladder?

How to preserve ladderLadders can be broken if you do not protect them. Here I will give some advice to preserve the ladder.

  • Hanging ladders: You should hang ladders in rank when not in use. When you do that, you can not only maintain it but also save a lot of space.M/li>
  • Store the ladder in a cool, dry place, avoid them from collision: Ladders are mostly from metals, so it can be corrosive. Remember that always keep those ladders in a dry place.
  • Clean the ladder with a soft cloth with water or detergent:Cleaning ladders is also important. After repeated use of ladders, dust can accumulate, which makes the ladder become rugged or slippery. You may get danger trouble while using it.


Those are 12 different types of ladders. I hope that you have the information you need. Always remember our guide and choose the right ladder for you. Do not waste money on buying unnecessary types.

If you still have questions, do not be afraid to tell us. Thank you for spending your time reading this!