Experienced painters are the experts who understand clearly all the issues coming with the house painting.

It’s possible to plan all the factors when doing a paint job, especially for experienced professional painters who have just been painting for their whole lives. However, understanding your difficulties as a beginner, we have collected useful information to get ready for a nice paint job.

So, “How much paint do I need to paint my house?”. This may be a hard-to-solve question for home painters to you, but not to us. What are you waiting for? Keep in mind our beneficial info now!

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What are the best painting tips?

Painting the exterior of a house requires more time than what we think of and calculate so you should always take the odd into account to further the accuracy of your calculation. The perfect house painting will secure your lovely house from harsh wind and dirty water thanks to the preventive cover against the weather threats.

However, house painting needs both time and the carefulness of the painter to get the work done splendidly. This will lengthen the time to paint your house once again.

What are the best painting tips?Here we introduce step by step to paint a house to avoid the time consuming and to blow the completely new wind to your home. Follow our detailed steps for your proper paint job.

In this part, we only focus on painting a house exterior. So, we hope that it can be a great supporter of you in measuring the paint gallons to cover your house.

Here’s the deal:

Preparing for the painting

A great preparation will be the starting point to get a successful home project, so will your house painting.

There is a complete process that you need to follow to complete your plan. Here’s what you are waiting for:

Choose the time for your paint job

Consider the right painting time carefully. As recommended, you should paint your house in early autumn or late spring days for an ideal temperature to ensure the quality of your painting.

Also, don’t forget to always check the daily weather forecast so that you can avoid the unexpected rain on the day of painting.

Clean the exterior surface

Washing the house’s surface is also important before painting your house. Uncover all the stubborn dirt with a hose, a wire brush, and warm soapy water. Alternatively, you can eliminate paint flecks by a powerful washer.

Setting should be set to the modest powerful to increase the efficiency. Wash the house and walls from the tops to the bottom. Then, allow the house’s surface to dry before continuing the paint job.

Wash down the defective paints

Paint which is blistered, loose, or chipped should be removed thoroughly. If you fail the removal, the fresh paint cannot properly cover the exterior of the house. Utilize a paint scraper or a wire brush to knock the loose paint.

Then, utilize a power sander to flatten rough surfaces. For heavy coats of old paint, make use of an e-paint remover to melt the paint down and pull it out of the wall.

Do the repairs if needed?

Before the painting, inspect any damage in your house to make the repairs in time. This action will ensure the best status of your house to complete the paint job. Walk around your house and search for rust, split shingles, siding, mildew or popped nails and note these locations to take care of them later on thus creating a search and fix system that are highly effective.

Examine the places around the doors and windows too. Do the replacements if you can. Remove the rust and mildew to successfully prepare the best surface for painting.

Prime the surface

Before the painting, applying the first coat or primer to the house’s surface is essential. The primer will offer a better foundation for the house’s paint with extra protection.

Choose your right paint

High-quality exterior paint like 100% acrylic latex will produce a better paint color, get dry faster, and provide a lifelong paint coat for your house. Choose premium brands, the suitable color for your house. Get paint samples to try!

Mix the paint color from several cans for an even paint color. Then, cover the house with your drop clothes to prevent the paint left in the landscaping or sidewalks.

Decide the right paint application method

Three choices for you are a roller, brush, or paint sprayer. A brush will give you better control over your painting job while a roller will make a more effective job and a paint sprayer will support heavier coverage.

Paint the sidings

Do it before painting your trim to remove all the bulks and progress more quickly. First, paint from top to bottom from left to right. Be careful while using a ladder. Make sure that it will rest ¼ on the ground.

Apply a second coat

The second coat will provide double coverage for your beautiful house with better look and durability. It is even more important for the house painted with vibrant color.

How many gallons of paint do we need to cover a house?

Estimating the exact paint amount for covering a house is quite an important skill that all painters should learn at some point in their career. The paint gallons will depend on your house’s size.

Please read the instructions on the manufacturers to know more about the correct meters or square feet the paint can cover to calculate well. Different brands of paint will offer distinctive paint finishes and coverage rates.

Another factor that will alter the amount of paint you use will be the surface you are going to apply it too. The right paint amount is defined by the approximate variables and the paint estimates.

You may ask the question, “How many gallons of paint do I need to paint the exterior of my house?”. Before going to the main part. you must know how to define the paint amount for your house.

How to estimate the exterior paint amount

How to estimate the exterior paint amountDeciding the exterior paint amount is quite hard-to-solve if you don’t calculate precisely all the issues. Firstly, we must take the painting method into account. The house’s exterior can be painted with a brush or spray.

So, what are their real benefits? How about the paint amount when using each method? And, even how do you calculate how much paint you need? is also here.

What you need is:

Brushing vs. Spraying

Determining the right paint quantity is not a minor issue if your purchased paint is high-quality and signature. For an entire house, the difference will be about hundreds of dollars. Here’s the best part:

Brushing: Several homeowners love brushing the paint on their houses’ exterior. Brushing supports the quicker starting time, more focus on the details, less terrible masking, thicker paint coat, and less paint amount used.

Spraying: Spraying for your home exterior means that you need to cover even the tricky obstructions from your house’s utilities such as pipes, wires, and gas meters, and architectural details.

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When you have masked and tapped everything up, spraying will be much faster than the traditional brushing even for one wall. Nonetheless, the cover-up may be a sudden killer when all things in every square foot need to be covered.

Figure out the proper paint amount needed

Figure out the proper paint amount neededThe best decision is to determine how much paint needed for your exterior before you start your paint project. This action will help eliminate all the risks of lack of paint during the project.

You may be wondering: How many steps needed to determine the paint amount for a room or a house? Now:

To define the right amount of the paint required, measure the house’s perimeter and height (excluding all gable ends. Then, multiply the results by each other.

Divide the previous number by the calculated square foot coverage pointed out on the paint’s cans. This number will give us the correct quantity of gallons for every single coat.

However, it is safer to add an additional gallon to the number collected after the division.

For the gable ends, calculate the needed amount of the extra paint by measuring the height and width of every gable end. Multiply these numbers and then divide it by 2.

You will receive the square-foot dimensions of the gables to add in your paint estimation.

Always remember that different exterior wall surfaces including masonry, shingles, and stucco may need 10%-15% extra paint than the smoother and flatter walls with the similar square footage.

Your application method can also utilize the paint you are using and further increase it proficient. Airless sprayers may require twice as much paint used as rollers or brushes.

What is the proper paint amount for the exterior?

What is the proper paint amount for the exterior?After determining the suitable application method, measure all the needed numbers, we continue with the hottest part of the article. Generally speaking, you should use three times more required paint when spraying than brushing for a thicker coat.

Spraying needs more paint since the sprayer will atomize all the paint prepared into smaller droplets. Then, most of them end up covering on the wall surface while the others may drift away. Paint spraying can’t control the issue effectively.

But here’s the kicker:

The paint staying in the tubing should also be eliminated because much of them will be wasted. The different paint application figures out the distinctive number of paint gallons we need to paint our houses.

Here we go:

For Brushing

1 gallon is needed for 400 or more square feet. To be more specific, each gallon of the acrylic-latex paint can cover up to 400 square-foot house while covering on a clean primed or painted surface with the porosity to the minimum.

Through personal experience, we have found this to be largely true. If anything, it is possible to squeeze out even more square footage per gallon by brushing on–up to 450 square feet. Dripping with a moderate amount will help the pain adhere better.

So, how many square feet do 5 gallons of exterior paint cover? It will be 2000 square feet. For the bigger number, just use the careful multiplying. Another common question is “How much does 2.5 Litres of paint cover?”. It will be 600 square feet.

Now, want to know the best part?

For Spraying

150-200 square feet can be covered with 1 gallon of paint. Be more careful to estimate according to the 1:3 ratios between brushing and spraying. For the gutters, 1 gallon is enough while eave linings need 2 to 3 gallons of high-quality paint.

The windows require about 1 paint gallon; the walls need 8 to 10 gallons for a smooth surface. Last but not least, apply ¼ paint gallon for the doors. Use the paint calculator square feet for better accuracy.

The cost needed to paint a house

The cost needed to paint a houseOrdering redundant paint will waste a lot of money but the quality it provides makes it worth every penny spent. Of course, we have two methods to overcome this issue and we will share this helpful guide to you..

Firstly, purchase the minimal amount of paint and extend a little extra from there to figure out the number for paint finish.

The second way is to measure and set a certain budget for purchasing the paint.

By doing this, all homeowners will save time and money on the paint job with no worry when applying the second coat.

Here’s what you’re waiting for:

For the exterior painting, you will need about $1500-$2300 for a house size 1500 sq ft. The 4000-square-foot houses will require up to $6000 for just painting. For the interior painting, $1800-$2500 is for the 1500-sq-ft houses.

So, now you have the answer to “How much is a gallon of paint?”. It is $72.00 for the premium brand. People may be surprised why the exterior painting is cheaper than interior ones. But, remember that it has more surface areas.

More baseboards and doors are included in the interior house. And, the painting of interiors usually required the roller or hand applying. The price will be much higher for older houses with too many obstacles, wood replacement or uneven ground.

Ways to use fewer paint gallons while spraying

Ways to use fewer paint gallons while sprayingTo decrease the paint amount required when you spray your house, follow these following steps:

Avoid the wind: A slight 5-mph wind can blow away the sprayed paint. Avoid the windy days if you don’t want the paint consumption is up to 50% of your estimated paint.

Pump the paint back: Once you finish your project, spray out all the rest paint into the air. Alternatively, pump the paint back in the hose into the previous can.

Stand closer to your house’s painting surface: This will protect the paint from the paint cloud. Also, suit up with a coveralls, respirator, painted socks, and goggles to avoid the spray-back.

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What’s the bottom line?

Indeed, there are numerous factors to take into consideration before you start your painting project. The essential elements are the prep-work required, the house size, the paint application method, and the quality of the used paint.

They are the key elements to decide the number of paint gallons for your house’s paint coverage. Remember to follow our instructions strictly for the best house painting. Now, you can confidently paint a lovely house yourself.