There are various types of tips that are available now, and most users do not understand precisely the purpose of each one. Some sprayer users choose only one or two popular suggestions to complete all paint job. It is indeed wrong using. Experts recommend that we should verify the tips for different work that they are designed to.

To choose the appropriate tip, users had better follow some steps noted below:

Nozzle for Sprayer

Verify Tip Number

Each tip is designed for a particular purpose, so they are marked with different numbers to distinguish quickly. TIP number can show much helpful information about that tip. It indicates the surface distance, coverage area and also the type of that tip.

For instance: If the tip is signed 256515, you receive enough information needed by each digit. First, with the fourth number, you get the fan size of the tip. In this case, the fan size is 5. Next, after having the fan size, you can calculate the distance from the surface by multiplying fan size with 2, so the distance here is 10 inches. 2 digits later will show the diameter of the hole, but in a fraction of thousand in inches. With that figure, the diameter of that tip here is 0.015 inches.

Check the Tip

Although the technical figures are shown in TIP number, manual checkup still be needed to avoid errors. In some situation, the size of the tip is matching with the pump, but in reality, it is hard to adapt.

Choose the Paint

Each tip is designed for particular work and particular material. For thick paints, a full and large hole is applied. In contrast, a small and narrow gap can be used for thinner paints.

Select the Nozzle

Small nozzle distance is suitable for small products. The size about 6 to 10 inches is the most popular for a low surface. The larger paintings require a larger scale. If you apply a small nozzle for a big job, it will take so much time to complete. On the other hand, if a big nozzle is used for small objects, the paint will be sprayed in more density.

Select the Nozzle

Deal with Problems

In theory, the paint sprayed through tip each time must be matched with the size of the tip, but you should choose a smaller one. With the equal or larger size tip, the paint spraying through each time will not get the highest productivity and may cause spotted painting. In case your sprayer capacity is 0.015, you had better choose a 0.013 tip to assure normal working condition.

In some cases, the sprayer cannot run regularly, not due to the unsuitable tip size, but because of fault in the tip like broken or jammed. Only change a new tip can deal with this problem. If you continue using an old tip for times, the clog of paint will increase the pressure in the hole, and also harmful to the compressor.

Remember not to increase the pressure so much for a smooth pattern of the tip. If the pressure is higher, the paint will be wasted and dodged.

Tips for Good Performance

  • Choose the appropriate sprayer based on the duration and type of object to get the best painting
  • Empty the paint pot before spraying. If it still has the paint inside, the paint left will be dried after a long time and may damage the surface inside the pot.
  • The empty air inside the hose pipe and cylinder. If any air is left inside, it may damage the hole while using extended compressors.
  • Adjust the pressure, assure it is not over the pressure limit of the sprayer
  • Choose the suitable tip or nozzle for each work, read the usage of the advice carefully before using.
  • Adjust the temperature of the compressors or cylinders, do not make it so hot. If the temperature is too hot, the compressor can not usually work or break up.

Safety Issues

  • Keep the paint far from a flammable place to avoid fire or paint clog
  • Always check the temperature of the compressor. If it is too hot, there is probably cause an injury.
  • Keep out of the flame
  • Remember to wear protection outfit, especially glasses. If your skin is put on with paint, you should clear immediately to avoid any danger. The high pressure of paints can affect badly to cells.

A paint sprayer is an ideal tool to help an amateur or inexperienced can complete painting job in shorter time with less effort. Compared to traditional painting tools like brushes and rollers, paint sprayer makes it much more convenient. To get the perfect painting performance, you should choose an appropriate type of paint sprayer for each purpose. Hope those tips above can help you do your painting more easily.