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the Krause and Becker ElectricAny machine we use needs to have a maintenance. If we take good care of the things that we have, we will make its life longer. Taking care of a thing includes cleaning and tuning the parts if it has. The electric paint sprayer is one of it. It needs a good cleaning and lubricating after every use and when you store it away for some time.

The manual of Krause and Becker Electric Sprayer actually tells us to do and when to do these things. There is a section for every after use. If not, the sprayer might clog. But it is not just about every after use. We also need to maintain it. Maintenance should be done even if you are not using the electric sprayer. For example, we did not use it for some time and store it for a couple of weeks or months, then we have to do something on it before and after we put it to use. We also need to lubricate it. These steps are really important to do whenever you own a Krause and Becker Electric Sprayer. You will make its life longer and we will still prove the saying “prevention is better than cure”. We might even save some bucks for giving a time to clean and lubricate our electric paint sprayer.

So let’s get started.

Cleaning the Krause and Becker Electric Sprayer

Of course, maintenance starts from its basics. These basics include the first step which is cleaning. Cleaning the sprayer should be done right after its use. Actually, you must not need to wait for the time to pass without cleaning it. Clean it as soon as you finish using it to prevent the paint to harden. If you delay the cleaning or if you did not clean it properly, the paint that thickened inside it will permanently clog the spray gun. Latex paint is really quick to harden. You can avoid this thing to happen by making some improvised technique. You can try to wrap the spray gun with a plastic bag so that it will not dry very fast as you are preparing other things that you need in cleaning or gathering your things around after your work.

Cleaning the Krause and BeckerThere are some things that you need:

  • Buckets – You will need a bucket where you will put the wastewater. This wastewater is the mixture of the water and paint or the solvent and paint that washed off from the sprayer. You will also need a bucket for the paint that you want to recycle. And you will need a bucket of clean water for the final rinse. Have at least four buckets.
  • Water – You will also need buckets of clean water if you choose to wash it with water.
  • Wrenches – You will need some wrenches because of the screw and they are needed when you disassemble it.
  • Soft Bristle Brush – You will use this to clean up the paint residue on the inner places of the smaller parts.
  • Old cloth or rags – You will need this to dry things.

Step 1

unplugged the electric paint sprayerFirst, be sure that you have unplugged the electric paint sprayer from an electric source. Then turn the pressure knob speed to medium. Remove the tip and tip housing. The put it into a bucket with water and brush it with the bristle brush. Then set it aside. Then transfer the siphon hose and the primer tube into another bucket of water and brush it with the bristle brush until all of the wet paint comes off. Turn on again the sprayer. Then run the water in the bucket into the system through the spray gun so that it will flush out the paint that is inside it. Then set the function to prime so that the paint remaining inside will be flush out. Flush out the paint until it becomes thin. You can put it a separate bucket because that paint can still be recycled. This is the first run. Run it for a few minutes. The wastewater with thin paint will now be flush out again. It should be at the waste bucket. Then set again the spray function to spray to completely flush the paint hose and the gun. Spray the gun into the bucket where there is recyclable paint. When the gun started to release a mixture of thin paint, transfer it fast to the waste bucket. Run it for a couple of minutes. If you see now that the gun is releasing a clear water, you can now turn it off. The remove the gun to clean it further later. Drain the hose using the rag to wipe off some paint that is left. Get another bucket of clean water and repeat it again to be sure that the pump is really clean inside.

Step 2

use the wrench to disconnect the spray gunNext, use the wrench to disconnect the spray gun on the hose attached to it. But before doing it turn the spray function to prime so that the pressure will be released on the other side. Then unscrew the nut using the wrenches. Yes, you will need the help of two wrenches. Once the gun was separated from the hose, put it now into the bucket with clean water where other parts are also submerged. After, try to check the hose if there is still some paint in it. If it has, then set again the spray function into spray to flush it out and clean the hose. Once the water coming out if the hose is clean then its fine now. You can now throw the waste water accumulated into the buckets and refill it with some clean water. Then try to flush it again with the clean water to make sure that the whole system is now clean inside.

Step 3

clean the spray gunThen let’s clean the spray gun. You can use a bristle brush to clean it especially the inner parts. Then disassemble the spray gun for thorough cleaning. Remove first the gun grip because it has a filter inside that needs to be cleaned. Use a wrench. Use two wrenches to make it easier to screw off. Be careful when you already loosen that part because it has washer and parts that you need to not to lose. The gun has parts that you need not disassemble. It is the piston, spring and the cylinder is one piece so do not try to disassemble it. Then clean everything with clean water. You can use also the bristle brush. Then take off the handle now and clean it.

Step 4

plan to reassemble itLastly, before you plan to reassemble it check thoroughly if everything is clean and without any paint on them. If you are sure enough or if the cleanliness is acceptable to your eyes then dry it with the old cloth or rags.

Lubricating the Krause and Becker Electric Sprayer

Lubricating is simply putting some oil into the unit. This is very necessary if you will store the unit for some time like weeks or months. Any oil can work on this like compressor oil or pump oil.

Lubricating the Krause and BeckerThe things you need:

  • Lubricant – Any kind of oil. Just use the light one.
  • Screwdriver – For taking off some screw on the clamps.
  • Rags – To dry the parts which have oil droplets — oil that missed the hole or parts that are still wet.

First, flip the main system over. Then, remove the hose. Use a screwdriver to take off the clamp. When you have separated the hose from the system, dry the hose because it has still water inside.

Next, put the lubricant on the hole where the hose is connected until it becomes full. The flip the system upright again and plug it again to an electric source. Set the function into spray and turn it on for a few seconds. Then flip it again and set back the function to prime. Put some oil again but not too much this time because you are on the final stage. Finally, put back again the hose and clamp it well.

Last, gather the parts of the spray gun. And put also some lubricant on it especially on the lubricant holes which are located at the cylinder. Apply a few drops and reassemble the spray gun.

Another option is to use an anti-corrosion that you can mix with a gallon of water. Just run the mixture into the pump system just like the procedure for cleaning. This is effective for a short-term storage time like about a week. But if you will store it for a long time like months, you might want to try running a paint thinner into the system.

Safety and Cleanliness of Surroundings

Safety and Cleanliness of SurroundingsNow, your electric sprayer if clean and ready to be stored. The wastewater that you have accumulated during the cleaning process should be disposed properly. The same safety environmental measure applies when you use either water or solvent for cleaning. The disposal of solvent should be according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The wastewater with paint should also be according to the paint manufacturer’s direction. Disposal should comply with the local hazardous waste standards.

Things to Take Note of When Cleaning and Lubricating Electric Sprayer

Things to Take Note of When Cleaning and LubricatingIf you will be using solvent, follow the manufacturer’s instruction about the usage, proper disposal, and any safety precautions. The waste should be transferred to a non-metal container. Do not also clean at the area where ignition may occur. We don’t want to be caught on fire. And to prevent the said accident, always have a fire extinguisher nearby as you are working.

Do not also use other liquids with minerals on the paint especially the latex. These mineral liquids make the latex paint very difficult to remove.
If you noticed that the equipment has a problem or maybe damaged, do not use it further. Repair and check it first. If you are cleaning or running a maintenance procedure be sure it is unplugged and the pressure has been released unless it is necessary to complete the procedure.

Flush Out the Lubricant of Krause and Becker Electric Sprayer When Reusing

Flush Out the Lubricant of Krause and BeckerAfter some time, you are thinking again of using your Krause and Becker Electric Paint Sprayer. Maybe your friend asks you to help in some painting job or some parts your own household need to be repainted and maintained so you wanted to take out the Krause and Becker Electric Sprayer for another service.

First, you need to check if everything all still in its good condition. Assemble the parts by connecting each of it to the proper positions and plugs. Use a wrench. The after assembling, connect it now to the power source. Put the suction hose and the waste line into a bucket of water and turn it on. If the waste line is pumping out water and oil, it means that it is working properly. Then test the spray gun. Put the pressure knob into the middle and make sure that everything is connected with each other before you set the function to spray. When everything is confirmed, turn it on and try to spray. If it is spraying with the right pressure then everything is alright and working. You can use it now.

Why Is Everything On This Important?

Why Is Everything On This Important?Cleaning and lubricating thoroughly the electric sprayer and doing the necessary maintenance procedure will make your machine last longer. It is better to spend a few minutes to clean first your electric paint sprayer than be sorry if you cannot use it by next time because the paint has already hardened and the pipe, tip, and hose were clogged. Also, spending time to clean it will not cost you a lot but neglecting it will cost you another set of electric paint sprayer or a trip to the repair shop and service center.

The cleaning and lubricating procedure are very easy. It is manageable even on your first try. Maybe if the machine is new and it is your first cleaning, the screws might be still tight. Yet, after some time when you already get used to cleaning and you’ve done it again and again, it will loosen up a bit. And you will finally say that you are enjoying it.

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