Latex paint sticking into your clothes can be annoying. If that happens to you, and it might, you need to know how to get latex paint out of clothes. You can try removing latex paint stains using detergent, rubbing alcohol, paint thinner, or hair spray, depending on the stain’s severity and the fabric involved. Let’s get right into it.

how to get latex paint out of clothes

Methods to get latex paint off of clothes

1. Rubbing Alcohol

Step 1

Firstly, you need to moisten the cloth using warm water. Then use a rag, moisten it with warm water, and then dab the stained cloth with your rag and make it a little bit wet.
Step 2

Add brittle or isopropyl alcohol to the stain, or if you have a garden sprayer lying around, spray the stain using the alcohol. Depending on how long the paint has been sticking to the cloth, wait for the alcohol to soak in and break it up.
Step 3

After letting the cloth doused with alcohol, rub it against itself to remove the stain. You can add more alcohol for the optimal result.
Step 4

Depending on the stain’s size, use a laundry brush or a toothbrush, or even pumice stone to scrub it. Rub the isopropyl alcohol in the stain to remove the paint.
Step 5

You just need to run some warm water over the cloth, then wipe off the paint and alcohol.
Step 6

After removing the stain, put the clothes in the washing machine, following the item’s laundering direction based on the clothing label. You should launder the item on its own in hot water to remove any remaining stain and alcohol.

2. Using Dish Detergent

Step 1

Put the stain under the running warm water to get the latex paint out as much as possible, particularly the fresh one.
Step 2

Put some dish detergent into the fabric you want to wash out, rub the detergent to see if the color comes out. This is to check if the fabric is color-proof, and if it is, you can continue removing the stain with dish detergent. If it is not, you have to take the clothes to the professional dry cleaner.
Step 3

Since dishwashing detergents are made to break down oil, latex paint can be dissolved as well. We make the detergent solution by mixing detergent and water at a 1:1 ratio.
Step 4

Use a sponge dampened with the detergent solution to moisten the cloth for at least three minutes. Then, clean the stain with a clean fabric.
Step 5

Use a sponge to rub until you have a nice lather, then keep scrubbing up and adding more detergent solution until the paint is no longer visible. If you still cannot clean the stain using this solution, you need to use rubbing alcohol.
Step 6

Put the clothes in the running warm water until all the soap and paint are gone, then put the clothes into the washing machine, following the item’s laundering direction based on the clothing label. You should launder the item on its own in hot water to remove any remaining stain and soap.

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3. Removing Small Stains

Using a hairspray

Put your clothes down on a flat surface and spray the small stain using a hairspray. Then wait for a few minutes so that the alcohol will break up the paint, then use a tissue brush to scrub the cloth. Finally, you launder the clothes like you usually would and finish off with a run through the dryer.
Using hand sanitizer

Another quick and efficient way to remove stains is to use hand sanitizer because this portable liquid contains rubbing alcohol. Take some hand sanitizer, put it on the small stain, and then use a toothbrush to scrub the latex off your fabric.
Using paint thinner

For small stains, you can use the paint thinner. Dampen a rag in the paint thinner and use it to clean the latex paint on your clothes. If the stain is nasty, you can pour the thinner directly into the fabric, but bear in mind that thinner paint can damage delicate clothing.
Using cleaning product

You can use some special cleaning products made for removing all the difficult paint stains. Because of the strong smell, they should be used in a spacious and ventilated area. Pour the cleaning product into the clothes, wait for at least two minutes, and then clean the stain using a pumice stone or brush. Finally, put the clothes in the washing machine and launder the item.
Using cotton balls with rubbing alcohol

For small stains, you can use cotton balls moistened with rubbing alcohol to clean them. Soak the balls by putting them on top of the rubbing alcohol bottle and turn the bottle upside down, then use these balls to scrub the small stains
Using lavender oil

Another solution to the small latex stains is using a few drops of lavender oil. Put a few drops on the stain and wait for a while. The oil will soak into the fabric and clean out the stain. Finally, you can use a spoon to scrub the stain.

4. Removing Dry Latex Paint

Using a butter knife

For denim and thick fabric, using a butter knife is another solution. Put your clothes down on a flat surface, point the knife away from your side and apply pressure to scrape off the latex paint on the fabric
Using duct tape

For dry paint, you can use duct tape to remove the latex paint on the fabric by placing it over the paint and press it tightly against the fabric. Then pull the tape to remove all the latex paint.
Using disposable razor

For thick fabric, using a disposable razor is another good solution to remove the stains. Put your clothes down on a flat surface and use the disposable razor to scrape off the fabric’s stain. To protect your clothing, you should use an old razor and this method cannot be applied to delicate fabrics.
Using an emery board

You can use an emery board of fine grit sandpaper to scrub off the latex paint on your clothes for the thick fabric and a small stain. You can use your nail to gently scratch out the ingrained paint, then clean it by putting the clothes into the washing machine and launder the item

Final Words,

Now that you have learned how to remove latex paint from your clothes with these simple and straightforward methods using some materials lying around your house, you can feel free to do your DIY projects without worrying about this problem anymore. Happy spraying!