Are you planning to remodel your house? It is really essential to consider painting it by yourself. Is it a mission impossible? Our tutorial will change your mind.

Below are simple steps to give your house a fresh new feel.

Why Do You Need To Paint Your House?

For those who want to refresh or completely change the aura of their houses, there is no better way than painting them.

Not only does it make your houses much more attractive, but a fresh long-lasting coat of paint also adds value to them.

Why Do You Need To Paint Your House?Most people think that the old paint affected by bad weather is the reason why painting is essential for their houses. But it is not always that case.

Painting Gives Your House A Much More Appealing Look

Don’t wait until there is an event just round the corner to consider painting your home!

Do you want to upgrade the visual appeal of your house? Then, paint it once in a period of two or three years. That way, you can make its look much more vibrant and outstanding among others in your neighborhood.

Painting Add Some Values To Your House

We all hope to get the best value valuation of our properties when doing home renovations. And nothing works more effectively than painting the exterior and interior of your house.

As long as we plan carefully and don’t excessively spend, both exterior and interior upgrades can result in the incredible Returns On Investment. A newly painted house will, clearly, be more expensive than an old one.

How To Choose the Right Paint and Primer For Your House?

How To Choose the Right Paint and PrimerA scroll through the best Beautify My Home Ideas posts on Pinterest will show you one thing abundantly clear. Mismatched seating, decorative details, lighting, and especially long-lasting paint colors are in.

The most beautiful houses are not white ones. Now, trendier colors such as navy or olive green in kitchens are a fair game. Also, they are popular choices for bathrooms.

In fact, the large the house is, the better quality the exterior paint should have. Do you say more vibrant colors, fast to dry, and long-lasting stability? Then, the 100% acrylic latex is your best bet.

In terms of primer, each can have his/her distinct school of thought. Some professionals apply it in almost every single case. Meanwhile, others choose the primers only when the siding’s condition warrants them.

The primer type must match the paint type.

For example, latex primer is the only choice for those who want to use latex paint. The meal primer and the metal paint is the only perfect duo. And the solvent-base primer is the next thing to buy after you get solvent-thinned paint.

Which Tools and Equipment To Use To Paint Your House?

Tools and Equipment To Use To PaintWhat tools and equipment to paint with? It depends on your budget and preference. But, in my opinion, cheap tools are not a good idea.

No one wants to fish natural brush hairs out of fresh paint. So do we! That’s why we opt for the highest-quality tool.

Mini rollers and angled brushes might not be the best choices when it comes to painting a big object like your car or your house.

If you want to see the improvement in the quality, use the paint sprayers. Also, it helps save much time and energy.

Which is the simplest method to apply primer and paint around the wall edges? Use an airless sprayer to spray it on with an airless sprayer. Luckily, you can rent it at almost tool rental center or home improvement stores.

When Is The Best Time To Paint Your House?

When Is The Best Time To Paint Your House?We all know that it is possible to apply a coat of primer right after the houses are cleaned. But the weather counts.

Avoid the rainy, windy, and hot days. Also, dusty weather is not ideal. The temperature range between 10 and 31 degrees Celsius is perfect for your house painting job.

The paint will dry really fast in the hot weather. Follow the shade to decrease the impact of direct sunlight. Temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius may prevent the paint from perfectly adhering to the surface.

And dew and dampness can make the surfaces bubble.

How Often Do You Need To Paint Your House?

How Often Do You Need To Paint Your House?How long will the paint job last? Home remodel can actually increase its value, but it is also important to know how often you have to paint it.

We have no set timeline for all areas and rooms inside your house. However, in general, because of the weather conditions, your house’s exterior often needs more regular paintings than the interior.

  • Wood siding lasts for about 4 years;
  • Stucco siding lasts for 6 years;
  • Brick siding lasts for up to 20 years;

How Many Gallons Of Paint Do You Need For Your House?

How Many Gallons Of PaintBefore you start to paint your house, it is important to figure out how many gallons of paint needed.

However, knowing exactly how much paint you really need is not an easy step, especially if it is the first time you’ve tried to paint your lovely home.

As two houses are always different, there are a lot of things to seriously take into consideration. Needless to say, how much paint you will need for your house depends on how large it is.

Measure the width and length of the surface to estimate the amount of paint. Also, make sure to make up the amount cut in the walls. That way, you do not have to worry about running out of paint part-way through.

Each paint kind has its own spread rate. It means that the actual square footage for one paint gallon is not the same for all.

Normally, a gallon can of paint is enough to cover a 400 sq.-feet area, though. If you have a great house of up to 3,000 square feet, then you need 4.5-gallon cans of paint.
Increase the number if you are thinking about the second paint coverage!

How Much Do You Have To Pay To Paint Your House?

How Much Do You Have To Pay To Paint Your House?Buying a new house or hiring out a home painting professional to change your house’s appearance is predictably expensive. Expect to spend up to thousands of dollars hiring a pro painter.

Fortunately, painting your house right is a project you can absolutely do by yourself.

It will be a tedious, difficult mission to prepare and paint your house yourself. The expense varies according to the height and the dimension of your house. Also, the existing siding’s condition is a matter of importance.

However, you can make your dated house feel like a new one without having to pay a fortune.

You will get what you have paid for. And it’s true when it comes to house painting job. The better the tools’quality is, the higher the price tags are.

Typically, a gallon of first-class exterior paint can cost you from $30 to $50. Actually, you can end up paying up to hundreds of dollars.

Imagine living in a freshly painted house that everyone dreams of; it is such a fraction of the cost.

How To Paint A House Right?

Now you have gone through the importance of house painting as well as the amount of money, the tools and equipment you need to complete this task.

Are you curious about the best part? Let’s me guide you through these straightforward yet important steps that you should not skip!

Step 1 Finish The Essential Preparation

Finish The Essential PreparationOnly when the chosen surfaces are dry and clean will we apply the paint on them. Then, it comes as no surprise that washing the surfaces carefully is the very first step.

Walk around your house to find any damages. Remove any rust, and scrub mildew away. Fill and sand the cracked sidings. Repair the downspouts and leaky gutters. Also, the gaps between trim and siding should be sealed up.

Step 2 Fix The Damaged Siding and Paint It

Fix The Damaged Siding and Paint ItAny structural problems and cracks in old houses can lead to serious water damage. That’s why you should try to solve them as well as repair any damaged siding. Otherwise, you will have to repaint it before knowing it.

Before working on the trim, you are advised to paint all of the house sidings. And because there is no need to switch between different colors, it is necessary to speed up the process.

Each siding surface requires a special painting technique.

For instance, brush horizontally and paint the surfaces after the underside edge is the way to go for lap siding. Vinyl siding painters need to apply the roller technique with a back-brush for the fullest coverage.

Here are some rules to follow when you paint whatever material covering your house’s exterior:

Paint From Top To Foot

Paint From Top To FootRule of thumb: go from top to foot and follow left-right direction.

As you paint your house, you inevitably get drips of paint falling when you are working your way down. But if you go from top to foot, there is no need to worry.

Those working from left to right can find out any spots they might have missed. These small tips make a big difference.

Be Careful When You Use The Ladder

Be Careful When You Use The LadderWhen you use a ladder, especially an extendable one, staying focused is important. Before climbing up, make sure it is dry, and four of its feet have the firm contact with the surfaces.

Additionally, when you stand on the ladder, never try to reach something out of an arm’s length.

Step 3 Apply The Second Layer

Apply The Second LayerNot only does it provide a more weather-proof coverage, but the second paint coat also brings life to the vibrant colors you choose.

If budget and time allow, it is highly recommended to apply the second paint coat after the standard amount of time for the first coat to get dry.

Step 4 Paint The Trim

Paint The TrimOnlyPaint the trim after finishing the siding. For this step, you need a 1.5-in sash brush and a 2-in angled trim brush.

To avoid paint wasting, dip your high-quality sash brush about 1 to 2 inches into the paint bucket or can. After that, to remove the excessive amount of paint, tap it on its side. Finally, it’s time to draw the brush smoothly across the trim.


  • Use a masking tape to cover the glass when you paint the windows;
  • Remove numbers, knobs, and knockers and paint in place to make it easier to paint a door;
  • Give window sills several paint coats.

Though it is a time-consuming stage, you will definitely get the best professional-looking finish.

Step 5 Properly and Carefully Clean Up

Properly and Carefully Clean UpOne you have finished your painting job, clean up your gear and brushes. Alkyd paint clean-up requires paint thinner. And latex paints are cleaned by water and soap.

Prepare an old sealed paint bucket to preserve the old paint and solvents. And locate a hazardous waste collection site to dispose it.

Final Verdicts

A new paint coat is the best way to protect your house, revive severely weathered siding, and give it a much more stylish visual style.

How to paint a house right? It is basically the perfect lifetime DIY. It is not easier than painting your cabinets. However, it is not nearly as messy and complicated as what you might have imagined.

We really cannot go wrong on adding some paint and a delicate touch to your house’s aura. Unless, obviously, we are not strict to these few right steps above. Don’t worry, though, they are really easy to follow.

We are so glad to hang out with you all online today. Hope that what we have shared with you can help you paint like a pro! Let’s make hours spent with paint and primer moments of joy!