If you have a car, do you want to make it look newer and unique from others? Then, follow the instructions on how to paint rims so that you can get a striking car.

Well, obviously, painting your car’s wheel is a perfect way to show your driving style. Why? As you know, instead of painting the whole car which costs you an arm and a leg, you should just select some parts of the car and paint them. Rims are moving parts that keep spinning, so once you make them striking, your car is also prominent as a result!

Steps For Painting Rims

Steps For Painting RimsIf you are confused and do not know where to start the painting process, let us offer you the super simple instruction on how to paint rims. The process includes 8 easy-to-follow steps below:

Remove Car Wheels from Your Car

Can you imagine the quality of the painted wheel while it is still attached to the car? It will be extremely poor-quality and make your car ugly as well, so you’d better paint the separate wheels one by one. That’s why you should take the four wheels away from your car first.

Clean The Wheels

Clean The WheelsWell, you all know that the rims after functioning for a long time will be rusty and dirty, let alone the old paint will be worn off. Therefore, you need to make it as clean as possible. You can begin the procedure with spraying soapy water or degrease mix onto rims to make sure that they are totally dirt-free. Afterward, dry rims and clean all residue by rags.

Wipe Rust off the Rims

Rust remaining on your car’s wheels is stumbling blocks to your process. Therefore, you must dismiss all of them from the rims by using a wire brush and elbow grease. In case, the surface of rims is still uneven, just use sandpaper or steel wool and rub them and clean with water afterward. Do it over again to make sure the entire rim gets clean totally.

Cover the Tire to Avoid Overspray

Cover the tire to avoid oversprayAfter finishing the cleaning process, you move to the stage of covering your tire with plastic, painter’s tape or cards. Why? Because it is necessary to protect rims from overspray. Just imagine how ugly your tire will look after you finish painting, so covering the entire tire before priming should be done.


PrimeCovering rims with a primer before you paint it will make your paint stay with your car’s wheel longer. In other words, primer functions as the adhesion to maintain the paint. Therefore, you should put on 2 or 3 primers on the rim. Remember to wait for the first coat to dry before spraying the next one.


When the primer is totally dry, now you can paint start to paint already. You’d better spraying back and forth many times to make sure the space is fully covered.

Spray the Topcoat

When you finish painting, you should get rims covered with one or two coats to make the paint long-lasting.


Take the Plastic Off and Install the Wheel

In case you do not need to use your car immediately, just leave the rims overnight so that they are totally dry. Then you remove the plastic that you use to prevent the rim from overspray and attach it to the car.

Now, put away your stuff and watch your car’s impressive wheels. Drive your car to everywhere you want and let people contemplate those gorgeous rims.

What Kinds Of Paint Do You Use On Rims?

There are nine basic colors in spray paint, which are blue, gray, green, orange, pink, purple, red, yellow, black and white. Each of them has a wide range of shade and will bring you different feelings.

1. PlastiKote 626 Charcoal Gray Paint

PlastiKote 626 Charcoal Gray PaintWe all know that cars’ wheels are an unprotected part that exposes to air frequently and even water when it rains. Therefore, they are likely to get old and rusty quickly.

That’s why we want to recommend Plastikote 626 Charcoal Gray Paint to you. It is created to help rims fight against extreme weather and corrosion. Plus, gray is the color that is easy to match with others, so whatever color your car is, gray will be a perfect match and make rims look brighter.

2. Rust-Oleum 248927 High-Performance Paint

Rust-Oleum 248927 High-Performance PaintRust-Oleum 248927 high-performance paint best suits every kind of rims. It offers you some colors such as clear, matte black, and graphite that all make your car wheels look great!

In addition, once painting rims with this excellent paint, your car wheels will be rust and corrosion-resistant, which enables them to have a longer lifespan. Moreover, this paint seems to be unaffected by high temperature, so you can rest assured when parking it outside when it’s hot.

3. Dupli-color Shd1000 Shadow Chrome Paint

Dupli-color Shd1000 Shadow Chrome PaintWho wants to leave rims with metallic bright? Dupli- color SHD 1000 shadow chrome paint will give you a simple remedy. You can make your car wheels black, gold, bronze and so on with this paint. The most interesting thing about this kind of paint is that it is highly durable, which makes it favored by users.

Besides, it protects your rim from troubles caused by heat, dust, and rust; thereby helping to expand the rims’ lifespan. Thus, instead of using other poor-quality rims paint and carry out the painting process over again, why don’t you give this paint a try and experience its awesome features.

What Do You Need To Prepare Before Painting Rims?

Prepare Before Painting RimsIn the stage of preparation before carrying out the painting process, you should assemble some necessary tools at first and then choose a convenient place to paint your car’s wheels.

Well, what are stuff that is indispensable to the painting process? Of course, you need to make rims clean before painting because it will make your car’s wheels fully covered by paint. Thus, just gather them all in one place so that you can get what you want immediately!

By doing so, you will save your time and make the procedure painting smooth and easy. Here are some necessary materials:

  • Wheel cleaner
  • Rags
  • Grits/ sandpaper
  • Wire brush
  • Steel wool
  • Rubbing alcohol/ paint thinner
  • Painter tape
  • Plastic for covering the tire
  • Favorite paint and clear coat

After gathering enough stuff, you think what next? Yes, that’s right! The place for painting your car wheels. We suggest it should be wide enough, bright, clean and well-ventilated.

Furthermore, you also need to ensure that the space is protected from pain or spray as much as possible! How about painting rims on a windy or breezy day? You have no choice with outside space, so get back to your garage or workshop and remember to keep the door open!

Best Spray Paint for Rims

How Much Does It Cost To Paint Rims?

How Much Does It Cost To Paint RimsBecause you yourself paint your car wheels, so the process does not cost you much. The expense for paints and other stuff is about $30, it’s worth doing, right?

That’s why you should note these tips on how to paint rims so that you can save money and your time as well.


This step-by-step instruction is highly-useful for you to protect your car wheels and make your car look gorgeous and unique! The tips above will not only help you avoid the great fortune spent on car service but also get have you have more time for yourself.

So, why don’t you follow these guidelines on how to paint rims to make your car striking as soon as possible! I am quite sure you will love your car more!