Painting is an important phase when you want to make a DIY project. This makes your things have a more sophisticated and eye-pleasing look. There are typically two methods of having painting work done. Some can use the traditional way that requires them to repeatedly move a roller or paint brush. The thing is, we do not suggest this practice because it is quite time-wasting and not effective. It takes you ages to finish a small area and the painted surface is usually uneven.

How to solve this? The solution for this is the second method which uses a paint sprayer. Why? This tool is highly evaluated because it helps you to complete any painting work much more quickly and more effectively.

An Ultimate Guide on How to Rent A Suitable Paint Sprayer

Reasons why you should rent a paint sprayer

When in need a paint sprayer for your project, you will probably think about buying from a hardware store.

However, another alternative is just renting a paint sprayer for a while until you finish your work. Here are some advantages to this option.

Lower cost

Buying a paint sprayer usually costs you from one thousand dollars to two and a half thousand dollars.Some may have even higher prices if they have special features. Moreover, the paint sprayers whose price is about $1,000 usually has just the moderate performance.

How about renting?

The amount of money you have to spend on renting is usually less than 100 bucks. Thus, if you can’t afford to buy a paint sprayer, you should consider renting it instead.

Unless you need the sprayer on a frequent basis, this option is perfect for you.

Pressure to finish your project quickly

A failure to meet the return date can cost you an extra fee; therefore, it’s required that you should be aware of the limited time if you rent a paint sprayer.It sounds a bit stressful, huh?

Nevertheless, from another perspective, this can help you to finish your project more quickly.

As long as you thoroughly plan what to do and manage your working time effectively, everything will be okay.

A little pressure could be helpful sometimes, right?

Opportunity to try various models

You may carefully make research on a lot of paint sprayer available on the market before making your purchase. However, there are still some possibilities that you make the wrong choice.After a short time, the product you bought will turn out not to be as good as expected.

What would you do?

You can make use the warranty policy of manufacturers or even request for a replacement product. But it takes time and can make you frustrated.

What can you do after all?

The solution is trying different paint sprayers and choose the model you are satisfied with the most. If you rent a product and realize that it doesn’t work well, you just need to avoid it when making the purchase.

Less maintenance work

Purchasing a new paint sprayer requires you to do maintenance work frequently to ensure its durability and effective performance.If you rent one, instead, you will just need to do some cleaning work before bringing it back to the rental service.

But keep in mind:

You need to mind your steps while handling the rental paint sprayer so that nothing wrong happens to it. Don’t worry because it still takes less effort than spending hours on your own purchase.

Types of paint sprayer

Now, let’s take a look at how many types of paint sprayers on the market and what you need to know about each of them.

#1High-pressure Sprayers

This is considered the most old-school type of paint sprayers available in many workshops. That’s why sometimes we call it conventional sprayers.These sprayers use a gas which is under an extremely high pressure to let out a mist of paint. Although it’s simple to use, this mechanism is the main reason why their operation causes much noise.

Also, this type of paint sprayers is not really efficient. In fact, not all of the paint in the container reaches the aimed surface because a high-pressure airflow can make a large amount of paint released out into the air.

#2HVLP Sprayers (High Volume Low-Pressure Sprayers)

This type of paint sprayers can help you to control the paint spray better and more easily.How does it assist your project?

This is an ideal choice to do painting work for complex projects or uneven surfaces because it can give you a high level of precision.

In addition, you can spray a larger amount of paint from the container while using these sprayers. You can add a lot of paint onto any surfaces you’d like to.

#3Airless Sprayers

Thanks to a built-in motor, airless paint sprayers can operate with a powerful performance. They create the paint mist and leave a thick layer of paint on the surface.Thus, it’s not necessary to apply multiple paint layers anymore. Also, the fast operation can help you to save time while finishing the work.

However, this type has a drawback. You cannot adjust the paint mist without changing more appropriate sprayer tips.

These paint sprayers are perfect when you need to finish a project as soon as possible.

Criteria to consider when renting a paint sprayer

Criteria to consider when renting a paint sprayer

There is no product that can fit all sizes. Your need and preferences largely vary from one to another. However, there are some indispensable criteria to identify a good paint sprayer.


This is the first thing you should take into consideration when examining the manufacturer’s catalogs or reading the reviews. Pressure indicates how powerful the sprayer is.In general, the higher the pressure is, the more the paint is released out of the container. A paint sprayer with high pressure is suitable for the projects that you need to get it completed quickly.

So is a high-pressure always good?

Well, not really. For example, you will need a sprayer with a steady mist to ensure an even paint surface. In that case, a low-pressure sprayer should be chosen.


The volume of a paint sprayer is typically indicated by the GPM (Gallons per minute). This measurement tells us how much paint you can get out of a container every minute.In general, a paint hair sprayer with high GPM will help you to get the job done in a shorter time thanks to more paint released.

#3Spraying Tips

This is another important indicator of any paint sprayers. Basically, spraying tips are the combination of the sprayer types and the paint you fill in the container.You may ask:

“How can I read this indicator on the catalogs and the package?”

It’s easy. You just have to focus on the last two digits because that’s the measurement of the tip opening.


The mobility of a paint sprayer is determined mostly by its scale measurements as well as the handy built-in components to make it more portable such as wheels and spray guns.Some models can have about 20 pounds in weight because of the engine inside it but some others can only weigh less than 5 pounds.

But don’t forget:

A powerful device costs a heavyweight package and a lightweight one can only meet your basic painting need.

Choosing the right rental service is no problem!

There are a lot of rental stores and hardware stores supplying renting serves. You need to be a little wise to choose the right one.


You can carefully examine the website and social media channels to find if a rental service is reputable and highly-rated. The patrons’ comments can be an important source to find out a service.

#2Supportive policies

In general, rental services have the policies that assist their customers as much as possible. However, if you find a service with a super beneficial, just go for it.

#3Renting fee

This criterion doesn’t mean that the less the fee is, the better you make your choice. In fact, you should consider the fee as well as the quality of the sprayers a service offers.

Last but not least,

Renting paint sprayers is not a hard task at all, especially with various rental services out there. I hope with what I shared today, you will be more confident when using the rental paint sprayers.

There’s one more thing:

You should carefully choose a rental service, too. The service you go with need to have the reputation and supportive policies. Besides, the renting fee and the consulting work is important for your satisfaction.

But if you don’t prefer renting?

In that case, just don’t. I mean you can consider buying a new one for your own if that is what really fits your need.

Renting is a great choice only if you don’t have to use the paint sprayer on a not too frequent basis. If the opposite is true to you, you should purchase on because this is a valuable investment.

If you find this guide helpful, give me a like and share this. You can also let me know what you think about renting paint sprayers or anything about DIY works on the comment below. I will try to respond to it as soon as possible.