If you have a new deck or are refinishing your deck, keeping it coated will not only help protect it from harsh conditions but also give your home a new and better appearance. This article is going to show you how to spray stain a deck in the easiest way.

Check the weather first

This is an important step but many people underestimate it. Do not start the project on cloudy or rainy days because the weather can affect the time the stain takes to dry and the color of the deck.

You should also avoid spraying on windy days because this could cause the stain to float on the surface of the wood and any overspray can travel between open spaces, so it wasn’t able to sink fully into the wood.

It would be perfect if you do this work when the weather is clear, with high temperatures and lower humidity.
7 simple steps on how to spray stain a deck

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Just like any DIY project, the first thing you need to do is all about the prep work.

How to spray stain a deck?

Step 1: Choose a deck stain color

When it comes to choosing the suitable deck stain color, you’ve got several choices.

Choose a deck stain color

For dark color, these solids and semi-solids nearly obscure wood grain but allow deep, vibrant colors. These are also the toughest and the most durable finishes.

For light color, it will let more of the wood’s natural textures show through. These finishes are designed to enhance wood’s natural color.

Semi-Transparent finishes are lightly pigmented and let the grain show through though it changes the tone of your wood a bit.

Step 2: Prepare the needed tools

Prepare the tools to spray stain a deck

If you want the DIY work to go smoothly and easily, you need to have proper tools. Here is a list of items you need to prepare for this project:

  • Paint Sprayer
  • Stain – the amount depends on how large your deck is
  • Empty buckets for priming sprayer and cleanup
  • Tarps, drop cloths, or plastic sheeting – to cover the areas that you don’t want to get stained.
  • Paintbrush – to control the drips or runs
  • Pressure washer – to water wash the deck
  • An Extension Cord – help you move around the deck easily
  • Cleaning rags – to clean after you have finished

Step 3: Wear protective equipment and turn off nearby electric appliances

Wear protective equipment

Wear protective gear such as gloves, safety goggles, hood, footwear, dust masks and respirators.

If there are any electric appliances nearby, turn them off.

Step 4: Prepare the deck

Remove Furniture and Fixtures

Prepare the deck

To get started you need to take furniture such as chairs, BBQs, tables, decorations, lighting, anything that you’ve put on your deck away. You should also remove anything that’s touching the wood part of the deck. And remove the downspouts attached to the posts if you have a covered deck.

Make sure that you have repaired the wood, fixed cracks or broken pieces before staining.

Sweep the Deck

Sweep any debris, dirt, and other tiny objects from the deck. Then get the leaves and dirt wedged between the boards and against the house with a vacuum cleaner. Once this is done, you’re ready for the next step, the pressure washing part!

Power Wash the Deck

The tool that you need for this step is a pressure washer. It can get rid of all build-up gunk, mold, mildew, gross, and any old finish that might be flaking off from your deck.

Remember not to turn up the pressure too high or it will damage the wood. Pressure washers have different tips and normally the black tip is the low-pressure tip. Put on that tip wet down the whole deck, including the railings and posts.

Once you’ve pressure washed your deck, you need to wait for your deck to dry completely before moving onto the next step. This will take a few hours to a few days, depending on the weather.

Step 5: Staining the railings

It’s important that you should stain the railings first, then with the deck boards, and finally finish your work with the stairs. By following those orders, you will ensure you don’t step in any wet stain. If you do not have any railings, move on to the next step.

Staining the railings

To avoid overspray, cover outside surrounding areas such as concrete, grass, and shrubs with large poly tarps. And place tarp below the deck if you have a raised deck. Hang a canvas tarp on one side, one on the opposite side, and another along the railings.

Use the sprayer to apply the stain to one side of the railing, lifting one end of the canvas tarp. The opposite side of the canvas will help catch the overspray. Repeat this process on the opposite side.

Slide the canvas down the railing and adjust the tarp if needed. Remember to smooth any drips on the completed railing section using a paintbrush and check the area for missed spots or runs

Keep doing that repeatedly around the railings until you finish.

Step 6: Stain the deck boards

After staining the railings, move onto the deck boards. Slowly stain the edge of the floor that is connected to the house using a staggered line. Use a stain brush for this process. Be careful to not spray on the house!

Stain the deck boards

Gradually spray stain the rest of the floor with the sprayer. Pay attention to only apply as much as the wood can take. This is because overapplying will lead to premature stain failure.

After that, move on to the stairs and repeat the above steps.

Important note: Remember to keep the spray gun moving anytime you’re pulling the trigger to avoid possible drips and keep a brush on hand to quickly blend in any drips or runs.

Step 7: Finish and enjoy the work

How To Spray Stain A Deck With A Spray Gun

Remove coverings such as rags and tarps from windows, bushes, plants, wall surfaces, and shrubs. Next, soak any oily rags and tarps in water and let them dry. Do not leave them inside garages, trash cans, or homes as they can catch fire easily.

Clean the paint sprayer in accordance with the instructions in the manual.

Make sure to let the stain or deck coating dry completely before moving furniture and other items back to your newly stained deck. Your deck will quickly turn into a beautiful outdoor space where it is perfect for entertaining friends or just relaxing with family.

Last words,

And that’s the best way to spray stain a deck! It seems like there is tons of work to do right? But, don’t worry, if you know how to do it properly, it won’t be intimidating or time-consuming. Absolutely!