How to strip paint from wood?

After a long time of use, wooden furniture in the family has shown signs of degradation and is no longer as beautiful as before.

In this case, homeowners often want to remove strip paint from wood. However, not everyone knows how to remove paint from wood without discoloring the wood or affecting the quality of the wood.

That problem can be easily solved if you apply but the methods we introduce below.

What Is The Best Paint Stripping Product For Wood?

You can use either natural or chemical products to strip paint from wood. Here are some of the most effective products:


VinegarUsing vinegar is one of the most effective ways to remove paint stains on wood. You should mix vinegar with water in a ratio of ¼ vinegar and ¾ water.

Then, dab this solution on the wood. Next, you use a soft cloth moistened with fresh tea or thick green tea to clean the furniture several times and you are done. But, this method is effective for small paint stains only.

Hot water

Using hot water is the easiest and cheapest way to remove paint from wood.

However, you have to be careful. With products such as industrial wooden, the wet surface can cause the wood to soak and expand. Only apply this method with small paint adhesion on the surface.

Cooking oil

Using cooking oil is an extremely simple but effective way to remove paint. How to do it? You only need to add a few drops of cooking oil into white beeswax, then boil the mixture until the wax melts into the oil.

Then, use this mixture to rub hard on the paint stain and it will quickly blow away the paint stains, returning the original smooth wood surface.

Citri-Strip Paint Stripper Gel

Citri-Strip Paint Stripper GelThis is a really strong chemical product to remove paint from wood so you must wear butyl elastic gloves for protection. Using it is so straightforward. You just need to apply it on the surface you want to strip, let it sit for a few hours and after that wipe it off.

This product is so strong that you can strip multiple layers of paint in just one step. But, make sure to do it outside or you must let the wind flow through your room while using it.

Sunnyside Ready-Strip Paint & Varnish Remover

Varnish RemoverThis is a perfectly safe stript paint product. Although Sunnyside Ready-Strip Paint & Varnish Remover is free from numerous destructive chemicals such as methylene chloride and NMP, it can expel up to seven layers of paints.

In addition, it doesn’t have a terrible chemical odor like other paint removers. After 60 minutes, you can see the paint strips off without any damages to the wood surface.

Super Remover: Paint-Stripper

Super RemoverThis paint stripper from Super Remover is a flexible and fast-acting paint remover item. It can be utilized to evacuate an assortment of paint such as latex and oil paints, varnishes, finishes, polyurethanes

In spite of its wide use, it’s free from harmful chemicals like methylene chloride and NMP. One of the most appealing characteristics of this paint stripper is that it can strip 5 layers of paint in just 15 minutes.

How To Strip Paint From Wood?

One of the foremost strategies to evacuate paint from wood includes using paint stripper and a few tools. We chose to utilize paint stripper. Follow these steps to strip paint from wood:

Step 1: Make sure the furniture is clean

Make sure the furniture is cleanIf it is wet, use a hairdryer to dry it out; you can even use a hot air gun at a safe distance from the surface to prevent scorching or unfortunate fire. Always wear protective gloves to avoid blistering or splinting, and wear face masks and other necessary protective equipment.

You should use a broom and clean wooden surfaces that need strip paint. This step requires us to work hard to be able to remove the dirt, grime, and other things that are clinging to furniture.

Step 2: Apply paint remover to remove the old paint

Apply paint removerAfter cleaning the surface, you can start putting paint remover on. But, make sure to wear gloves, safety glasses, face masks, and protective clothing before using any chemical remover.

Next, the paint stripper must be applied thoroughly. If you use an environmentally-friendly stripper that is not strong enough and you have multiple layers of paint to strip, you can wrap the whole surface in plastic wrap.

Allow the paint remover to sit about 10-30 minutes for the chemicals to bubble so that the stripper can begin peeling back the paint. Make sure you do not leave the paint remover on the surface too long.

Why? Well, dry stripper can solidify back into the surface and end up becoming harder to evacuate.

Step 3: Remove the paint with a knife

Remove the paint with a knifeTo remove the paint, you can use normal construction tools such as a knife or pressure washer. However, you must bear in mind that paint remover is a strong chemical sustain so pay attention not to touch it directly.

After that, you can clean the surface with normal water or special cleaning chemical. Lastly, we think you should give the wood surface a light sanding to smooth it out.

After completing 3 steps, your wood surface will completely clean and ready to be painted a new color.


Above are some notes about how to strip paint from wood. With the simple way as above, you can quickly remove the paint on the surface of furniture.

Last but not least, thanks for reading this article. We hope that after reading this, you can remove paint from the wood surface easily.

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