No one is new to painting anymore. Paint is an indispensable tool to make everything around us become more colorful and durable. Everything ranging from small things like clothes, housewares to even a bigger house or wall can all become more beautiful when coating with a layer of paint outside.

However, during the process of construction or spraying, the surrounding objects may unintentionally get stained. Paint cannot be completely removed with normal water. How to strip paint? Refer to the ways below to be able to remove ugly paint stains!

How to Strip Paint From The Floor

Normally, after finishing painting a new house or repainting your old house, there is presumably much paint that falls on the floor. If not quickly cleaned, it will stick for a long time, causing loss of aesthetics for the floor.

Therefore, after painting the wall, you need to remove any paint stains that fall on the floor as soon as possible.

1. Use alcohol

Use alcoholAll you need to say goodbye to the stains on the wooden floor is a little wine, a clean towel, and patience. With a wooden floor, take extra care to avoid damaging the floor.

2. Use vinegar

Use vinegarFor long-lasting paint stains, you need the help of vinegar. First, make a mixture of 1/4 vinegar and 3/4 water. Then, use a clean towel to dip into the solution and apply it to the surface with paint. Do not pour vinegar directly on the floor surface, especially wooden floors because it can cause the floor to be worn out.

3. Use gasoline

Use gasolineThe most common way to remove paint from the floor is to use gasoline. The paint will melt in the petrol solvent, so you will easily remove paint stains with gasoline.

You just need to prepare a dry towel and pour gasoline on the towel, then use it to wipe the paint off. However, because gasoline smells, you need soap or deodorant to dispel the uninviting smell.

4. Use sandpaper

Another way you can apply is using sandpaper. This is considered to be the most manual and simplest method because you only need to rub hard sandpaper on the paint stains.

However, sandpaper should only be used with plain and flat tile floors. You need to do a gentle scrub to avoid peeling off the paint of the wooden surface. Then, clean it again with a rag to preserve the wooden floor.

The Best Method to Strip Paint From The Clothes

The Best Method to Strip Paint From The ClothesDuring the repair process, paint can also stain your clothes. To remove paint from the fabric and clothes. If only detergent is used, it is very difficult to clean the paint. Using one of the following methods should be able to help you resolve this issue

Oil paint is an organic solvent-based paint. To dissolve it we have to use solvents, you can choose one of the following solvents:

  • Use topical oil on areas where the paint is stained
  • Dip the paint spot in 10-20% ammonia water or in borax solution to dissolve the paint
  • Use 95% alcohol to absorb into cotton, then absorb it on paint cloth

Dip a piece of clothes with paint on it and rub it. We have to do it all the time until the oil paint dissolves. Then rub the oil stain until we wash it with detergent.

Stripping Paint From Your Car

Perhaps you will be very upset when a lot of people act negatively, they spray paint on your car to protest parking in the wrong place or simply sabotage. But rest assured because you can handle this problem yourself if you can not bring the car to the garage.

Use nail polish remover

Use nail polish removerSnail polish remover contains the acetone-a chemical which can easily remove paints. However, this chemical has the potential to damage a car’s exterior paint. Therefore, you should only use a small amount to remove the most stubborn paint stains.

Now what you need is wearing gloves to protect the skin. To prevent the paint from being scratched, you should buy some specialized cleaning cloths for cars with a smooth surface, the next job is to pour nail polish remover into the towel and wipe it on the affected areas.

Use cleaner clay 3M

Use cleaner clay 3MOne of the most convenient ways to clean the paint on your car these days is to use cleaner clay 3M. Use a towel to wipe the surface of the car, then rub the clay on the surface of the paint until the surface is glossy, then wipe dry and polish it again if needed.

Tips For You

If you do not know what kind of paint it is, consult the instructions on the paintbox on how to wash the paint after painting. It will show you what kind of paint is and you can find the best way to deal with it.

In Conclusion

Above are some tips on how to strip unexpected paint from on different surfaces. With the above simple and effective ways to remove paint, you not only do it easily but also economically save your budget.

You do not need to look for strong harmful chemicals to remove paint to ensure safety for your health.

Thank you for reading!