Part 1

Third step: Set Up

Not be the same as the previous model, to operate smoothly, HVLP gun needs to reset up each time using. The outside condition like humidity, temperature, weather can affect the way to set up the gun that day. Learning how to set it up to help you implement wholly by yourself.

The testing at first to check whether the recent condition of the gun is suitable or not is necessary. You need a small piece of masking paper for spray test before setting up.

Setting The Pressure

The first step is to set the pressure at the gun inlet by using air regulator through the gauge which attaches to the gun. Set at about 50psi to pull the trigger. When setting reaches 50psi, maximum psi may be in the gun, but it exists under low side instead of high, so it is still safe. The most popular range of air regulator is from 40 psi to 60 psi. Next, close the air volume control knob that near the entrance air hose. After that, open the trigger pulled to the point that air volume remains stable. The easiest way to realize that point is to listen to it.

Setting Air Pressure and Volume

When finishing prepare the gun, setting air pressure and volume is the next step. For example, you are going to spray a fan about 6 inches tall. First, you must find out the fan control knob; it is the top one or on the side. Open it all the way and then turn it down slightly. To paint a 6’’ fan, you had better use a 6’’ gun from the surface. Next, material knob, the second one down, will be screwed until it seats, and then unscrewed about 2 1/2 turns.


Hold the gun at exactly 6 inches, pull the trigger for only a second and close it. A cigar shaped pattern is what you get now on the masking paper. Adjust the position of the fan until it reaches 6’’ tall and 6’’ far from the paper. Until now, you can allow no adjustment on fan control. In case that is changing the control, you need to change the psi at the cap too, so remember to carry out all the preparation once again.

Next, let’s keep the gun far from the paper at about 8 or 9 inches, it is the suitable distance to spray. Assure to keep the gun not too far or too near the paper to avoiding losing pattern. Now test it for the second time. The cigar-shaped pattern appears again but in different size and color. The pattern now has the full coverage in center and fading in outer parts. The outside is fade because you use to ‘tune’ the gun.

Tips Of Setting

Here below are some example of cigar shaped pattern with according quality to help you know the setting is good or not.

Not always having the good results, some problems remain such as too much airflow, not enough air flow, not enough material or too much material.

In case the material is abundant at both end, but lack in the middle, your gun may contain too much air flow. And when material only situates in the middle, just a little airflow is in the gun.

The excellent position of the gun may lead to a fully covered center. If you keep too far, the center is fade or not include. On the contrast, if you stay so carefully, there will be a flow of abundant paint from the center. For this problem, you change the position of the trigger to fix it.

However, if too much material is applied, you ought to screw the material knob slightly or turn down the air pressure on the regular a little bit.

A perfect jog with none droplets and losing full coverage is what we aim to. To get this result, you should turn the material control knob in a little at a time or be raising the air pressure.

All noted here are some tips that allow you know more about the character and also the usage of HVLP spray gun. Hope that with that information, you can set up HVLP by yourself and complete a perfect painting job.