SPRAY GUNS are now so widespread that replace traditional way of painting. With a gun, you can finish all painting jobs EFFICIENTLY in short time. A spray gun is indeed an IDEAL TOOL for a picture. One of the most popular ones is HVLP spray gun. However, some people still do not know what HVLP means and how to set up this gun. Some helpful information about HVLP is all below.

HVLP gun

HVLP spray gunHVLP stands for High Volume Low Pressure that are outstanding characters of this gun. HVLP gun is a new type of better spraying method, using the high volume of air rather than high pressure to spray paint, so it need lower power to run.

However, there is a confusing disagreement about that gun. With the input about 50 psi, only ten psi can spray out through the cap. Besides, a large number of low-pressure air also come out. Low pressure but can spray high volume out, how does it work?

Different from an older model, HVLP with lower pressure allows far more paint instead of air on the car. More paint in the car, so that more paint can spray through cap each time. High volume and Low pressure is the ideal way to save time as well as money. Though, to get the best result and highest productivities, HVLP gun requires precise and correct setup.

Because of the high requirements to set up, the detail instructions will help to start step-by-step as follow.

First step: air supply

As its name, HVLP gun needs the high volume of air input. Each model requires a different amount of air input that printed on the spray gun. That number shows us the minimum amount needs to operate. Moreover, besides that minimum amount required, the capacity of compressor also must be concerned. The compressor of an HVLP gun has to maintain enough space to keep needed air constantly because of being unable to build up the pressure. Should set the compressor about 90psi to run in a good mood.

After setting the compressor, you will have to set the road for air pressure coming into the gun. Small regulators with gauges, which is attached to the base of the gun, is supplied for that purpose.

Air dryer also needs to set up. To get the highest productivity work, ensure that your airlines are free of water or oil. In case only a little water remaining in airlines, all your work is worse and may be ruined. Little disposable put on the end of the gun is really smart method to keep airlines dry during spraying.

Second step: Suitable tip

After earliest preparation, choosing advice is one of the most important parts when setting up the gun. Each work, object or material matches with a specific type and size of the tip. With an HVLP gun, Fluid Tip is recommended, and a few probably supplied together with tip.

For small work such as a single panel of the small part, a tip at about 1.0 with good rule of thumb is an excellent choice. Larger size at about 1.3 to 1.4 is most suitable for whole medium objects like a car. Both size 1.0 or 1.3 to 1.4 can apply for sealers and epoxy or etching primer. Build primers require a bigger size. A tip at 1.8 to 2.3 will be suitable; the exact size depends on the thickness of painting objects.

However each work matches different tip, to range the most suitable one, you need to read the tech sheets carefully or asking additional suggestion from the seller. All necessary information of the gun will state here.

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