Kilz Deck Paint has long been an omnipresent icon of quality porch and patio floor paint. Still, the ever-evolving expansion in the paint industry has brought about so many market-entry products. The concern then swirls around if Kilz is still good enough to be in the competition.

We all know how challenging it is to pick the best deck paint for our family nest. The decision-making process involves time, effort, sometimes a marriage counselor?! This is why our Kilz Deck Paint Review will accommodate all aspects of the product, helping you finalize whether or not you should settle down with it.

Kilz Deck Paint Review

About The Manufacturer

About The ManufacturerKilz was introduced as a flagship primer of Masterchem Industries LLC 20 years after the company was founded. Masterchem Industries LLC officially came into the business in 1954 by its founder – Melvin Caldwell.

Started off as just a primer, Kilz has now become a brand of the entire paint product line, offering a wide variety of not only primers but also interior and exterior paints for all household surfaces.

In our review, we will specifically focus our insights on the Kilz Porch and Patio Floor Paint. And below are of all Kilz Deck Paint’s features.

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Product Details

  • Type: Deck – Porch and Patio Floor Paint, 100% acrylic latex
  • Brand: Kilz
  • Interior/ Exterior: Both (Preferred Exterior)
  • Volume: 1 gallon
  • Color: Silver Gray, Slate Gray
  • Drying Time: 24 hours
  • Ideal Temp for Drying: 50 – 90 Fahrenheit degrees
  • Shelf Life: 2 years (under normal conditions)
  • Viscosity Range: 90 – 100 (KU)
  • VOC: 50g/L
  • Weight: 11.37 (lb)
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty
  • Coverage Range: 200 – 400 (sq. ft.) depending on the substrate nature and application method

Color And Finish

Color And FinishWhen it comes to the aestheticism of the deck, color and finish are always the two most significant features to consider.

Kilz deck paint comes with four different colors – Silver Gray, Slate Gray, Deep, and Ultra Pure White. The two most favored are Silver and Slate Gray, which match almost all house decks and need less recoating than the other two.

Kilz Porch and Patio Floor Paint also offer a satin/ low-luster finish – somewhere between shiny and matt, making it ideal for exterior projects. And as most decks are wood or concrete, such finish with a moderate sheen as low-luster enamel is preferred for its easy cleanup and longevity.

Hiding Power

Simply speaking, it is the ability to conceal the surface, rooting from the paint’s pigment; Kilz deck paint tackles well with peeling, tannin bleed, and chalkiness.

For an even surface, two layers of Kilz deck paint is recommended. There are good chances that you will find yourself buying more than one can of Kilz to ensure posterity.


CoverageOne gallon of Kilz can cover up to 400 square feet on smooth surfaces. However, for a surface that needs more touch up, it offers half of its maximum coverage area.

And as it is a water-based paint, Kilz deck paint is known for being microporous. What does it exactly translate to? Well, it means that the coverage has tiny, tiny narrow pores that allow the wood to breathe, thus extending the wood life.

Color Protection

Kilz deck paint has the ability to retain its original color and finish during exposure. The beauty of such acrylic paint as Kilz Porch and Patio Floor is that it can protect the surface from harsh UV rays. It stands up to the elements to preserve the appearance of the deck.

Being one of the leaders in the industry, Kilz knows what really matters in painting. So besides giving you a versatile paint, it also ensures the durability of it.

Surface Texture Protection

Surface Texture ProtectionWhat is worse than seeing your house deck keep on chipping out, forming chalky powder, getting cracks under the scorching sun, being blanketed with molds and fungus, or having blisters after a heavy rain? Nothing, it’s just the worst nightmare.

Among all house parts that need painting, deck is most likely to suffer from the punishments of the outer environment and heavy traffic. Guard decks from the potential ruins, Kilz’s resistance features boast all the way from weather, chalking, blister, crack, and fungal. Yes, we mean all parts of the nightmare just mentioned above.

Ease of Application

Roller, brush, and airless paint sprayer are all good to go with Kilz deck paint. The paint is not too thick; it is versatile enough for priming trims, trellises, and sidings.

This Kilz is a go-to introduction to deck painting for newbie painters and DIY enthusiasts. You won’t really need a professional-grade paint applicator to start your job with it.

Drying Time

The paint starts to dry just after one hour; however, you will normally need to recoat, it’s advisable to do it after another 4-6 hours. After your paint job is accomplished, it will need another 24 hours with no heavy traffic.

These numbers, when put side by side with other paints, prove that Kilz is speedy at drying. The reason behind its quick drying time is the combined formula of Latex and Enamel; it can self prime to reduce the wait while still having a decent amount of gloss finish.


CleanupSometimes you will need to give your deck a wipe down, but there’s no need to treat it like a fragile because Kilz deck paint is highly washable.

Kilz brings to the market a paint formula that allows for self-cleaning. Dirt and stains can be easily washed off; you can also clean the deck without any guilty feeling of damaging its finished look.

Coating Maintenance

As Kilz offers superior resistance and self-priming features, the paint won’t need frequent maintenance. However, it won’t hold up well with such heavy-duty cleaning tools as pressure washer, metal shovel, or snowblower. A cleaner, garden hose, or brush is more suitable for the cleaning works.

Eco-friendly Feature

Eco-friendly FeatureAnother worth-rewarding feature of this 100% acrylic paint is that it does not give off much odor. As compared with oil-based paints, it has a lower level of VOC (volatile organic compounds), making it more eco-friendly.

While sticking to the surface permanently, Kilz deck paint can be easily washed off if stuck on your skin. You won’t need any special treatment but water to clean it off your hand or body after painting.

Pros And Cons


  • 100% Acrylic: Kilz deck paint is highly resistant to weather and wear. It helps preserve the color and texture for a longer time.
  • Latex Enamel Formula: It is easy to apply and dries pretty quickly.
  • Versatility: It applies even coating for all exterior projects, especially on wood and concrete decks.
  • Elasticity: It reduces surface harms resulting from material expansion and extension.
  • Eco-friendliness: It contains low VOC and emits no harmful odors.


  • Low viscosity: You will need two layers of coating most of the time.
  • Not waterproof: Even though it is weather-resistant, Kilz is not 100% waterproof.

Should You Use Kilz Deck Paint?

Should You Use Kilz Deck PaintAppears as one of the most cost-efficient deck paints on the market, Kilz Porch and Patio is the choice for those who are budget-conscious and looking for a versatile product.

So if you find yourself more inclined to have a basic and reliable material for your deck paint, then the answer is yes, you should go for it.

When To Use Kilz Deck Paint?

When To Use Kilz Deck PaintKilz deck paint should be used when painting or resurfacing wood, concrete, metal, or masonry projects. Important note: Don’t use it for areas with high vehicular traffic.

This deck paint is a good choice when it comes to upgrading and protecting your exterior investments. These things include porches, patios, trims, decks, floors, basements, sidings, trellises, and even furniture.

Before painting or resurfacing your projects, it’s vital to seriously notice the weather. The best time for your paint job should be on sunny and dry days. As Kilz deck paint is not waterproof, heavy rains will wash away the newly coated paint, and humidity will slow down the drying process, making it much harder to have a uniform finish.

Deck Paint Or Deck Stain – Which One Is Better?

Deck Paint Or Deck StainThere has been confusion about deck paint and deck stain. That’s why some people are undecided on whether to go with either of them. Are they the same? If not, which one is better?

Deck paint is thicker, more durable, and normally more costly than deck stain. It also needs more effort to apply than the counterpart.

Deck paint is like an opaque film coating the surface to hide the imperfections and protect the area. It is thus cut out for larger surfaces that need comprehensive coating.

Deck stain, on the other hand, is more suitable for touch-up and spot repairing. It’s also better at showing off the surface texture.

As they are designed for different purposes, we should not judge whether there is one better than another. Depending on individual expectations for coverage, protection, and transparency, people end up choosing differently.

How To Paint Deck With Kilz Enamel Porch & Patio Latex

How To Paint DeckIt would be an absolute blunder if we just jump right in painting without any prep work. To take the best use out of Kilz deck paint, here are three steps you need to walk through.

Prepare the surface

Just as important as painting, preparing the surface allows for the best advantages of a deck paint. You don’t want to just paint on debris and dirt.

First off, remove the furniture, sweep the surface clean, wash the deck thoroughly with a power washer or with a scrub brush and soapy water, and let it fully dry within 1-2 days. It’s also important to inspect the deck if there is any repair work in need – nails, loose pieces, cracks, etc.

Next, protect the areas you don’t want to paint on using painter’s tapes and plastic sheeting. Cover the surroundings (grass areas, plants) if necessary.

Apply Kilz Deck Paint

Start applying the deck paint from top to bottom using brush, roller, or paint sprayer. This step is straightforward, but it needs a bit of patience for the best results.

It’s ideal to start your painting job in the evening or early morning. The deck should avoid direct sunlight for better color retention.

Let It Dry Completely

This step needs your patience to the next level. You can’t act like Gordon Ramsay yelling “chop chop” at it and expect the paint to dry faster; it does not work that way.

Remember the rule of thumb – 6 hours for recoating and 24 hours for complete dryness. As advised by Kilz, you should as well leave it for 72 hours before subjecting it for normal use.

FAQs About Kilz Enamel Porch & Patio Latex

FAQs About Kilz

Do I Need To Use Primer Before Applying This Deck Paint?

Normally, no. Kilz deck paint contains primer as well. Layering your deck with primer is then unnecessary. However, for surfaces with considerable flaws, more prep works will be involved.

What Rollers Should I Use For Deck Painting?

Foam Nap is suitable for smooth decks, and 1.2 – 14 (in) Nap is ideal for decks with bumps.

My Deck Is Weathered, Can Kilz Deck Paint Save It?

Yes. Follow the steps of deck preparing (and repairing, if necessary) before applying the paint.

How Often Do I Need To Resurface My Deck With Kilz?

Kilz deck paint can averagely hold up to 2 years. However, the frequency also depends on weather conditions and your own judgment.

Does Kilz Deck Paint Have A Strong Smell?

No. It hardly gives off any odor. However, it should not be an excuse for not wearing a face mask during your paint job.


An evenly gorgeous deck completes your home, boosting your confidence to invite your guests over. A quality paint makes your deck more durable and healthier; it is thus a worthy investment.

Wax poetic enough, so how good is Kilz deck paint? Overall, it is meant for all the basics of both protection and aesthetics for your house deck. Want a no-frills coating? Go for Kilz deck paint!