Usually exposed outdoors to harsh weather patterns like rains or unbroken sunshine, decks are prone to decay and faded in their painting surfaces, which is a truly your headache – At that time, we introduce you to the Kilz over armor textured to solve the problem completely.

Kilz brand is such a well-known paint one for decks that it can even satisfy the pickiest users! So, if you want to both decorate and protect your floors from any external damages, we recommend using this one. And now, keep scrolling our article of Kilz over armor textured and find yourself falling in love with this product at first sight!

All About The Brand – Kilz

Brand – Kilz

Before gaining a more in-depth insight into our review of Kilz over armor textured, let’s break down the details of the Kilz brand and see whether it’s a wise choice for your house!

Kilz is undoubtedly not a strange name to you if you are a frequent painter, , but do not be surprised knowing that there is a wide range of products made from Kilz like primers and sealers. Introduced on the market for such a long time, Kilz has become one of the most popular “sidekick” in painting and household care, drawing the attention and love from any user!

Don’t be surprised to find yourself overwhelmed by the variety of Kilz products and their wonders we are going to introduce to you right now!

Kilz Over Armor Textured Review

Kilz over armor textured

The product we want to recommend to you is Kilz over armor textured – a popular deck paint that you can see it on display in any shop. Here are some of the best features that set Kilz over armor textured apart from other types of deck paint, which makes the brand popular that much among both pros and amateurs.

A wide range of colors

Finding the perfect shade is a crucial step, as it has a direct impact on the look and durability of your decks. With a product from Kilz, there is no restriction in terms of colors, and you are free to choose your favorite one!

Interestingly, you can choose wooden and concrete colors that look the same as your original deck colors! Your decks will be brought back to life, in turn, beautifying your lovely house!

High quality

You can’t imagine how Kilz products can do wonders to your decks until you start using them, especially when it comes to cracks of diverse sizes or imperfections on the floors, and adverse weather patterns.

Accordingly, the Kilz over armor textured becomes a life-saver solution to treat the pain and improve the durability of the decks. With just a few applications, you may stand a golden chance of getting rid of unwanted cracks and imperfections! Not only your decks but any other areas will be coated with a fresh and beautiful look!

Smooth finish

Kilz over armor textured smooth and neat

Like other types of paints, Kilz over armor textured provides you with a neat and smooth finish. All you have to do to have a perfect coating is to remove all cramps and dust before applying this paint!

Then, Kilz Over Armor Textured gives off a lightly-textured and solid coating to conceal imperfections, bridge cracks, and more importantly, beautify the wood with a uniform look.


Thank goodness, the Kilz is a decent water-based paint, coming along with hardly smell. This feature is uniquely fitted to whoever has a sensitive nose and can’t stand the uncomfortable smell! That’s why it even fits perfectly when you work indoors or in an enclosed space.

Besides, thanks to this feature, you don’t have to worry about annoying your neighbors anymore! Sounds great, right?

Easy to use and clean up

If you don’t have a dab hand at painting such a large-scale project like the decks, then don’t worry because Kilz over armor textured will support you a lot! Applying Kilz over armor textured is easy as pie! Just remember to keep the surfaces clean before painting, and you will finish the task with flying colors!

Furthermore, using this paint means it takes less time for you to clean up after hard-working hours, which drives many of us crazy and hopeless. Working with Kilz over armor textured is sure to blow this problem away! It’s so straightforward and time-saving to clean the mess you have made. What an ultimate solution!

These above features are just some of the best ones Kilz over armor textured can bring about. Moreover, take the painting tool into account, for example, you should purchase some painters or rollers to apply the paint more quickly and easily – as long as the projects are small to medium.

There is only one thing to bear in mind: to get along with Kilz over armor textured, surface preparation is a must! In other words, you had better clean and strip all previously coated concrete and wood beforehand so that you are more likely to get a fine and smooth finish and strengthen the adhesion.


  • Water-based paint
  • High quality
  • Smooth coating
  • Easy to use and clean up
  • Resistant to cracking and peeling
  • Produces little smell


  • Needs a careful prep work
  • Difficult to spread


Kilz over armor textured is undoubtedly the best product of deck paints you can find on the market! The Kilz brand guarantees to offer you the most satisfying service ever. This product is best suited for both amateurs and professionals in painting and all scales of work. Despite the fact that this one still has some drawbacks, we guarantee that you won’t regret choosing Kilz over armor textured!

Also, a good spirit is equally necessary, as sadly, the applying step is sometimes not a light activity and it requires considerable physical efforts, yet you will never feel regretful or disappointed with the final results! Kilz over armor textured is worth your try!

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What Should You Use Kilz Over Armor Textured For

As we have mentioned above, Kilz over armor textured is a solid color used to hide any imperfection in your decks, bridge cracks, and even replace the unwanted tones. Thanks to these functions, Kilz over armor textured can bring your floors back to life with striking colors!

This product is best suited for both cracked, weathered wooden and concrete surfaces, giving them a new coating. It is especially ideal when being applied in horizontally cracked wood, or concrete surfaces such as pool decks or sideways. With this beautiful deck paint, it no longer gets on your nerves when seeing your beautiful floors transforming into weather-beaten ones!

One interesting thing is that Kilz over armor textured is available in wooden and concrete colors! Sounds great, right?

However, it’s inadvisable to apply Kilz over armor textured on drivable surfaces or anyplace apart from residential areas.

Useful Painting Tips You Should Know

After purchasing a high-end deck paints like Kilz over armor textured, you shouldn’t rush to start painting!

Instead, please take your time to takes notes of some useful tips which will definitely help you get the desired result in any painting tasks.

Paint in the dry weather

Paint in the dry weather
Weather is the very first factor to check when you are planning to use this Kilz Over Armor Textured because it will directly determine whether you succeed in painting your decks or not.

It’s highly recommended that you paint your deck in a dry, cool, and windy weather because too high temperatures outsides force the water-based paint to dry faster, while they possibly cause a hazy film to appear on the deck surface.

Good weather for painting

Make a thorough inspection and preparation

Truth be told, the biggest difference between the amateur DIYers and the professionals is the preparation process since the earlier people often underestimate this step and end up with a messy situation.

Accordingly, it is important before you carry out any painting project is to make a proper preparation by deciding the scale of your work, estimating an adequate amount of required paint, preparing all necessary tools such as painters, rollers, etc.

By doing so, we are sure that you will save a lot of time and effort, as well as get closer to a perfect painting.

Cover the area you don’t want to paint to avoid the mess

To avoid these unwanted consequences, remember to move your furniture to the safe zone or try to use plastic sheets to cover it. This can protect your furniture from both splatters and dust from the sanding step.

These are three pieces of advice we want to give you and hope they may be of great use later on.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kilz Over Armor Textured

Is this Kilz over armor textured good for a wood deck?

Thankfully, the Kilz over armor textured is weathered with cracks, which are commonly found in wood decks under harsh weather patterns, because of its quality formula.

What are the benefits of using the water-based paint like Kilz over armor textured?

Water-based paints are among the popular painting types that most painters often opt for because of several reasons. Firstly, it provides you with a long-term color retention, which saves you from times after times reapplying the paints.

Moreover, compared to other components like oil-based paints, water-based paints can dry faster than their counterparts. One more unique feature is the odor because as we mentioned above, water-based ones are uniquely suited for whoever dislikes the triggering paint smell, as they give off little or no uncomfortable smell!

For these above reasons, we highly recommend you choose Kilz over armor textured as your best friend to nail down every different scale of painting work!

Do we need to use primers before applying Kilz over armor textured?

A coat of primer is commonly used for many painting projects on old wood, new drywall, painted brick, bare metal, etc. to provide a consistent foundation before you apply the topcoats so that the final coverage seems much better. Accordingly, primer is supposed to prevent mold and discoloration from ruining the finish thanks to its stain-blocking properties.

To do so, you need to understand different primes to use them separately or together according to your painting projects.

For example, if you want to use oil-based paint for your work, use an oil-based primer, meanwhile, in the case of Kilz over armor textured, you should use latex-based primers to make the painting more impressive.

Can we apply paint over a lead-based or oil-based painting layer?

You might, but be careful not to change the previous color of your decks. In this case, you are so lucky to come across Kilz over armor textured!

Kilz over armor textured is a water-based or latex-based paint, which means you are welcomed to apply it to replace the previous lead-based or oil-based painting layer as long as the surfaces are still in good condition.

Final Thought

We are sure that you have learned the necessary knowledge about Kilz products and useful tips in order to choose your perfect deck paints after flicking through this review of Kilz over armor textured. The image of the front floors with decay and faded paint no longer haunts you anymore with the help of Kilz deck paints!

If you still have any questions or doubts about deck paints, feel free to leave your comment below and we are willing to give you a helping hand! But now, grab Kilz deck paints right away, and don’t be surprised to see how excellent the products perform! Kilz over armor textured will never let you down with its satisfying service!