If you are planning to do a cabinet makeover, choosing the right kitchen cabinet paint kit is the best way to gain the perfect result. Kitchen plays a critical role in every household. It is the place of sharings, reunions, and cozy meals.

For this reason, giving your old cabinet a new stunning look is worth your effort. But don’t worry! Our thorough review and useful tips will promise you a fun and easy paint job.

Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint Kits 2020: What’s Good & Needs Improvement?

SaleBestseller No. 1
Nuvo Oxford Blue 1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit,Navy Blue
Nuvo Oxford Blue 1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit,Navy Blue
Low VOC, low odor, water-based acrylic paint and primer in one; One-day application process that dries in a soft, satin finish
SaleBestseller No. 2
Nuvo Cabinet Makeover Kit, Earl Grey
Nuvo Cabinet Makeover Kit, Earl Grey
Low VOC, low odor, water-based acrylic paint and primer in one; One-day application process that dries in a soft, satin finish
Bestseller No. 3
Nuvo Titanium Infusion 1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit
Nuvo Titanium Infusion 1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit
Ideal for use on wood, laminate, primed or painted metal cabinets, kitchens and bathrooms.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Nuvo Black Deco 1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit
Nuvo Black Deco 1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit
Low VOC, low odor, water-based Acrylic paint and primer in one; One-day application process that dries in a soft, Satin finish
Bestseller No. 5
Nuvo Driftwood 1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit
Nuvo Driftwood 1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit
Low VOC, low odor, water-based acrylic paint and primer in one; One-day application process that dries in a soft, satin finish

1. Giani Countertop Paint Kit

Giani Countertop Paint KitEditor Rating:

Sometimes, by just transforming the cabinet’s countertop will give your kitchen a novel appearance. In that case, Giani Countertop Paint Kit is the strongest candidate for any DIYers. Giani offers consumers five options of colors to choose from: Bombay Black, Chocolate Brown, Slate, White Diamond, and Sicilian Sand what a generous brand giving the consumer a wide variety of products!

Besides, Giani Countertop Paint Kit includes all the materials for your cabinet transformation. One package will include primer, 3 mineral colors including Brown Feldspar, Inca Gold and White Limestone to create its unique granite sand shade, top coat, rollers, sponge, foam brush and a practice board.

More than enough to give your cabinet a total makeover, right?

One salient point of this Giani kit is that it has an instructional CD and a practice board for users to try painting on before starting their projects.

The Giani paint is super durable, resistant to mild cleansers and impacts from everyday uses. It has low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and low odor to make sure the consumers can get rid of all exposures to allergens and hazardous chemicals.


  • Perfect golden granite color
  • Simple three-step application
  • All tools in one package
  • Low VOC, low odor


  • Vulnerable to bleach

2. Retique It Chalk Finish Paint

Retique It Chalk Finish PaintEditor Rating:

100% safe is the most incredible feature of Renaissance. With zero VOC and zero emissions, the product eliminates all consumers’ fear of dangerous substances.

Its classy chalky finish will give your worn-out cabinet a suburb and sleek appearance with reasonable price and no need for replacement. Besides, it takes only 1 or 2 coats to give your project a robust and smooth coverage.

This paint kit also includes a complete set of paint, different types of waxes and brushes to help users save a significant amount of money and find it easier to touch up their cabinet. Its snow color gives your cabinet a fantastic pure white coat that will never fade away.

Besides the snow color, Renaissance has more than 40 other options from classic ones like Ivory Tower or Old Linen to modern colors such as Arabian Coffee or Black Indigo.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Exceptional colors
  • Zero VOC, zero odor
  • Long-lasting finish
  • High protection


  • Long curing time
  • Thick for paint sprayers

3. Nuvo Cabinet Makeover Kit

Nuvo Cabinet Makeover KitEditor Rating:

This paint is a fabulous choice for your cabinet makeover with its stunning white color that brightens your kitchen and can be mixed and matched with other colors. It provides a smooth, silky finish that works perfectly with the rollers and brushes.

The quality of Nuvo Titanium Infusion is impressive. Although the manufacturer says you don’t need to prime the surface or remove the cabinet’s doors, you should prepare the paint job carefully with sanding, cleaning, priming, and removing any doors and hardware if needed, this task is pretty easy even for beginner. By doing that, you will get the best result that lasts for years.

Everything you need comes in the kit: Base coat, rollers, brush, and step-by-step illustrated instruction. The color is highly adhesive and drys to a durable finish that doesn’t even need a top coat.

From our experience, you should do three coats to guarantee your cabinet an amazing look.


  • All-in-one kit
  • Drying fast
  • Decent satin finish
  • Compatible to many materials


  • Expensive

4. Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations

Rust-Oleum Cabinet TransformationsEditor Rating:

If you are a DIYer who is familiar with painting projects, you must know the most accredited brand Rust-Oleum. Amongst thousands of their fabulous products, Rust-Oleum 263233 Cabinet Transformations is famed for refinishing your outdated cabinet without high cost.

The product comes with a thorough instructional DVD that guides you throughout four simple steps with all tools included. The deglosser and scrub pad in the kit help the users eliminate all grime and grease that has been added upon their cabinet for years. The cabernet color is also impressive as it gives your kitchen a relaxing and inspiring vibe.

The decorative glazer in this kit makes the wood grain more noticeable. So make sure you use it to make your cabinet look better.


  • Contains de-glossing kit
  • Easy to use
  • Works on both wood and metal
  • Optional glossy finish


  • The top coat often leaves streaks

5. Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations Kit

Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations KitEditor Rating:

One more great product that comes from Rust-Oleum. This paint kit is excellent for a variety of countertops. It comes with four gorgeous colors to pick from, including Charcoal, Desert Sand, Java, and Onyx.

This product protects your countertop from daily wear and tear. It is stain and water resistant as well as hold ups against mold and heat. Its HomeShield formula protects the countertop against microbes.

The product is compatible with many types of surfaces, such as ceramic tile or laminate. And whatever the underneath surface is, when it is covered with Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations Kit, it obtains a spectacular finish that looks like real granite.

The paint is durable and can conceal any cracks or defects on the countertop.


  • Durable
  • Stain and odor resistant
  • Real granite finish
  • High-quality tutorial video


  • Takes almost 14 days to fully cure

How To Select The Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint Kit?

How To Select The Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint KitChoosing a paint kit that best suits your kitchen cabinet depends on many factors. But the following criteria are the main components that will help you pick the right fit for your project.


The new color of your cabinet must be “tone sur tone” with the whole kitchen, yet brings a unique vibe and positive atmosphere to your house. Choosing colors is much of personal preference, so just follow your heart and your mind to go for a shade that you feel satisfied.

To make sure you get the right tone, let’s find the swatches on the manufacturers’ websites, consult the customer service staff, and read all reviews from previous users. That way, you can maximize the possibility of having the perfect match for your cabinet transformation.


The initial decision is that you must plan what type of paint you are going to use. There is a variety of formulas to choose from: water-base, oil-base, chalk, enamel, acrylic, or latex.

You should also consider other substances in the paint to see if there are any allergen or hazards. A good formula should have zero VOC and odor to be clean and safe. It’s really safe and environmentally-friendly.


Buying the appropriate size of paint is critically essential. To do that, you have got to measure the cabinet’s dimensions accurately. If you are not sure how to do it right, let’s grab the manual book of the cabinet that you got when you first bought it, then check all the specs to have the correct size.

Painting Kitchen Cabinet – Tips You Might Not Know About

A key to a great paint job is a great prep job. You want to prepare your cabinet so that the new paint adheres perfectly to your cabinet and the paint job is going to last for years, cause no one wants to go through the same painstaking process after just a few weeks completing their project.

The first thing that you need to do prior to painting is stripping and moving any dust, chips, and grease from the cabinet. Let’s face it! It has never been 100% clean before.

Then you are going to move sandpaper in the direction of the wood grain so that you can create an even, smooth surface on your cabinet. You don’t need to sand the surface down to the material, just roughing it enough for the paint layers to adhere.

After priming, you are going to sand your cabinet again so that it provides you the texture that sticks when you paint.

I hope those tips could help you achieve what you desire!



Some products say I don’t need to apply the top coat as their base coat is durable enough.

From our experience, you should always do at least 1 to 3 clear top coats to give your cabinet an ultra-protection and a glamorous sheen. Adding the top coat not only gives your project an aesthetic appearance but also increases the longevity of the base coat.

Between roller and brush, which one should I choose to apply the paint job?

It depends on different aspects to choose a roller or a brush. But we can say that you need a combination of rollers, brushes, and sponges to get a brilliant finish.

For wide areas, using a roller arm is ideal as it helps you paint faster and more evenly. However, for small spaces like cabinet doors or corners, it is more convenient to make use of a brush.

And to apply minerals that provide your cabinet a granite finish, nothing is as good as a foam sponge.


A top-notch kitchen cabinet paint kit will bring a fresh look to your living space. Cabinet transformation is more and more common among DIYers, as it is cost-effective and easy to do. With an all-in-one paint kit, you can embark on turning your normal-looking cabinet or countertop into a piece of brilliant furniture.