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With the purpose of competing against rival retailers, Kobalt was officially launched in 1998 by Lowe’s – a American big firm in line of home improvement chain. Kobalt is also known as a famous brand for hand and mechanic tool, power tool, air tool, outdoor tool and plenty of personalized products. The brand focuses on the markets of USA, Canada and Mexico.

Learn More About Kobalt Paint Sprayer Products

kobalt paint sprayer reviewsThe manufacturer of this brand have been changed 3 times. In 2003, the majority hand tools of Kobalt were produced by the Danaher Corporation. Until 2011, this manufacturing contract moved to JS Product. At the same year, Kobalt started cooperating with Chevron in line of cordless power tools. During more than 20 years of development, Kobalt always makes their best effort to design and build tools which are convenient for many kinds of user, from weekend DIYer to professional painter.

The Kobalt tool set (hard case, soft case, metric polished chrome) are built with improved productivity and long-lasting performance to suit both professionals and homeowners as well. To meet requirements of toughest job, Kobalt provides power tools including drills, impact wrenches, circular saws, table saws, and tile saws, etc. Those will be a good supporter for craftsmen to create brilliant products.

Besides, air-powered tools, from the impact wrenches to spray guns, guarantee the perfect outcome for the most challenging projects, regardless of working places. Beside, all the necessary accessories are attached with Kobalt air tool set. For outdoor job like gardening, Kobalt builds tools allowing users to solve any hard work with mid-sleeves and cushion grips for added comfort and control.

Finally, you should never miss Kobalt personalized product that allows user to customize and order the tool they want. This is a good choice as a gift and mementos for any occasion. For example, ratchet set – an one-of-a kind set with professional quality ratchets and sockets in blue, black or gold-toned will be really an impressive present for your friends. Their bottle opener (monogram, inscription, icon) can be marked with your personal sign or some messages in any celebration.

Main features: lightweight, made of aluminum, HVLP version.

  • Pros: smooth coverage, time-saving, spray control, portable.
  • Cons: leaking cup and cap, only for water-based paint, no item for replacement.

Get Started with the Kobalt Paint Sprayer

Comparison between Kobalt 2-in Paint Sprayer and Kobalt 8-in Paint Sprayer

Kobalt 2-in Paint Sprayer

Kobalt 2 in Air Paint SprayerFirst look to its specifications:

  • Design of high volume and low-pressure to control flow of spray and obtain paint
  • Capacity of the cup up to 1000cc to make liquid visible
  • Integrated suspension hook to store liquid easily
  • Knobs anodized ergonomically to handle the accuracy of liquid/air and spray pattern
  • Lightweight structure made of aluminum to avoid weariness
  • 1.4 mm spray tip
  • Unable to use with latex paint

The cap issue has been fixed and now it locks to the cup. In comparison with classic sprayers, any other materials can be easily added the same as the cup’s capacity because of aluminum construction. We are really fascinated in its high quality materials that can deal with the low pressure like my 4.4cfm compressor. The pattern of the fan measures 6 inches instead of 2 inches as described along with 1.3 tip and without gift of sizes 1.8 or 1.5 size.

The blue strip on the gun are painted thinner by lacquer. In our opinion, buying this gun is a waste of money. Although we are not sure whether it is suitable for waterborne paint or not, we think this gun is designed for different purposes. Therefore, it’d better to do your homework than consider purchasing it. It is easy to spray the lattice built around the base of a stained deck in a few minutes. You may need airline hookup if your paint gun is adjusted and ready to use.

Until the trigger is pulled, the input pressure in the pressure regulator is displayed. Afterward, it also shows the output pressure. This gun seems small for primer, anyway, it is still a good choice for painting and clearing with 1.5 tip which can control the work and spray well. Unlike any other sprayers we have used before, this gun is excellent in making gravity-fed paint without pressure-fed. It also has a cup which is a quarter larger than many other sprayers.

Regardless of the spraying directions, the paint remains being pulled. However, it may be difficult to get along with and wash paint out of the small filters because of using only oil-based paint. Besides, there is effective support from a pressure meter on spray handle. In general, the sprayer works wonders except for the cap. Particularly, the cover of the paint vessel is not absolutely qualified that can make the bump and the cap drop dead.

In case of taping down the cap of the gun, if being tilted with the cap removed, a spill may occur in the unit. Unless its cap is replaced by a better one, this sprayer should be called off due to its bad design. There is no threads on the paint cup to keep the cap. The plastic glass of the regulator and the gun cleaner can dissolve to each other.

Kobalt 8-in Paint Sprayer

Kobalt 8-in Paint SprayerFirst look to its specifications:

  • Capacity cup up to 600cc to make liquid visible
  • Integrated suspension hook to store liquid easily
  • Knobs anodized ergonomically to handle the accuracy of liquid/air, and spray pattern
  • Lightweight structure made of aluminum to avoid weariness
  • 1.4 mm spray tip
  • Able to use for low-viscosity paints, lacquers, enamels, stains, and urethanes
  • Unable to use with latex paint

We had to modify the weak stand of this gun. Our most annoying matter is the leaking cap, which would affect the outcome of projects. That is why we took a rag to tie around the cap though it was moistened after being removed. We got into the same trouble with the leaking cap regardless of the same gun. There was no extra budget for any high-end gun as we did not work as an automotive painter.

With a rag tied around the cap, that gun is suitable for painting wheels, jams, trunk, engine compartments… but we do not use it for a whole car. As far as we know, one of the disadvantages of this gun is the leaking cup. However, the over-spray from the poly is minimized with steady spray due to the ability of spray pattern control. Despite the cheap price, the crib seems not able to hold the gun when the cup is full. We actually satisfied with this sprayer because it gets its job done well. It is easy to use, clean up, and brush with much faster speed.

If you are not acquainted with spraying, remember that this gun is not suitable for latex or products based water. Additionally, we advise you to ask for help from a cabinet or body stores in order to know how to start. You need to bring there some materials you intend to use and those stores will instruct you the adjustment way. When you have a feel with your well adjusted gun, you can try it on some pieces such as a large cardboard or scrap paneling.

In regard to whom are not in the field of automotive work, this gun is totally worth $350 Binks. Aside from the leaking cap if being adjusted carelessly, it really deserves 5 stars. Like other tools, the important thing is to keep the gun clean. Once the gun is not cleaned, especially the threads of the cap and the top of the cup, the leak can happen when putting the cap on. Except for water thin automotive paints, this gun along with 1.4 mm tip cannot cut latex paint.

In spite of not being an automotive coatings firm, Lowe’s – a company supplying building can provide 1.7 mm gun for latex primers, 2.0 mm gun for latex top coats because they will do best with their fit tips. Otherwise, interchangeable tips is a good idea. You do not need to maintain this gun because there is nowhere to buy a single part for replacement and no other size nozzles/needles can fit in its place. Therefore, just discard it or purchase a new one if your gun is not corrected without renewal.

It is terrible but it is a fact when purchasing product of Kobalt. This firm has no maintenance service to help their customer replace a part of components. Anyway, spray guns is the beast nature. There is a potential bug. The adjustment function is not trustworthy. No matter how long we adjust, we cannot control the spray of the gun. Paints based water is highly recommended because only it makes the gun do a good job. On the other hand, if you use paint based oil for personal purposes, the gun lifespan is shortened within one year and after that, it is time for you to buy a new one.

How to Operate Kobalt Paint Sprayer?

How To Operate Kobalt Paint SprayerThe Way of Using Kobalt Paint Sprayer

Above all, you should set your gun at an angle on the surface, then move it parallel towards it. Before ending the stroke, release the trigger to control the gun. Place your gun far from the surface at a distance of about 6 to 12 inches depending on the target materials. Each stroke should be lapped over the previous one to approach an even spray. Make sure your spray is smooth and moistened. Set low atomizing pressure to get maximum efficiency but still control over-spray at the minimum level. When operating the gun, fix the nozzle horizontally and direct the air cap to point upward.

With this way, a vertical pattern can be made regardless of directions the gun moves like back and forth or parallel to the surface. That way also covers the material surface at the maximum level. Last but not least, the most remarkable thing to attain a great ending of materials is that the gun is absolutely used in an appropriate way.

Tips for Protection and Maintenance

Unless the connection of liquid is full, the front end of the gun should be sunk into the solvent. However, this cannot apply to the other parts of the gun as they can get stuck by dirty solvent in air passages. Additionally, the solvent or the bristle brush also helps to clear the dust, trash or rust away. The gun should be painted.

Subsequently, the lubricant in the leather is dissolved and becomes drier causing trouble in operation. Moreover, you can use a moistened rag and solvent to wipe down all parts outside the gun. Last but not least, if your sprayer is oiled every day, it can do its best.

Warning and Precautions:

  • Take on an ear protective device to avoid any damage caused by high levels of sound.
  • Do not inhale anything harmful to your health like dust or trash.
  • Avoid spraying near the ignition sources, for example, welders, pilot lights…
  • Do not smoke in the spraying areas.
  • Make sure the fire extinguisher is available to use at any time.

Kobalt promises to enhance its reputation with a range of products including state-of-the-art features, tenacious materials, and amazing performance. Besides, Kobalt’s products are all designed portably with a good shell protecting all special components inside. For that reason, we are sure that if you give Kobalt’s sprayers a chance, you will be surprised and soon falling in love with them!

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