Krylon is the company famous for creating the Krylon spray paint color chart that offers a wide range of options to their buyers. The brand always satisfies its customers by the diversity and excellent quality in each product.

To help you have more information about Krylon and its products, let’s find out in the article below.

Krylon Spray Paint Color Chart – Everything You Need To Know

Krylon Spray Paint Color ChartKrylon makes it easy to choose the right paint color for your project by offering a variety of color options across the entire lines of spray paint products.
The basic of the Krylon spray paint color chart includes:

  • Blue
    This is the favorite color of the American. There are 23 different kinds of blue from the darkest, Gloss regal blue to the lightest, Satin Rainwater.
    Blue is favored because the color offers a soothing, chilling feeling and never goes out of fashion.
  • Green
    Green is the color of nature, symbolizing freshness, elegance and versatility. This color is suitable for places and things with high temperatures such as car accessories because it will not absorb heat. It is also one of the most popular colors because it is easy on the eyes.
    This is the green color palette available on the Krylon spray paint color chart:
  • Brown
    Also belonging to the warm color category, brown gives us a feeling of warmth and closeness to nature. Brown is a combination of coffee and chocolate, making it a sensuous color.
  • Gray
    Quiet and luxurious, gray is the best choice for anyone into the minimalist and trendy style.
    Gray has a stable effect, while dark grays like Satin midnight sky create a sense of mystery, brighter gray like Aluminum brings out a sense of brilliance and vibrancy.
    Another plus point is that gray always gives users the feeling of warmth, not to mention it is always fashionable.
  • Orange
    Orange is the color of youthfulness. This hot color scheme is very prominent for spaces or things that are a bit summer-oriented, playful and dynamic. But there are always softer orange options for you like Allis Chalmers Orange or Satin Marigold.
  • Red
    Red stands for beautiful sunsets and sunrises, this is the color of passion, glamourous and powerful. In this case, dark reds like Gloss cherry red create an elegant and charming feeling, while more courteous reds give us a sense of comfort and warmth.
  • Pink
    Pink is the color symbolizing femininity and sweetness. So, pink paint colors always bring a very youthful feeling. They are also full of passion and energy, suitable for lovely and vibrant spaces and interiors.
  • Purple
    Purple is a romantic color that gives off a whimsical vibe. When using purple with redder shade, it is more ebullient while the color with bluer shade is more peaceful.
  • Yellow
    Like red, yellow is a color of optimist and joy. Symbolizing summer, yellow reminds us of bright sunshine and using this color will highlight your product.
    The gold tone creates a luxurious and expensive feeling while the ochre tone makes a warm atmosphere.

About Krylon

About KrylonIn 1947, during the revolution of the paint industry, Howard E. Kester – a businessman from Philadelphia had founded Krylon Inc., the first and largest paint supplier in the world up to now. In the same year, Foster & Kester, the creator of clear protective acrylic coating used in the commercial art business introduced Krylon’s first product.

The formula to combine gas and liquid into a spray bottle of DuPont Corporation has inspired Kester to develop a way to mix the coating into the spray bottle, introducing a product with many advantages compared to the conventional method using an ordinary paintbrush.

Krylon has been very successful in producing the perfect spray paint for a wide range of surfaces such as metal, wood, glass, interior, and giving buyers a great experience with the quality of color, the quick drying time and the convenience by using the spray. All of these characteristics contribute to the achievements of the Krylon spray paint products.

Not only famous for its quality but the color of the paint also brings a reputation to Krylon. With colors ranging from primary to unique ones, customers will surely be pleased when choosing from the paint palette of Krylon Inc.

Some Safety Tips For Using Krylon Spray Paint Color

Using Krylon Spray Paint ColorKrylon makes spraying easier and safer. But before starting the spray project, make sure to read the safety tips that are on the labels of all Krylon types, and below we would like to note a few more safety tips for you:

  • Store aerosol at a reasonable temperature: When using aerosols, avoid letting it be exposed to high temperatures, such as hot water, fireplaces, and avoid direct sunlight for the best results.
  • Keep yourself safe: Because aerosols contain gas, you should be careful when using your paint. Do not put it near any fire source to avoid explosion.
  • Use aerosol in well-ventilated areas: Although the spray can be environmentally friendly, it is still a chemical substance. Thus, when using the spray, try to find well-ventilated places to let the air out and avoid breathing in the paint gas.
    In case of using the paint in a confined place, you should wear protective equipment such as masks, gloves to protect yourself.
  • Pay attention to the contact with spray paint: Avoid letting the paint directly contact with eyes, nose and mouth, keep a certain distance when using it and keep it out of reach of children
    In the situation of contact with chemicals in paint, wash yourself immediately with clean water
  • Note when painting electronics and lighting: Always remember to unplug and turn off the device before painting, do not paint directly on light bulbs, wires and high-temperature appliances.


No need to argue, Krylon has satisfied its customers throughout the time with numerous benefits of its spray paint products. With a variety of colors and styles, Krylon is always the best choice for you when you want to color your house and other places.

Through the above article, we hope to make it easier for you to choose a perfect color from the Krylon spray paint color chart for your paint project.