Smaller chores around the house can be easily handled by rollers or paint brushes while the bigger projects need more important tools. Wanna save your time and budget to go a long way? Yes. The solution you have been looking for is here!

The Magnum XR7 paint sprayer is certainly a perfect selection for those who don’t have lots of money for a convenient paint sprayer for covering large areas. Let’s enjoy the performance and dependability expected from Graco paint sprayer.

What’s Special about The Graco brand?

What’s Special about The Graco brand?Graco is a quite well-known company with approximately a 100-year history. This is a top brand name with special units that tons of professionals are willing to utilize.

Although they offer several finest tools at their premium prices, paint sprayers are always outstanding in their particular lineup for both DIYs and professional use.

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In 1926, Graco started being the Graco company’s superior brand name representing top-quality products in the market. It quickly gained the excellent attraction of the community at that moment.

The “Magnum by Graco” is a Graco’s brand for professional remodelers, DIY’ers, property owners, building or construction maintenance personnel. Graco has an impressive collection of perfect paint sprayers for every user needs and applications.

GlasCraft with its metering, mixing, and proportioning equipment is globally known for its superior reliability and performance. GlasCraft systems also dispense foam, coating, and composite materials for both in-plant applications and contractors.

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The Basics of Magnum XR7 Paint Sprayer

The Basics of Magnum XR7 Paint SprayerThe Magnum XR7 Airless Paint Sprayer of Graco brand continues to become a big hit among all serious DIY-ers, handymen, and remodelers. This is done simply thanks to the arrival from the highly reputable Graco brand.

So, if anyone is looking for an airless paint sprayer to flawlessly perform the finished paint job in a little time, this product may be the right unit to expect from. Though it’s relatively lightweight and medium-sized, this unit is a real punch to paint.

The Graco Magnum XR7 model has an extremely strong ¾ HP motor that can deliver nearly 3000 PSI. Therefore, you can paint everything such as light stains, thick latex, and acrylics with this paint sprayer.

At this rate, all users are quite able to spread up to 300 gallons of paint at up to 31 GPM a year. It can apply to both light and heavy coatings and give even project professional-looking results.

This high-quality paint sprayer from the Graco brand can work on both interior and exterior projects in houses, fences, barns, and even commercial properties. Only weigh less than 45 lbs, it is not only easy to use but also simple to move around.

Also, you can easily spray the paint for hard-to-reach areas using this unit. Cleaning is surely not a problem since you can flush out the whole leftover paint. This Magnum XR7 paint sprayer is completely in a good working condition.

Cosmetically, this tool looks just fair and good-looking as equipment in your house. It shows some trouble-free signs of paint stains and uses in its body part. Never worry about the item! It is fully functional and works perfectly.

Who Is The Magnum XR7 Spray Painter For?

Who Is The Magnum XR7 Spray Painter For?Graco brand has designated their spray painters as an ideal paint tool for all DIY and different project usage. Well, all of us couldn’t agree more. They are such remarkable utility paint sprayers for both professionals and homeowners.

Graco’s goods will solve any paint issue that you wanna throw at this whenever coming to your house remodeling. They can even paint decks, fences, etc.

If you would like to cover the interior ceilings and walls, just prepare masking tape for all. The money saved on contractor hiring should be invested in the proper stuff to serve us years after years.

The Magnum XR7 is simultaneously an amazing addition to any small contractor’s equipment set. Save money and time when doing minute jobs with this inexpensive tool.
With the proper care and maintenance, it can help create about 2 or 3 gallons of its output weekly or up to 125 gallons a year. Don’t miss it!

Graco Magnum XR7 Features

Graco Magnum XR7 FeaturesBrowsing through all of the customer reviews for the Magnum XR7 paint sprayer, this toolkit is loved by thousands of users thanks to its delivery of what it says in the advertisement.

With the full units, the customers seem satisfied with the already product. Enjoy how much fun you have when using the paint sprayer. Overall, the Magnum XR7 is sure to be a good investment for your home.

Clean it With Ease

Aside from a powerful motor to get your job done flawlessly, users also appreciate that Magnum XR7 can be cleaned with no trouble. If you experience any clog, reverse the paint tip, then clean out the backed up material in just moments.

Reasonable Cost

With its fairly average-starred ratings and a really affordable price, the Magnum XR7 Airless Paint Sprayer is still a good choice if you are constantly searching for a real paint sprayer that you can periodically make use of for your home.

You are a handyman, homeowner, professional painting contractor, do-it-yourselfer, or you just need it for industrial fine finishing. You will find it the most durable, accurate, dependable, and time-saving paint devices in the industry.

Powerful and Durable

Graco Magnum PumpThanks to its ¾ HP motor, this paint sprayer is too good at putting out lots of pressure (up to 3000 PSI) through the adjustable knob. That way you will tailor it to all your needs and achieve the best finish.

If you wish to spray about 300 gallons or less per year of paint, this instrument will perfectly meet your needs. It is specially manufactured with the wished quality you need from Graco. Also, the proper maintenance will last for various years.

Stainless-steel Piston Pump

Wanting to utilize a reliable and durable item, Graco prepared for you a stainless steel pump. The power piston material can ensure that the model will work harder and for a longer time than other similar units.

The Extra Performance is Given

The Graco Magnum XR7 tool is considerably exciting for property owners, maintenance painters, or general contractors with their moderate and monthly painting needs.

The Magnum XR7 carries out added performance along with an extra output for even larger projects. The special Graco paint sprayer handles even more heavy-duty coatings including 100% acrylics or heavier latex. This supports all larger tip sizes.

Power Flush Adapter

This adapter can rapidly connect to any regular garden hose. Then, it aids to cut down on the cleaning time. It is so convenient while cleaning with this kind of equipment. Power Flush makes the cleanup quicker and simpler.

Just simply connect it to your garden hose. And, clean the pump, hose, and gun in just minutes.

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Pros and Cons

Magnum XR7


  • The power piston creates a smooth function
  • The best spray gun for all DIY people to utilize.
  • The cleaning operation can be made faster and simpler thanks to its easy-cleaning cart.
  • The paint-saving pail hook minimizes spills on each move, allow the easier action of the cart to keep the pail on the stable level
  • Affordable and lightweight
  • Includes unique wheels for easy transportation around
  • Works with 1 and 5 gallons paint buckets
  • Fewer parts for quicker cleaning
  • Able to spray paint for almost any coating


  • It can definitely get clogged from the thicker materials
  • Overspray might occur for beginners
  • The hose should be longer

Use and Maintain The Graco Magnum XR7 Paint Sprayer in The Right Way

Overall, according to almost customer feedback, the Magnum XR7 Airless Paint Sprayer has been fully termed as a particular product to make all painting jobs much easier and manageable. Let’s see how to utilize as well as maintain it!

How to use the Graco Magnum Electric Airless Paint Sprayers is here. Following these instructions will ease your startup of the machine while using it. Let’s start step by step! Here’s everything that you need.

How to Use the Garco’s Sprayer

How to use the Garco’s sprayerOne of the simplest and fastest ways to finish almost painting projects is to make use of paint sprayers. It is quite trouble-free that needs just a little knowledge as well as practice to make it right and get a professional look for your painting jobs at all times.

Whether you are only a newbie or an experienced painter, here are few helpful tips to guide you well when utilizing the paint sprayer: Learn the ‘How to use an Airless Paint Sprayer Graco Magnum’ process now!

The Correct Sprayer Setup

Each sprayer will undoubtedly have the different set-ups determined by which type of the sprayer is, but all necessary steps will often include these actions below. They are:

  • Connect the hose well to the separate spray gun
  • Flush and prime the spray before using it
  • The tip and guard should be installed first before being in use

Similarly, the Garco instruments should be installed following these orders to function properly and perform smoothly. The manual instruction going with the product- Magnum XR7 needs reading carefully to understand it thoroughly. This could also provide all detailed information on the suitable way for the sprayer’s usage.

Prepare for the proper surface

It is necessarily needed for surface preparations before spraying paint. This is considered as such one of the most critical aspects of any painting plans. When using Magnum XR7, a proper surface is also quite essential for exact spraying.

The Graco Magnum X7 Airless Paint Sprayer may give unexpected overspray for beginners. Therefore, it would be prudent on the painter’s part to protect the furniture baseboards by accurately covering them before any paint spraying.

It is also ideal for taking note of the directions of the wind when your painting is finished outdoors. Also, remember to cover the plants and shrubs with the plastic protection.

Learn to Correctly Spray

Paint can be only evenly distributed to give a fine finish to the painting job when you know these techniques. Let’s see what they really are!

  • A continuous and long motion can give the best coverage. Therefore, before you trigger the gun, the movement should be already begun and continued until even after triggering the release of your gun
  • Ensure a 12- inch distance accumulated from the prepared surface when you use the spray gun.
  • Keep a 50% overlap connecting to your spray pattern by aiming the future pass at the edge of the priorly painted area with the correct tip of your spray gun.

We hope that all our recommendations above can acknowledge better with the airless sprayer using tips. To see the detailed content, read more at All is understandable!

Maintain the Magnum XR7 Right

Maintain the Magnum XR7 rightMost features of the Magnum XR7 are mostly maintenance-free which consists of:

  • Magnum XR7’s hardened piston pump which is made of qualified stainless steel. It owns the lifetime lubricated pad keeping away with time-consuming maintenance since your painting plans are done
  • Fast painting cleanups will be well-done with a Power Flush adapter
  • The easy-to-clean cart with its foldable handle can be totally brought down for the compact storage.

Careful Cleaning

Cleaning this Graco XR7 clearly is the easiest way to maintain. All the parts of the Graco product should be vacuumed after every time in use. This will make it more long-lasting and bring the greatest performance for the next application.

Disassemble all units, and then rinse them with the suitable cleanse liquid for each of the sections. This process can be similarly applied to Magnum XR9 as well.

Replace the Unworking

Remember to check these mentioned parts carefully or replace the new ones as needed. They are all influential sections including:

  • Inlet Screen
  • Gun Filter
  • Manifold Filter
  • Tip Filter
  • Hose Connections
  • Gun Body
  • Inlet Suction Tube
  • Tip Guard and Tip
  • Trigger Guard
  • Power Cord
  • Trigger Safety

Alternatively, don’t miss out the Graco repair kit if necessary. It works wonders!

Notable Things When Spraying

When spraying, don’t cover the sprayer’s pump with any plastic or rag. That ensures to carry an adequate airflow path into the motor to keep the sprayer always cool. In cold climates, you should unfreeze all the water in the hose in order for the paint stream to flow smoothly .

In terms of Gas Units, regularly monitor the oil level and change it manually. Store the pump in the lower location, never put that part under any pressure or lay anything on it.

And, keep less exposure to the air to reduce the corrosion and bring the long-lasting lifetime for all your paint sprayers.


High ratings should be especially given to the Magnum XR7 Paint Sprayer since it’s worth the invested finances. Purchase it instantly to never regret not purchasing it sooner. The compact product aids the easy cleaning with the strong performance.