Who makes the best exterior paints?

the best exterior paintsHey, guys today the topic of our discussion are the exterior paints we see on our houses and fences covered up with all the shrubs. The paint that we use to cover up all the flaws or to revamp the look of our garden or fence or storage areas outside the house is the exterior paint.

So let’s get started with the best manufacturers of the exterior paints and get to know about them in details.
As per the experts we can surely convey that only what is expensive is of good quality. It isn’t necessary that paints of higher price would be of good quality.

These days exterior paints with an average price are the top preferences of customers as they provide the same quality as the expensive one does but in a lesser price, you should also consider these lesser priced paints as they don’t wither same as the expensive one doesn’t, even if they are from the same brand.

By choosing an exterior paint on the basis of quality rather than the price you will save a good amount of money in a long run as they get the work done with lesser coats than the lower quality paints. But if we talk of the premium quality or expensive paints we assure yourself that the print us not going to wear and tear and are going to stay long without the need of repainting.

So let’s start with the best brands for exterior paints so that it is easy for you guys to choose among them and How do you mix paint for spray gun?

Behr Premium plus Ultra

The most preferred exterior paints of all are the Behr premium plus ultra paints. It has the top scores when it comes to exterior paints as per the Consumerreports.org; it has been on the top list since so long with the best impression on the customers as well as fellow brands and manufacturers. It’s is said to be crack resistant, change of colour, mildew and dirt.
Premium Plus Ultra Exterior Semi Gloss
Even the paints from these brands fall in the VOC limits set by state of California. All these reviews are presented by the technicians of the Paint Quality institute, who consider it the best exterior paint for aluminium siding. And also mention it as the one of the best because of its resistance towards fading and extreme durability.
Behr Premium plus ultra is made out of 100 percent acrylic latex binder, which provides a stronger bond to the paint which helps in avoiding issues like peeling and cracking etc eventually leading to longer life of the paint.
There is a renowned survey done every year called the J.D. Power and Associates2016 Consumer Satisfaction Survey. In this survey Behr stands on the second position at this survey leading ahead of Benjamin Moore and behind Sherwin William brands.

The feedback of hundreds of customers tells us about the other pros of Behr premium that it gives excellent result, smooth coverage and is very convenient to apply.

Other advantages of Behr premium paints is that it dries off very quickly and gives a better finish for several years, keeping the charm as it is. But not all are happy with this brand, some users have reported issues like poor coverage, or peeling of paint after a few years etc. It is available in various colours, range and sheens. It costs around $35 per gallon of paint.

Valspar Duramax

Valspar DuramaxCosting $35 for a gallon of paint isn’t expensive in fact it can be considered a budgeted price. So in the same budgeted price as Behr premium plus ultra is Valspar Duramax. Valspar duramax isn’t at the top of the list of ConsumerReports.org but it has managed to get good scores and reviews of the customers.

The most attractive qualities of this paint brand is that it offers resistance to cracking, peeling , colour change and avoids dirt, but it is not able to provide resistance against mildew.

Valspar Duramax is on the top 4 list of superior exterior paints as per reviews by editors of the Paint Quality Institute. It has also earned various accolades as the best paint primer combinations and also for its resistance quality towards rust for both flat and semi gloss formations. This brand is readily available at Lowes.com.

At this site we can find n number of feedbacks given by customers mentioning their response towards these brands of exterior paints. As per their feedback, it could be analysed that people love this brand of paint.

All the positive feedback and the scores indicate the good quality of the valspar duramex paint. The pros of this brand are the exceptional coverage it provides in only a single coat and it covers up all the flaws very effectively. But there have been feedbacks criticising this paint with issues like poor coverage and s runny consistency.

It contains 50 gram per litre I’d VOCs, which helps in making it come under the voluntary standards set by Green seal in 1993. It costs around $ 40 per gallon of paint.

Behr marquee

Behr marqueeAnother brand in this price range is Behr marquee. This brand has made it reach the list because of its qualities like resistance to rust, mildew and dirt. But as per the review in customer.reports.org it is a different story.

According to the survey it comes last in the list of top exterior paint brands. Along with VOC rating of 40 gallon per litre, it becomes a part of the mid price ranged paint brands.

According to some feedbacks it is considered the best exterior paints where as some feedbacks say that this paint is not effective and has a low coverage, leaves chunks on the painting areas and also it dries very quickly.

It costs around $40 per gallon of paint.

Sherwin Williams

This brand had got all the best reviews from the customers as well As the technicians. It might be a bit expensive than the other budget friendly exterior paints but the customers consider it worth the cost.

The technicians at customerreport.Org state that this paint is crack free and is resistant to colour change also. But doesn’t match other exterior paints in term of resistance to dirt and mildew. It is on the top of the list of exterior paints in J.D Associates and consumer paint satisfaction survey.

It is available in satin, flat and semi gloss finishers. There are not many feedbacks for this paint but as many are present are in favour of it. It is easy to apply, thick and dries very quickly making it most preferred exterior paint of all. It costs around $ 70 per gallon of paint.

There are few more exterior paints available at a very low price with good qualities in such minimal prices. Examples of such paints are:

  1. Behr premium plus
  2. Olympic assure exterior paint.

So these were few brands that manufacture the best exterior paint with all the respective qualities and faults we have mentioned above all the information available.

We hope the article was helpful to you guys, for any query or comment feel free to contact us through the Comment section below. Feel free to share your ideas and queries with us.

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