This Makita Mac2400 Review is here to help you reach your decision to purchase a sturdy yet durable air compressor.

If power is your top priority, this 2.5 horsepower air compressor should be on your shopping list. This immensely productive engine, with a 4-pole motor, can undertake vast volumes of work with no problem at all. Tripping on site is not a bad situation that will frequently happen when using the Makita Mac2400 since it runs on low AMP.

Makita Mac2400 Review – All The Vital Information

Best Features Of Makita Mac2400

If the feature is your concern, then you are going to like this part of the Makita Mac2400 Review & Buyers Guide. There are countless features that this unit offers, and most are great features, which is another reason why people like this one.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenanceQuite a few handy features to make maintenance as easy as possible was included by the manufacturer on the MAC2400. For instance, the removable pump’s cylinder makes it easier for maintenance.

Although MAC2400 comes with an oil-lubricated pump, regular maintenance will be a bit easier thanks to the functional oil drain and an oil sight glass with a tank drain valve.

The MAC2400 comes with a user manual that highlights specific maintenance and servicing requirements. Following these instructions will help to keep the air compressor at its best condition for much longer without having to purchase a cleaning service.

Robust Design

The blue colour is pleasant, vigorous, and that is all about it that we want. But apart from that, the design is pretty decent. The handle is at the front, which makes it easier for you to carry the unit around.

There are some compressors out there that are light but tough to carry due to bad handle placement. You do not have to worry about that issue when going for a Makita Mac 2400.

Noise Level

Noise LevelTypical loud pump, while it pulls in the air, isn’t the case with the MAC2400 since its pump runs at a smaller (RPM). This results in a quieter recharging with a lower noise output of only 79 dB.

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Recharge Time

The compressor now features a faster recovery time thanks to the update from its precursor. Compared to standard compressors, the cast-iron pump and Big Bore cylinder and piston are now larger. More air is compressed on each stroke for the oversized profile of the cylinder and piston.

This feature helps the MAC2400 to be more efficient. Moreover, this can significantly reduce downtime while the recharging process of the compressor’s tank is taking place.

Other Handy Features

Other Handy FeaturesWhen we think about Makita, we think about air compressors that can carry a considerable load. Being a great priced model, this is another example of that nature. The unit can carry huge pressure, and that is why it is considered as an industrially applicable unit.

The machine can efficiently work all day without facing any trouble, not much power needed to work either. If you have lots of pumping needs, then there is hardly any better solution out there than this one for you. Even if you do not need it to do a ton, it still works fine.

Why Should You Use Makita Mac2400?

Why Should You Use Makita Mac2400If you are someone who considers the weight, the noise, or the security of the device, then here are some features you are looking for. The MAC2400 is

  • Available on construction sites and heavy or industrial building projects all year long due to its strength and toughness.
  • Not too heavy for a single user to move around.
  • Suitable for built-up spaces with many people but to avoid disturbances and creating considerable noise pollution.
  • Safe in close range without worrying about deafening the users.
  • Equipped with the in-built roll cage, which is designed for tough situations where a knocked-over air compressor isn’t an unusual sight.

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Pros and Cons

Pros and ConsPros

  • Users will be able to handle most of their needs without any issue thanks to the mid-range output of this model (maximum power of 2.5 hp) and its ability to deliver an output of 4.2 CFM at 90 PSI, which allows flexible use of a wide range of air tools.
  • Take advantage of the two hose outlets of the MAC2400 for the simultaneous use of two low CFM air tools.
  • Thanks to the compressor’s considerably low noise output of only 79 dB, you don’t have to worry about upsetting the neighbours.
  • Thanks to its fast recharging capability, more time will be spent on working and less time waiting for the compressor to reach the required pressure.
  • Keep your air compressor in excellent condition for a long time thanks to a host of features that make maintenance easier.
  • Makita MAC2400 can stand firm to even the toughest site conditions thanks to the help of the durable steel frame.


  • Running two air tools at the same time, where each requires a high CFM output, is not an option, even though MAC2400 has two outputs.
  • A maximum recommended duty cycle of 50% is applied to all Makita air compressors. This could be too restrictive for some users, but you should not run the compressor more than 30 minutes of each hour.
  • It is not overly portable due to its lack of wheels and 77 lbs of weight. However, a carrying handle is included in the MAC2400.


Overall, this is a worthy product to go for. As you already read the Makita Mac2400 Review, you know by now that this is something that offers everything a bit.

The Makita MAC2400 air compressor is considered a great option whether you are looking for an air compressor that capitalizes the inherent benefits that come from using air-powered tools, operates with a quiet noise level, comes from a trusted brand name, or all of the above.

We hope this Makita Mac2400 Review can help you reach your purchasing decision. Goodbye, and good luck!