Is Makita Mac700 really a good air compressor as reviewed? This Makita Mac700 Review & Buyers Guide will help you figure it out.

In general, every air compressor has a lot of functions and can be used for multiple purposes. However, picking the right model is not as easy as a piece of cake. You have to choose just one from a wide range of machines out there and take every aspect such as purpose, durability and design of the machine into consideration.
If you don’t have expertise in this field, the Makita Mac700 will be a top-pick due to its amazing features and fine quality. What are you waiting for? Wait no more to check this machine out.

Makita Mac700 Review & Buyers Guide – General Information

General informationIf you are looking for an air compressor that can fit in a small space such as your own home or your workplace, you must have confused with a hundred of the oil-less units available on the market. Makita Mac700, a product from a prestigious brand, is an ergonomic, oil-lubricated, powerful, safe and durable product that will be the best solution for you.

Almost all consumers gave the Makita Mac700 5 out of 5 stars. So it is the superior unit on the market today and you won’t cost too much for additional maintenance. Too good to be true? The following outstanding properties will prove it.

What Makes Makita Mac700 Differentiated?


Makita compressor is powered by a four-pole induction motor with a direct drive for improving power. The 2.6-gallon tank can hold the massive pressure of 130 PSI, 90 PSI, 40 PSI.

Besides, a powerful 2.0 HP 4-Pole motor produces 3.3 CFM at 90 PSI gives high productivity. The larger diameter piston is, the more air at every stroke is compressed, as a result, the high output it provides can give the maximum performance.


DurableEngineers built the Makita Mac700 with the ability to withstand harsh work. The body of the machine is cast iron with a Big Bore cylinder which helps to stretch the longevity and urges the recovery time faster. No more complaints and a lot of money wasted for maintenance time after time.

Moreover, oil-lubricated pumps keep running at a lower temperature, this is a critical point different from traditional products.

Noise Level

Now, you don’t need to worry anymore as the prospect of waking up your family and neighbors while using Makita Mac700 is now just a bygone. Pump running at lower RPM(1720) ensures the noise level under 80db. While other machines have up to 95 decibels, which makes people extremely annoying. Makita has the average sound decibels about 80 – 82, if you stand next to the machine, it has a peak of about 90 decibels.

If you are far 10 feet away, it’s 82 decibels even just 80 decibels when far 20 feet away.

Furthermore, the rubber feet design contributes to make less noise and vibration and also not to scratch your wood floors if you’re using it in the house.

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Ergonomic Design and Safety

Ergonomic design and safetyThe weight of 52 LBS is not excessive so you can move it easily around any location. Besides, the roll-bar handle with rubber finger notches is very well balanced when you pick the machine up. There is a small sight glass window so you can see how much oil is left in it. One of the most considerable features of the machine is that its components are designed to be removable for easy cleaning.

Safety always goes first, right? Makita Mac700 is appreciated for its high safety standard which is shown through a nice heavy long power cord with 14 gauge wire thickness. The copper finned pipe goes into the tank from the compressor to help it cool down and reduce the amount of water as well as condensation.

Who Should Use Makita Mac700 Review?

Who Should Use Makita Mac700 Review

  • Users working in industrial-strength jobs are suitable for using Makita Mac700 because of its high standard performance.
  • People don’t want to cost too much for maintenance and waste their precious time waiting for the recovery.
  • People are afraid of upsetting their neighbors owing to the noise level. This compressor has a lower noise level under 80db.
  • People had met the problem with the tank filling with water before, the copper finned pipe will solve this problem.
  • Workers who may have usually moved around and would like to keep their hands from being damaged when taking the compressor away. Makita Mac700 with the roll-bar handle is the best choice.
  • People need to use the compressor outside is not the problem as this oil-lubricated compressor is able to start up many times when the weather is cold; even if it is turned off all night.

Let’s Look at the Summary Review of Makita Mac700 Again

the summary review of Makita Mac700PROS

  • Two horsepower, a unique pump and a piston give high performance and output
  • Not loud despite the powerful impact
  • Very durable, long-lasting and easy to maintenance
  • Convenient and safe design with the handle prevents hands from being injured
  • In less than 20 seconds, it enables to rebuild the pressure from cutting in
  • Newbies can find it easy to use this machine, but it also suitable for experts


  • It does not have wheels under the frame
  • Though the machine is so portable, it is not lightweight

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In Conclusion

This Makita Mac700 Review & Buyers Guide may have provided you with helpful information and solved your questions. A quiet, powerful and long-lasting air compressor with high durability under the harshest conditions is surely worthwhile.

It is good value for money if you possess a machine like the Makita Mac700. Feel free to share with your friends who are interested in it. Have you made up your mind yet? Let’s pick it up at the nearest store and experience this awesome tool right now!