How do you mix paint for spray gun?

mix paint for spray gunFor effective spraying of paint and a smooth finish to the painted object we need to have an efficient paint mixing procedure. A smooth finish is obtained only if the colour is properly mixed before applying it with the spray gun.

It doesn’t matter how powerful the spray gun is until the colour is thin enough to flow through the nozzle easily. But the mixing needs to be in an appropriate amount as an extra thin paint could lead to poor coverage of paint.

The paint should be promptly mixed in order to facilitate a perfect paint from the spray gun and for this mixing the paint in a perfect balance is mandatory.

It sounds a bit confusing, how to find the perfect mix. Right? Don’t worry we are here to help you in this. But before moving further to know the steps for right mixing we have to understand the articles that would be required for right mixing of paint to be sprayed from spray gun.

The things you require for mixing of paint for the spray gun are:

Paint– Paint of course the main ingredient for colour mixing. How can we miss it? So guys yes the first thing is paint.

Paint strainer

Paint strainer– The next thing you need got colour mixing is a paint strainer for straining all the impurities of the paint and makes a smooth and fine mixture of paint.

Water– Water is required in order to dilute or give more volume to the paint. It is also an important thing for colour painting through a spray gun.

Paint sprayer– Paint sprayer is required for application of the mixed paint on the desired place.

Sprayer tips– Sprayer tips are important to be kept in notice while planning to mix colour or while applying colour on an object. These tips provide guidance to the person working with the paint and the spray gun about how to go about painting with spray gun.

Test boards –Test board is required for testing the mixed colour with the spray gun in order to check the consistency of the paint mixture for checking the coverage of the paint. Test boards are used as a tester for checking whether the mixture prepared is perfect or not.

Safety Goggles– Safety measures need to keep in mind while working with paint whether it is flammable or not. While working with paint there is a risk of paint getting into eyes or irritation can be caused due to colour to the eyes of the person applying it. To avoid such incidents the person should wear safety goggles to ensure safety.

Face mask– Another protective gear to make sure the person applying the paint with spray gun or mixing the paint doesn’t get any damage because of the paint.

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Now let’s begin with the colour mixing technique and the points related to it

Step 1- Choosing the paint type.

Choosing the paint typeThe paint mixing hugely depends upon this factor that what type of paint is being used. The other ingredients being mixed in the paint mixture also depend upon the type of paint being used for painting through the spray gun.

Different paints require different liquids for mixing and forming the right paint mix for e.g. For mixing oil based colours you require mineral spirits to dilute it where as for latex paints water would be enough to do so.

And you should know that the paint thinners we actually use are made with mineral spirits only.

Paints could be reformed with other liquids also but you should firstly stick to the manufacturer’s guidance and suggestions which vary brand to brand and with different types of paint available. Even some paints could not be diluted with a any mixer in such cases same should be mentioned on the packing of the paint.

Step 2- Safety measures

When you work with paints you should know that the paints emit various toxic chemical fumes which could affect the health of the person. In order to keep yourself safe from such things you should always wear face masks and safety goggles.

Safety goggles aid in protecting your eyes while spraying paint and face mask saves the face from any damage and harmful effect of the paint being sprayed with the spray gun.

While working with spray paint you need to understand that the environment where you are painting matters a lot, for e.g. If you are working in a congested, enclosed or tight place you should know that the face mask would not work fully here so you need a respirator or ventilator to be safe from the fumes or chemicals being emitted by the paint.

Step 3- Straining the paint

Straining the paintWhile mixing paint you don’t want clogs or lumps or any other impurities in the paint to affect the quality of the paint or any operational problem in the spray gun due to stuck clog or impurities in the hose of the spray gun.

To avoid this issue straining or the paint mixture is done. Firstly the paint is strained into another container; the strainer would help in catching all the impurities or lumps in the paint and give you a smooth and fine mixture of paint suitable for painting with a spray gun.

Step 4- Testing of the paint

Before mixing the paint into a mixture with a thinner, checking of the spray quality of the paint is done. The paint is sprayed on a test board to check the consistency and how the paint sprays.

Firstly put a small amount of the paint in the sprayer container and spray the paint on the test Board.

If the spray comes out good and the coverage is perfect than there is no need of mixing the paint with a thinner but if the consistency is thick and it is poor coverage paint than mixing is mandatory.

Step 5- Mixing the paint

After checking the consistency of the paint and the required amount of thinner to be put in the paint to get the right mix, start with adding a small amount of chemical or thinner in order to dilute the paint.

Add a small amount of chemical or thinner which is suitable for the type of paint you are using to the paint bucket and stir continuously. For e.g. if you are mixing a latex paint then you need to add ¼ cup of water to every one gallon of paint to get the perfect consistency. Next put the mix in the sprayer and check on the test board.

Mixing the paint

And if you are mixing oil based paint than you need to add a small amount of thinner to the paint as this product tends to make the paint much thinner than the water does.

Step 6- adjust the nozzle of the spray gun

Until you get the right mixture of the paint, keep mixing the thinner in small amounts to adjust the consistency of the paint. After mixing the thinner always check it on the test board with the spray gun.

Step 7- Spray Gun

Spray GunMixing of the paint in the right mixture is an important aspect for smooth and good finish painting but the quality of the spray gun also matters a lot. A good finish of paint cannot be obtained with a cheap or low quality spray gun. Irrespective of the mixture quality, if the gun is not of good quality than there would be problems while spraying the paint.

So to paint on a large area and to obtain a smooth finish and coverage but a good quality spray gun it might not be that expensive as it might cost you only $200 also as an alternative you can rent a spray gun from a rental.

Step 8- cleaning of the equipments

After you gave tested your paint mixtures and mixed with different tips, you should clean the equipments thoroughly with a mineral spirit in order to clean them properly.

You should keep in mind while spraying the paint with the spray gun that one coat of the paint would not provide perfect coverage and to achieve a perfect coverage you need to apply 2-3 coats.

So this was all about mixing colours for painting with a spray gun.If you liked the article and if you have any query or comment please let us know in the comment section below.

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