Oil based enamel paints-one of the most popular choices among buyers for their walls, fences, gates or even windows and doors. As you may be bombarded with thousands of Oil based enamel paint products on the market, we are here to help you choose the appropriate piece of material.

If you wish to bring your house to life with a nice, hard, glossy, and smooth finish when dry, then the oil based enamel paints are exactly what you are looking for.

Now, scroll down to find out what benefits oil based enamel paints may bring to you as your next purchase.

Top Reasons Why You Should Use Oil-Based Enamel Paints

Before covering your house with oil-based paints, you need to understand what it is so that it will give you the best painting ideas.

Oil-based water paint is a new generation water-based paint that has been improved many times. At the same time, oil-based paint products are considered as high-end product lines, making the wall surfaces harder, glossier so your work will be both aesthetically and qualitatively. More durable and beautiful- these are the adjectives you can use to describe your house when covered with a layer of oil-based enamel paints.

By using oil based enamel paints, your house can derive various benefits from this:

  • Hard paint film, less scratched, easy to clean
  • Anti-fouling, good protection for the work
  • By using kerosene as a lip, the oil-based paints line is highly water- resistant, waterproof, protecting your house from moisture and mold phenomena
  • Excellent adhesion to mastic surface (especially when combined with the same oil-based primer) and strong absorbency to the chalk on the construction surface. Therefore oil-based paint lines are often used to treat chalky construction
  • Easier to apply than other solvent-based paint systems (compared to water-based paint lines).

Best Oil Based Enamel Paints Review

You have known all the outstanding advantages to consider using this type of material for your house, haven’t you? Let’s see how this oil based enamel paint review can help you choose the most suitable one according to top comments and feedback collected from specialists and users.

Bestseller No. 2
Rust-Oleum 7792730 Stops Rust Brush On Paint, 8 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), Gloss White
Rust-Oleum 7792730 Stops Rust Brush On Paint, 8 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), Gloss White
Oil-based formula provides a durable protective coating with excellent rust prevention; Dries to the touch in 2-4 hours and covers up to 22 sq. ft.
Bestseller No. 4
1 qt Rust-Oleum Brands 7776502 Black Stops Rust Protective Enamel, Flat
1 qt Rust-Oleum Brands 7776502 Black Stops Rust Protective Enamel, Flat
Oil-based formula provides a durable protective coating with excellent rust prevention; Dries to the touch in 2-4 hours and covers up to 110 sq ft

1. Rust-Oleum 7578838

Rust-Oleum 7578838Editor Rating:

Do you want your house to have the toughest and excellent coverage in town? The first oil based enamel paint we want to introduce is the Rust-Oleum High Performance Enamel.

Rust-Oleum products are famous for their industrial strength about durability and resistance with high-quality standards. These oil based enamel paints are ideal for use on both ferrous and non-ferrous metal, wood, and other surfaces. Using this piece of material helps to prevent rust for long-lasting protection.

With top-quality and durable oil-based formula, the Rust-Oleum enamel paints ensure that your house can maintain consistent, anti-corrosive color. These oil based paints feature 14 sq ft coverage which dries to touch within just 15 minutes and a high output tip that can be sprayed in every angle. What’s more? You can recoat within an hour with two or more light coats for quick project completion. A flat finish is perfect for hiding imperfections on the surfaces and withstanding demanding environments for your house.


  • Easy to apply
  • Cost-effective and good quality
  • Durable


  • Unable to clear when you fail

2. Rust-Oleum 7792504

Rust-Oleum 7792504Editor Rating:

Another suggestion from Rust-Oleum brand for oil based enamel paints is what you shouldn’t miss out. Rust-Oleum products are among the most popular picks because of the enduring power and high color quality and so does the Rust-Oleum Protective Enamel Gloss White Paints.

These building materials with weather and corrosion-resistant coating provide full protection for both exterior and interior surfaces. Oil-based featured formula ensures that your project will be completely rustproof.

Covering up to 45 sq ft and the ability to dry to the touch in 2-4 hours make this oil based enamel paints a smart choice for your house. Especially, excellent resistance to abrasion, fading and chipping of the Rust-Oleum enamel paints is what you are finding for an enduring protection and beauty.

This durable oil based enamel paint is also a great way to freshen up on the cheap due to the glossy finish which provides a fresh shine to your project’s surfaces. Let’s consider this for your next purchase!


  • Reasonable price and high quality
  • Glossy white color for a refreshment
  • Maximum rust-protective


  • Takes a bit long to dry

3. Diamond Brite Paint 31000

Diamond Brite Paint 31000Editor Rating:

This Diamond Brite Oil Based Enamel Paint stands a golden chance of being your useful sidekickin refreshing desired items.

This piece of building materials are suitable for both industrial and household flooring. Diamond Brite paint products are perfect for use on a diverse of surfaces from wood, concrete or plaster to hardboard and metal. If you wish your work to be coated with a gloss enamel, choosing this oil based enamel paints will never let you down.

This product line features durable gloss oil based enamel formula which helps to protect interior and exterior surfaces against numerous household problems and rust. The Diamond Brite oil based enamel paint is also an excellent product to use in railing protection with high hiding, mildew resistant for an alkyd finish.


  • Can be used for various surfaces
  • High-quality and non-sticky paint
  • Provide excellent coverage


  • May be lighter than the given color
  • Take 4-6 hours to dry

4. Rust-Oleum 7777502

Rust-Oleum 7777502Editor Rating:

It is undeniable that Rust-Oleum paints has proved their brand positioning on the market through the outstanding features of their products. This time we want you to take a depth insight into how this piece of materials could help you attractively.

What makes this oil based enamel paints stand out from others is the weather and corrosion resistant coating protecting both exterior and interior surfaces from rust, peeling and fading. You can feel them dry to the touch in just 2-4 hours and up to 100 sq ft coverage. Another special feature of this Rust-Oleum enamel paints is a smooth satin finish which offers your project a low-sheen look.

The colors formula of this protective enamel paints is inspired by nature so as to provide the freshest soul into your work and be perfect for furniture, decor and more. Sounds great, isn’t it?


  • Durable
  • Can be used for indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Nature-inspired colors
  • Top rust preventive paints


  • Feel a bit thick when applying

Simple Guide On Using Oil Based Enamel Paint

When you have already chosen the most suitable oil based enamel paint for your house, it is crucial to get to know some proper guidance before starting the work. So as to assure your project with smooth and durable coverage, our instructions may give you a helping hand.

Oil based enamel paints are a good pick for projects which require tough abuse due to the tense, glossy and easy-to-clean finish.

  • A Primer Beginning
    Primers are considered to be one of the most important factors in painting an excellent work. They allow oil based formula to form a better seal against the wood or metal and increase the finish quality once the primer is dry. Remember to look for primers that suit your desired painting surfaces! Finishing this first step contributes to a perfect paint of your work using oil based enamel paints.
  • Use High-quality Brushes
    Of course, caring about the quality of your brushes is what you can miss out when it comes to the use of oil based enamel paints. For best results, don’t forget to select a brush that meets both filament and stiffness issues.
    Some brushes are designed with softer-bristled or angled bristle edges structure that help to spread the oil based paints effortlessly and provide smoother lines. That’s why choosing soft brushes is highly recommended. When you finish with your brushes choices, stick to it for one type of paint.
  • Reapply 2 More Coats
    According to most of the construction experts, applying the second coat is to assure a tough and protective coverage. Two more coats of paints rather than only one will be ideal for seamlessness, durability and color integrity. Moreover, when you apply two more coats with oil based enamel paints, your work will be assured of being perfectly smooth and durable.
  • Pay Attention to the Drying Time
    Under normal conditions, it takes between 4-8 hours for an oil based enamel layer to dry completely. Temperature and humidity are also of top concern affecting drying time, so outdoor works may take longer to dry. Don’t forget to check and note the drying time after each coat for the next reapplication.


What is the difference between oil based and water-based enamel paints?

The biggest difference between these two paints is about the type of solvent used in the formula which is the liquid component that evaporates as the paint dries.

Oil-based enamel paints use an organic oil and mineral turpentine but water-based ones are almost made of water. While water-based enamel paints can dry to the touch in 20-30 minutes, oil-based paints take a much longer period of time, in 8 hours to be more specific.

There are some things that you should know about oil based enamel paints for the best coverage of your ideal house:


  • Hard coverage after use
  • Good force impact resistance and mild acid corrosion resistance
  • Easy construction and short drying time
  • Can be used for exterior, increased adhesion between concrete and paint layers covered.


  • Construction sites are limited.
  • Construction environment is hazardous due to containing oil and volatile solvents.

From the pros and cons of oil based enamel paints given to you above, we guess that you now have a better understanding about this type of household appliances. Let’s move to the next frequently asked question.

How to choose the most suitable oil based enamel paints?

  • Brand: It is undeniable that brand is one of the most vital elements when choosing your house with suitable oil based enamel paints. The reputation of oil-based enamel paints brands often comes with the quality and reliability. Buying products of renowned brands will not only set your mind at ease but also make your work look more stunning and refreshable than any other house in town. Bare in mind!
  • Purpose of use: Oil based enamel paints are best suited for use in severe weather conditions and temperature fluctuations environments. When choosing the right purpose of using these paints, you will make the most use of it.


So through this article, you are sure to have a deep insight into oil based enamel paints from their formula structure to the tips of painting.you now can decide which one may suit your work the best and recover the project with a completely new version. Ready to pick one for your lovely house? Let’s go.