When you want to transform your furniture, or you need to protect them away from rust, you may choose a coverage tool or any solution with bronze tone.

Assuming that you are looking for different products to paint your bathroom faucet to bronze, it is easy to recognize 2 types of bathroom faucets: rubbed bronze and oil rubbed bronze.

Although these two are almost similar so that they are used interchangeably in many cases, oil rubbed bronze has been outstanding so far.

In comparison with rubbed bronze, oil rubbed bronze is suitable for metal to imitate a more natural finish look.

Besides, this type goes on quickly and embarks strongly to many different surfaces so that the finish provided will be absolutely exclusive.

Moreover, color is the most significant difference between the 2 types of bronze.

Both of them are colored dark brown, but if you observe oil rubbed bronze more carefully, it consists of very small gold and bronze dots whereas rubbed bronze makes a pure brown with no dots inside.

That is why any piece of furniture like faucet painted by oil rubbed bronze has a two-toned effect, reflecting a great antique look.

In the market, Rust-Oleum is one of the best suppliers providing good bronze spray paint for metal in particular and other materials in general.

10 ways of using Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint

According to the features Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint provide, I would like to show you 12 ideas to use it for decorating, updating or changing the metal look in your home.

1. Handmade handle with an antique golden look

modern kitchenIf you have a dresser with missing or rusted handles, you can remake them like the picture above. There is no difference between the original handle and the handmade one.For a finish like that, you can spray these handles with Oil Rubbed Bronze. Actually, Rust-Oleum bronze cannot reflect a golden look so that you can add a highlight by using gold paint after spraying Rust-Oleum.

2. Renew to make use of an ice bucket.

If you find an ice bucket from the thrift store in a bad condition because its handle and top are cheap with brassy color,  it is time for Oil Rubbed Bronze to show its performance.

3. Even all hooks in the kitchen can be covered by Rust-Oleum bronze.

You can buy available brassy hook from Lowe’s – owner of Rust-Oleum spray paint, but Rust-Oleum can do the same thing to the hook you have.

4. A vintage light for fireplace

If you have an old light needed changing or replacing, you should consider whether it can be transformed to be decorative with a new look.

5. The Gallery Wall crossing stairs covered by bronze

The Gallery Wall crossing stairs covered by bronzeYou can find many cheap picture frames at the thrift store and garage sales. Although they are different in size, material or style, you are able to create the same look for them with bronze spray paint.By this way, your frames look vintage and classic.

6. A bar stool raised bar top in the kitchen.

When your house needs a bar stool for a bar top between the Family Room and Kitchen, you also have an outside place rusted a little bit on the screened porch, you can sand those areas and spray chairs with Oil Rubbed Bronze.In addition, you can use more gold paint for the details and renew the seat with a yellow fabric if any.

7. Wood bath cabinet faucet and stuff to be bronze

This bathroom cabinet colored a cherry wood originally. In case that you decide to renew the bathroom, you can use oil rubbed bronze for the faucet and the handles.In fact, the handles are made of cherry wood but after spraying with Rust-Oleum, it turns to an accent appearance. You do not need to buy a new cabinet, just spray paint with a small buck.

8. Mirror frames

Although it used to be ugly stuff from the thrift store or garage sales, it is now covered by pretty Rust-Oleum bronze after spraying. Gold paint can be touched a little bit here for more golden effect.

9. An old stand or shelf is applied with Rust-Oleum bronze

This stand is about 13 years old until now. Time makes it rusted and old enough for going to the garbage. But thanks to Rust-Oleum paint, it becomes shiny with tiny gold flecks inside.That is a great idea for you to recycle such stuff and save money.  You should peel the cheap brass off the shelf and spray the whole thing with Oil Rubbed Bronze.

10. Even a small vent can be shiny with an antique spray paint bronze.

small vent can be shiny with an antique spray paint bronzeThis is also the common stuff around home that can be changed up with a small can of spray paint. Very useful!Despite tiny issues regarding color and its container, Rust-Oleum oil rubbed bronze is worth buying with its excellent features. It can be a proactive supporter for many uses, especially DIY.

You can transform your household appliances to a new look, not throw them away. In addition, you may apply one more paint in another color for more tone effect (refer other products of Rust-Oleum Universal).

However, consider your health before spraying.

Brand information

Founded by a sea captain – Robert Fergusson in 1921, Rust-Oleum has been known as the home of trusted and powerful solutions.

At the early age of operation, ship intact was in the top of manufacture, but the paint was not.

However, one day when Mr. Fergusson accidentally recognized that a splash of fish oil could prevent the corrosion spreading on his rusty metal deck, there exploded an idea in his mind – a revolution indeed.

In the next periods, Mr. Fergusson spent his time on researching and invented the world’s first product that could  stop metal rust.

After that, Mr. Fergusson and Rust-Oleum worked tirelessly in solving any challenge at the level quality as high as they could.

So, they possess the most long-lasting and innovative products compared with other manufacturers in the same line of industry.

Product Introduction

Among 17 different brands owned by Rust-Oleum, Universal focuses on 2-in-1 paint and primer. Especially, all products in this line are designed in spraying models.

Moreover, the brand is successfully patented for inventing hi-tech trigger. Thanks to this device, you can spray at any edges of the surface in any direction such as upward, downward, etc.

With the official name Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic Spray Paint, Rust-Oleum oil rubbed bronze is a supportive tool to every project inside or outside your home/job site.

It gives a finish of glow and sparkling metallic look and shortens the working period due to the technology of combining paint and primer. The color of Rust-Oleum bronze is not only fashionable but also vintage.

In addition, with oil-based formula and special ability of stickiness, this product makes a durable shell for stuff to stop rust and avoid fading or scrapping.

As an ideal choice for multiple surfaces, this antique bronze spray paint has been featured to suit many purposes and types of users.

In particular, Rust-Oleum oil rubbed bronze is an advanced creation that works on different types of surfaces such as wood, plastic, wood, metal, concrete, fiberglass, wicker, aluminum, brickwork, vinyl and so on.

With fast-drying formula, you can touch the finish within 30 minutes, but it is recommended to leave your work up to 24 hours for the best result.

On average, 1 spray paint unit covers 2m²/litre. Finally, after being applied and left to dry, your home or project site can be restored to a new great appearance.

How to use:

  • Remember to prepare the surface and make sure that it is clean and clear without any paint, rust, wax, oil, and grease. You should rub off the surface if it has been painted before. After that, cover surrounding areas to prevent spray mist from affecting your work.
  • Before spraying, shake the can for 1 minute until feeling the mixing ball works well, then remove red safety clip from the trigger.

Safety precautions:

  • Please remember that Rust-Oleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint with its contents under pressure is actually dangerous because of flammable liquid and harmful vapor. Also, vapors emitted can cause flash fire.
    The components consist of acetone, xylene, butyl acetate, acetone that cause the bad effect to human’s brain and nervous system, leading to headache, dizziness, nausea, and other related symptoms.
    It also irritates eye, skin, and nose. Therefore, do not break or burn liquid container.
  • When you scratch or remove previous paint on your work, the dust of lead – an extremely toxic substance may be released.
    In that case, you should contact the National Lead Information or access to www.epa.gov/lead to receive support.
  • Avoid or turn off every ignition or source at temperatures 120°F (48°C) or higher: stoves, heaters, electric motors, etc until all vapors  completely disappear after use.
    If overexposed under the sun, it may be caused to explode. Do not smoke.
  • Before spraying, make sure the atmosphere ventilation crossed fully. In case of indoor spraying, you should open all windows or doors to have enough fresh air for the user to breathe and for the finish to dry.
    About user, you should wear labor protective items to keep eyes, skin or clothing away from harmful vapor.
    If your eyes are exposed to the vapor, wash them with water within 15 minutes, while for skin, soap can be used. However, all those cases need medical attention.
  • Avoid inhaling anything emitted from the spray. Stop your work and move to fresh air area if you feel some abnormal symptoms such as dizziness or headache.
    In case you still suffer from annoying symptoms, ask a doctor for medical care.
  • Keep away from the reach of children.

Key features: spraying, hi-tech paint and primer in one, dark bronze with golden flecks inside.

Pros: nice and even spraying, suitable for plenty types of surfaces, multiple uses, good antique bronze color, reasonable price.

Cons: harmful if used in a wrong way, difficult to apply on vinyl surface, regularly get some trouble with the nozzle.

Disadvantages and issues may happen during using

Besides the excellent performance of Rust-Oleum spray paint, there are still some irritating issues.

First of all, be aware of some flawed nozzles because it can destroy your work. In some cases, it takes you some time to use the quirks of the nozzle, sometimes it even clog and stop working after being used once.

It splatters blobs when beginning to run out at first use. The best solution is that you test spraying in the air before applying it on your working surface.

If spit blobs still occur randomly, you should put a few more coats on so that darker flecks on the working surface will disappear.

Secondly, Rust-Oleum spray paint can not work well on all the surfaces. In the conditions of a warm and non-humid atmosphere, it takes a couple of days for the finish to dry completely.

The brand instructs that this paint can be applied on the vinyl surface, however, it is not suitable. For example, when using it to cover the vinyl seat on counter bar stools, the edges of those cushions have rusted a little bit.

Thirdly, though the color is good with pretty shade, it is darker than expected. Depending on the surface of stuff, it would be almost black rather than darker brown.