How to Paint Formica Cabinets?

Paint Formica CabinetsAt leisure times, you may have a look around your home and notice a need to paint the Formica cupboards that might have lost their colours and have looked faded. You can avoid calling a painter to paint Formica cabinets at your home if you know yourself how to paint Formica. It may seem an easy task to you but it really can mess you up if you are not handy at this.

So just scroll down the screen to know how to deal with painting Formica without being in any trouble. These tips will not only help in painting Formica cabinets but will also help you to learn the basics of painting. Please take a look at these amazing points.

Equipment List

  • You need to buy a number of things to paint the Formica cabinets. At this, thinking of paint brush and paint colour is on the top of the list. But there are some alternatives for a paint Painting with a paint roller or paint spray is other options.
  • Always insist on buying a high-quality paint roller. Though it will cost a bit more but will be long lasting and help in getting incredible results.

A few more things for painting the Formica cupboard are required.

  • To avoid stains on your hand and protect your eyes, buy gloves and goggles. It is suggested to buy White Knight Laminate paint. And also you will need a cleaner, so give a thought for White Knight Cleaner or TSP cleaner. Buy a quality primer. Also get sandpaper with appropriate grit, roller tray, painter tape, clean pieces of clothes and rust guard solvent.
  • For the knowledge rust guard solvent is used for removing paint marks. Manage for a screwdriver as well as you may need to screw or unscrew the screws of the hinges of the doors etc.

How to Paint Use
All these things are a must when it comes to Formica painting. Not only you will be able to save a lot of time but you will also be able to get excellent results in a short span of time.

Get Prepared

With the above list of things provided, you must have got an idea by now that how to paint Formica. But still, there are some preparations you need to make.

  • It is suggested to place the cabinet in some open area so that the surroundings do not get messed up with paint and other things. To make it light in weight just remove the doors and drawers from the main body of the cabinet.
  • It is the time to make the use of a screwdriver and get an ease by using it. Also, remove handles and knobs so that you can paint it smoothly.
  • If you are not in a position to remove the door and knobs then make sure to cover them with a thick newspaper or aluminium foil. As you paint the main area, the door and knob will get saved from paint and will help in making your job much easier.

Sand and Clean

  • Clean the cabinet with a piece of cloth. And sand it with sandpaper in a circular motion. Sand it properly covering the entire surface and edges. If there are dings or scratches on the cabinet then fill them with the Bondo and sand again over that area. Now after sanding it just clean it with the cleaner. And wipe it with a clean cloth.

The above-mentioned point is very crucial because proper cleaning of the surface is a must when it comes to Formica painting.

Apply Primer

  • Before applying primer on the cabinet, cover the area with a masking or painter tape that you don’t want to paint. Primer is applied so that the paint can be stuck to the Formica for a long time. That is why you need to apply primer carefully.

You can apply one or two coats of the primer. You can apply a second coat if needed so that paint does not come out in flakes. Now let it dry and leave for 4 hours at least before you start painting.

Here, the primer quality is of utmost importance as an inferior quality primer may lead to bad results. A top notch and high-quality primer can be easily sourced from a reputed paint and hardware shop at a reasonable rate.

Final Stage is to Paint

  • You must know well how to paint Formica which is the final part of the process. You can use a paint brush, paint roller or paint spray.
  • Painting with a brush is not recommended as it leaves the surface uneven. You should go for paint roller that provides smooth painting.
  • Painting with the paint spray is the best as it is just absorbed by the Formica and you don’t need to worry about the marks or stains. Painting with a roller may not work when you have to reach on edges or corners, to reach these areas paint brush can be better used.
  • If a second coat is needed, go for it. But make sure the first coat of the paint is completely dried up.

Now it’s time to attach the parts to the cabinet and place it in its actual place. Remove the tape from it which you applied on the area where you did not want to paint. Clean the marks of paint drops with the rust guide solvent (if required).

So anytime you feel that your cabinets need to be refined, then don’t hesitate to give them an elegant look by painting them. Choose the colour and make an impression to your friends and neighbours. And just share with them how to paint Formica.

All of these points have been exclusively shortlisted so that you are able to get best results. Not only you will able to get appreciable results but will also be able to do quality work at a highly reasonable cost.

Happy Painting!!

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