What are the advantages of the paint spraying unit that is increasingly replacing the previous manual painting methods? Does using airless spray bring high speed and best quality as advertised or not? To better understand this topic, this article will give you the most honest answer through the sections below!

​What is a Paint Sprayer?

​What is a paint sprayerThere are two main types of paint sprayers: portable paint sprayer and industrial-used paint sprayer. Particularly in a hand-held paint sprayer, there is a compact design that can be held in hand and easily manipulated by pulling the trigger to paint evenly on the surface.

With this type of spraying machine, you can easily adjust the spray speed and technique, such as horizontal-vertical fan-shaped or circular-shaped for many different situations. So, the device can reach even in small areas such as in the slot or small groove that requires high meticulous. For instance, Haupon TM-71 spraying machine has the sprays with three flexible shapes:

  • An up-and-down horizontal shaped spray
  • A pinpoint spray for sharp or small-jet projections
  • A vertical fan-shaped spray to move in a horizontal direction.

As for the industrial paint sprayer, it has a superior design and significant performance. This machine has a larger shape than the portable one, bringing all the features and techniques needed as a professional painter on a construction site.

For example, Graco GX21 paint sprayer works with a capacity of 3,500W to help the machine operate so that you can finish tasks quickly in a short amount of time. It offers the best spray surface with smooth and perfect gloss. The spray gun includes many different adjustment modes to fit the use of painting in a wide area in the industrial construction works.

Application of Paint Sprayer in Works and Daily Projects

Application of paint sprayerWith the portable spraying gun, the pressure created from the nozzle helps the paint to adhere better on all types of surfaces. The paint from the sprayer is smooth, more colored, and can protect the coating surface better.

Besides, the machine can paint on a large area faster without labor requirements and can flexibly move to different locations due to its compact design. Therefore, this device is increasingly widely used in almost all walks of life.

Interior Decoration

A paint sprayer is often used to paint exterior and interior walls to make the house looks modern and free of mold when it comes to rain. Besides, when the homeowner wants to renovate a small space in the house, it is possible to use the paint sprayer for quick color changing. A little color for corners of the wall can bring a freshness to the whole house.


Billboards are always outdoor and affected by rain and UV ray. So, it is necessary to paint to avoid surface damage. The portable paint sprayer with the advantage of creating colored, smooth, and durable paint over time will be a perfect choice to paint these types of large hanging boards.

Mechanical Protection

For all kinds of doors, bars, windows, iron, etc.; it also needs painting to avoid rust. Thanks to the ability to create durable and beautiful color paint, the painting spray gun helps painting the machine covers quickly. It ensures long-term uses without concerning about rust or malfunction.

Furniture Made of Wood and Metal

Furniture products or home decorations when are being painted will also become more eye-catching and more durable. The paint will avoid accidental scratches, termites, mold, or rust over time.

Painting is also a way to harmonize with the décor of the whole house or workspace. When using a hand-held paint sprayer, these products will be covered with a smooth and durable color pain. The items will become more elegant and sophisticated and create a more luxurious look for work and living space.

Comparison Between Paint Sprayer and Manual Roller

Minimize Working Time

Minimize working timeThe manual painting technique takes time and effort compared to a regular paint sprayer. The reason is the sprayer operates on an automatic mechanism. The user only needs to pull the trigger, and the painting spray will come out continuously and smoothly on the material surface, such as a wall, wood, and beautiful art furniture.

So, you do not need to pay much time and effort to scan anymore manually. The utility of painting spray gun will help you handle with a shorter amount of time. Also, when investing in a paint sprayer, you will save significantly more labor costs.

Safer and More Convenient

The manual painting method will be more difficult when working at great locations. You will have to take the effort to bring complicated equipment sets such as paint cans and necessary tools on the scaffolding, not to mention that it will jeopardize the safety of workers.

In contrast, when using a paint sprayer, you do not need to bring any extra tools. The only thing is to ensure that the power cord is long enough to work efficiently and utility in a wide area.

Better Quality

Better qualitySpraying speed is an advantage of a paint sprayer. It makes the paint layer to be more homogeneous and smoother, also minimizes dripping paint phenomena that often encounter in manual painting methods.

Affordable Costs and Profitable Investment

For the portable paint sprayer, the price is affordable, usually in the range of $45 and up to $100, making it be a profitable investment as you can reduce a more significant amount of labor and extra tool costs.

On the other hand, the industrial spraying machine has many price options, from $100 to even $1,000. The market prices hugely depend on the productivity of each construction site area.

However, when using the paint sprayer, you should use an advance poison resistant mask due to the amount of chemical paint that will compress into the air stream. It is difficult to control because the poisonous chemical spray will spread freely in the air, affecting health when inhaled.

Final Words

The hand-held paint sprayer is becoming a necessary item in works thanks to their faster painting ability, creating a smoother, more delicate, more evenly painted cover, and more economical than the traditional manual roller. This article shall give you an overall picture of the benefits of a paint sprayer. Do not forget to catch up with our next article. Cheers!

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