As the name explains it all, paint sprayer is a device that is designed to dispense paint equally onto the surface of the material by forcing atomized particles of paint through the nozzle. Unlike paint brushes and rollers, this device has made uniform application of paint quite faster and flawless. Different types of paint sprayers come with various features and accessories allowing a variety of paint application.

Types of Paint Sprayers

When it comes to purchasing a paint sprayer, there are many types hence you must buy the one that is suitable enough to do the job that is to be completed. The kind of paint should also be considered during the purchase process. Here are three basic types of paint sprayers:

Types of Paint Sprayers

  1. Airless Paint Sprayers: this type of sprayers pump the paint out at a higher pressure and causes the paint to disperse in the series of droplets. It results in an even coating of the paint that looks quite impressive. As this type is best for indoor and DIY projects, you may use it to retouch your fence, deck, ceiling and much more. And yes, try to use thicker paints as they work well with this type of paint sprayers.
  2. Compressed Air Paint Sprayers: this type of sprayers work by using the compressed air to force the discharge of paint through the nozzle. They are entirely foolproof in operating and result in a beautiful painting, hence quite easy for beginners to use. You may use it to paint the cabinets and furniture to witness the best results. Although it’s a cheaper type but requires a considerable amount of paint and additional air compressor to function properly.
  3. HVLP Paint Sprayers: the high volume low-pressure sprayers work with a steady volume of air to release the pressurized droplets of paint to cover the surface. Using this type will result in less waste and mess due to low pressure. HVLP sprayers work quite impressively with thinner paints and can also be used for lacquer and varnish application in industries.

Warning: While using any type, be very careful because if your skin makes any contact with the sprayer tip, the paint might get injected and cause severe infection.

Features of Paint Sprayers

Dependable Paint SprayerAll types of paint sprayers come with different functions depending on the manufacturing and model of the tool. Here are the four most impressive features of paint sprayers you must know about:

  1. Easily portable: Almost all paint sprayers come with the aspect of portability. Whether you’re using small handguns or big machines, you can move them easily while painting. The big paint sprayers come with wheels and backpacks hence you can move them easily without struggling much.
  2. Flexible use: Most of the paint sprayers come with the feature of adjustable application of the paint. You can choose the level of thickness and speed of application as well. There are also some professional paint sprayers that work with versatility allowing the user to apply lacquer and varnish as well.
  3. Power: Different paint sprayers have different power features. Apart from hand controlled primary spray guns, there are also cordless, electric and fuel-powered sprayers. A professional paint sprayer might require a power source for air compressor in addition to a powered paint sprayer. Before purchasing, you must consider the variety of this feature.
  4. Cleaning: After using a paint sprayer, the cleanup is much necessary and take a lot of time and energy. This procedure can be quite slow and messy hence you may look for sprayers that come with the in-built cleaning system. Specific advance models take few minutes to get clean up without creating any mess.

Accessories of Paint Sprayers:

As paint sprayers are here to make your painting task more comfortable, the accessories that come with this device improve the functions of paint sprayers. Here are some top tools that usually come along with sprayers otherwise also available on the market separately:

  1. Hoses: There are several hoses available for your sprayer to let it work with versatility. A smaller hose can serve well for indoor DIY projects, whereas for outdoor works such as fence painting, you will need at least 25 feet long hose to do the job properly.
  2. Filters: Filters are a must-have accessory if you want to enjoy a smoother result of your sprayer. Filters will prevent clogging and splattering of paint. They are designed to keep the paint free of contamination.
  3. Protectants and conditioners: For the maintenance of your paint sprayer, you need to use these formulas to keep them safe from freezing and corrosions.
  4. Tips: With different tips, you can enjoy a variety of paint application. You may use different tips to use thicker and thinner paints. There are also some tips that allow the application of lacquer and varnish in addition to paint.

Accessories of Paint Sprayers

Things to Consider While Using Paint Sprayers

Although paint sprayers have made painting quite easy and quicker, you must consider some considerably significant things while using this advanced device. Here are some tips for people who are not professional paint sprayer users:

  • Do not use a paint sprayer if the temperature is below 45F and above 75F. Use of paint sprayer in direct sunlight should also be avoided as it will dry the paint quickly and might cause clogging.
  • Do not get closer than 10-12 inches because it might cause unwanted results. For an even application, you need to maintain a certain distance.
  • Never let your skin be exposed to paint sprayer tip as it might inject paint into your body and cause severe skin problems.


A professional paint sprayer can save your time and allow pro painting only if you use it according to the instructions. If you are new to this device, don’t jump to begin the project but do some practice beforehand. For better results, purchase the most suitable type and also use accessories. Just be careful while using the sprayer and enjoy an exciteful painting!

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