HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish SprayerHomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer is one of the most popular paint sprayers in the market. From repainting to refinishing and restyling of old furniture or cabinets, HomeRight paint sprayer helps you finish painting projects like a professional. Unlike airless sprayer models, this HVLP (high volume, low pressure) sprayer minimizes overspray and provides a factory-like finish. If you are planning to undertake a new painting project and want to get the most out of your Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer, there are some things to consider before beginning your project. Follow the paint sprayer tips given below to make your spray painting project a success.

Read Instruction Manual

Instructions available in user manual are valuable. To reduce the risk of injury and get your project done safely, read HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer instruction manual carefully before using the product. Like other power tools, this paint sprayer is reliable when used correctly but can be hazardous if misused. Keep in mind all the instructions, warnings, safeguards, and safety guidelines when starting any DIY painting project.

Practice First

It takes some time to become familiar and comfortable with any tool. So if you are new to Finish Max Sprayer, practice first by spraying water on newspaper or scraps. Practice will give you the real feel of spray paint job and help you improve spray techniques. Make sure to understand Finish Max Fine Sprayer features and settings wisely before spraying paint on an actual surface.

Surface Preparation

To ensure a high-quality finish, make sure to clean the surface thoroughly. For proper surface preparation, it is important to use trusted cleaning supplies. Don’t be in a hurry; let the surface dry properly. Complete the essential steps given before painting:

  • Remove dust, rust, and peeling paint.
  • Sand glossy or hard surfaces with sandpaper and wipe properly. Use a tack cloth to clean the surface.
  • Fill in all cracks and nail holes with filler or wood putty.
  • Fill in all nail and screw holes with spackling paste. Use a putty knife to complete this task correctly.
  • Cover all the areas you don’t want to get paint on.
  • When working indoors, make sure there is sufficient ventilation.

Paint/Primer Selection and Preparation

Finish Max sprayer works perfectly fine with paint, chalk paint, primer, stain, and varnish. Make sure to purchase the paint required for the project from a trusted manufacturer. Always buy little more paint than you think you will need. Spray primer on the surface before paint to improve color quality and prevent stains. To ensure your Finish Max sprayer work properly, paint should be thin enough to be sprayed. Because paints differ from brand to brand, always follow manufacturer’s guidelines to get this task done the right way. Take help of user manual to understand the thinning process.

Spray Pattern Settings and Spraying Instructions

Finish Max uses airflow to spray paint on spray. This paint sprayer can spray in one of three patterns (horizontal, vertical, or cone). You need to turn the wings of the tip. By using volume control knob, you can quickly set spraying flow to achieve high-quality spray pattern.

It is advisable to start with a low-pressure setting and adjust volume control knob until you get a beautiful spray pattern. Use the following guidelines to learn proper spraying techniques:

  • Keep Distance Consistent

Start your project by getting comfortable moving the paint sprayer. Hold Finish Max sprayer 4″ to 10″ from the surface you are spraying. Maintain this recommended distance from the surface. Move your arm slowly while keeping sprayer pointing straight at the surface. Pay proper attention to the sprayer position at the beginning and end of each stroke to maintain the distance. Overlap each stroke by about 1/3 of the spray pattern to achieve the factory-like finish. When the Finish Max’s motor is off, do not tip more than 45 degrees.

  • Spray Within Your Reach

When spraying paint on a workpiece, work only within your reach while maintaining correct paint sprayer position. Don’t angle the sprayer tip at the end of your range. It can cause an uneven finish.

  • Triggering the Sprayer

Make sure the sprayer is moving before you unleash it. Always run the sprayer a little bit more after you release the trigger. If you stop working for 30 minutes or longer, remember to retest the spray pattern before continuing.

Sprayer Cleaning

Proper cleaning is essential to keep the sprayer in good working condition. Always empty remaining paint from the container and clean it after each use. You can use an appropriate cleaning solution to clean the container. Make sure to clean each part of Finish Max sprayer thoroughly.

By following above tips, you can make your painting project convenient and successful.