Nowadays, transparent glasses are so common that they gradually become boring for creative people.

Therefore, they are more interested in and tend to choose stained glasses to decorate their home or office. Some even want to create aesthetic artworks on glass by themselves.

However, you can make some nice and inspirational crafts only when you use the right paint for glass. So, have you known what kind of paint to use on glass?

If you don’t, check this out now!

What Kind Of Paint To Use On Glass?

Enamel Glass Paint

Enamel Glass PaintEnamel paint can work well on not only glass but also other smooth or polished materials such as metal or ceramics.

There are two types of enamel paint, opaque and transparent. If you choose transparent paint, it will make your pieces look more like real stained glass, but the color changes when you place different-colored liquids or objects inside.

Enamel paint is often dried for a couple of days before being put into the oven. However, for some kinds of enamel paint, the heating treatment is optional.

Besides, you should use a small, soft brush or sponge to paint for the texture effect.

With enamel paint, if you use different colors but from the same brand, you can mix them to create a new one. For example, you can mix yellow with red to have orange. I believe that this is a cost-effective way to create colorful and eye-catching art on glass.

Acrylic Glass Paint

Acrylic Glass PaintAcrylic paints specially designed for glass, crystal, and plastic are often transparent and supposed to mimic colored glasses. For some brands, they need to be cured in the oven to last longer.

Just like enamel paint, acrylic paint can also be painted by a soft brush or sponge and mixed if you use the same paint brand line.

This kind of paint is really easy to use as you feel like you are just painting on the canvas.

Moreover, when it collects dust, you can gently clean it with a dry towel, but not a wet one or water.

Glass and Tile Medium

Glass and Tile MediumSome of you may ask me what if you have already had another type of acrylic paint or what if I can’t find the one specifically formulated for glass.

If you do, I will suggest you buy the glass and tile medium. So, what can this help you?

First, you can use any kind of acrylic paints, which are really easy to find, to paint on glass or ceramic when you mix them with glass and tile medium.

Second, the medium also allows you to control your paint on slick surfaces as well as increase durability.

However, your work will have the opaque effect as if you applied colors on frosted glass. And, remember not to wash it unless you want to damage the finish.

Oil Glass Paint

Oil Glass PaintOil-based paint may not be popular as other types of paints as it is pretty toxic. However, if you wear a mask and gloves, you should consider using this paint as it’s a very good choice, especially if you are into glossy and vibrant colors.

Moreover, oil-based paint does not easily come off in water so sometimes, you can gently clean your glass items without worrying about ruining their colors.

Still, when applying oil-based paint, the brush tends to harden, so you should prepare a solvent beforehand.

Glass Paint Markers

Glass Paint MarkersI can say that using glass paint markers are the easiest way to paint on glass surfaces. You can use them to draw precisely, which is much more difficult when you use brushes and other paints.

Furthermore, the final color result, in general, is long-lasting and transparent.

However, paint markers have one downside, which is some of the paint brands require heat treatment and can only be combined with other colors at the same temperature.

How Do You Make Paint Stay On Glass?- Tips

Although the durability of paint on glass depending mostly on how you use and maintain it, I’m sure that you can successfully paint on glass following some useful tips below:

  • Carefully wash your glass with soap and water, polish it with alcohol or vinegar, and let it totally dry before you begin to paint. It will prevent any dust or specks of dirt from interfering with the painting process.
  • Make sure that you wear latex gloves so that oil or sweat from your hands could not affect the paint.
  • If you want to create some hard or small details, you should first draw them on paper, cut them and then paint them.
  • Please take note that you should leave the previous paint layer completely dry before applying the follow-ups.
  • Be careful when you choose the paint for glasses or plates for food and beverages. Only use non-food-safe paint for decorative purposes.


To choose the appropriate paint, you should search for paint brands as well as their color palettes on the Internet before making the decision.

Besides, you must read the instructions printed on the paint bottle carefully because each kind of paint may have some slight differences in usage.

Last but not least, I hope that after reading this article, you’ve equipped yourself with knowledge about what kind of paint to use on glass.

You now can decorate and beautify any glass items, even such big things like glass walls or glass windows, making them one-of-a-kind artworks!
Thank you for reading and have fun!