As you’re on this page, you must be looking for information about paint sprayers. If this is so then you are on the right platform because here in this article we will be looking at the value and uses of paint zoom deluxe. We will be comparing the paint zoom sprayers to platinum paint sprayer and Wagner. Furthermore, you will also get to know about the instructions and manual that could prove useful for beginners.

Best Paint Zoom Sprayers – Product Reviews

Paint Zoom has many professional and out-class paint sprayers and paint sprayer kits available for its users, but the following two are the best paint zoom sprayers:

Handheld Electric Spray Gun

1. Handheld Electric Spray Gun Kit for Interior & Exterior Home

It is one professional paint sprayer by Paint Zoom, that is powerful than all other sprayers available in the market. It is a commercial grade electric paint sprayer specially made for commercial use. Its perfect results are going to mesmerize you. Its incredible ability to provide you even finish is going to impress you, and with such features, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this exceptional product. A paint sprayer that could be used indoors and outdoors without any hassle adds to its many abilities. Its handy extension & unique paint sprayer nozzle makes it the best choice for DIYer users.
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Paint Zoom Handheld Electric Spray Gun Kit

2. Paint Zoom Handheld Electric Spray Gun Kit

Another good option for do-it-yourselfers is this complete spray gun kit which comes with all the necessary tools required to get done with home projects. This handy product allows users to cover a wide range of surface including walls and ceilings. Offering an even finish, this kit is a good option for indoor as well as outdoor projects. Following are some features that make this product a good choice for do-it-yourselfers as well as professionals:

  1. It comes with an extension hose that enables the users to cover a large surface area without pausing frequently.
  2. Its three-way spray nozzle allows maximum directional control.
  3. It’s compact in size and quite lightweight.
  4. The distribution of paint from the nozzle is even which results in flawless finishing.
  5. It is an ideal product for indoor as well as outdoor tasks.

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Paint Zoom Deluxe Vs. Platinum

Paint Zoom Deluxe Vs PlatinumHere we will be looking at paint zoom deluxe in detail. It is clear from the overwhelming sales of paint zoom that in recent times it has become one of the hot properties since it was released. Although most of the users ignored it and rated it as a DIY gimmick, the product proved its worth as it brought a level of professional painter even for a beginner. Indeed, you could find numerous painters who use paint zoom.

If you browse the internet, you will find numerous positive reviews related to Paint Zoom Deluxe. The 2018 edition is rated to be the best sprayer that has helped people in cutting time and effort they need to paint anything. Moreover, people also say that this domestic paint sprayer is highly comfortable to use as compared to other versions available. With such expressive looks, you will not want to miss out on this fantastic product.

The only drawback that we have heard about this product is the when we over-dilute some paints then we will end up using a lot more paint than you actually would need. It is so because you will have to do multiple coats to get the desired color. Thus, if you are using paint zoom then dilute paint is not recommended.

If you go another way round you may get an uneven finish. Thus it is essential to make sure that you do not touch the extremes and under dilute the paint. It is recommended to find the right balance between both. This problem is found in all other paint sprayers available in the market. Paint zoom deluxe is no different from other paint sprayers available in the market in this aspect.

Irrespective of the fact that you may not get the desired finish if you don’t find the right balance of paint, people love paint zoom deluxe because of its exceptional ability to allow users to decide the amount of color they want to use. While others have said that it is straightforward to clean. It is so because you have to clean the nozzle and the paint container. The overwhelming response towards paint zoom deluxe shows these features outweigh any issues related to it. Paint zoom deluxe should be your top option when considering any paint sprayer just because of these exceptional benefits that you may not find in anyone else.

Paint zoom platinum is another fantastic machine that provides you the opportunity to paint your products easily. Paint zoom offers its users an exceptional solution for different painting requirements at various locations. It gives you a perfectly smooth and professional finish. It’s straightforward to use equipment, makes it a perfect choice for all the DIY homeowners. You do not need to go through the manual while using paint Zoom platinum. Its incredible ability to paint different surfaces with the same brush, rollers and paint trays saves time and effort. It’s straightforward to carry it along because of its lightweight. Its flexible design allows you to paint it in tight spaces with ease. Its metal two finger trigger enables you to achieve consistent coverage of paint on the surface. With very little maintenance you can use the machine again and again. It could prove to be a perfect painting partner that saves a lot of time, energy and money.

Paint Zoom Vs. Wagner Power Painter Optimus

Paint Zoom Vs Wagner Power Painter OptimusSince now we have had a detail look over paint zoom deluxe and platinum, it’s time to look at Wagner power painter Optimus. This particular paint sprayer is empowered with Optimus Dual-Tip technology that ensures the fact that you just don’t overspray the product. This way you can get the professional results that you have always desired for. Four different settings could be made to make it useful to paint large areas. These settings could also be helpful for detailing and works for decks, fences, shutters, garages and smaller homes equally well. It could prove to be a perfect paint sprayer for all kinds of situations.

Its exceptional dual spray tip allows you to get the perfect coverage with Wagner that lasts long and gives a lot better paint adhesion. These tips are with Tungsten-carbide which means that they are going to result for a very long time. Moreover, with such quality of tips, you are sure of the fact that products performance will be of top quality. The rotatable paint guard allows you the chance to change direction while painting allowing you to paint in different directions. This excellent machine provides you the opportunity to spray 7.2 gallons every hour. This not only saves your time and allows you the chance to handle big projects efficiently. It is such a convenient device to use because of its soft grip handle and backpack reservoir. These features contribute towards its brilliant design.

Paint Zoom Instructions

Paint Zoom InstructionsIt is essential to follow the following instructions to ensure that you get the best results.

  1. Avoid using the trigger when you are adjusting the ears on the spray pattern adjuster.
  2. Do not point the spray gun at yourself or any other person.
  3. It is essential to set the material volume by turning the regulator that is available on the rear part of the spray gun.
  4. It is recommended to position the gun perpendicular to the surface. The paint sprayer should be approximately 8 to 12 inches away from the surface depending upon the spray pattern size desired.
  5. To avoid all kinds of irregularities, it is recommended to spray parallel to the surface with smooth passes at a reliable speed.
  6. Always apply the first coat of material and wait till it dries up before you use the second coat.
  7. When you start spraying always ensure that you trigger the spray gun once the spray pass has begun and released the trigger before stopping the pass. You can achieve the best results when making 20-inch passes.
  8. Try ensuring that you always keep the gun pointed squarely at the surface. Overlapping the passes slightly can result in a consistent and professional finish.

Paint Zoom Manual

Paint Zoom ManualPaint zoom deluxe and Platinum are two exceptional products that have been loved by people and their response towards its quality is outstanding. Its user manuals are available to all users on the internet. You can easily access these user manuals, and it is highly recommended to go through them before using paint zoom.

How To Clean Paint Zoom Sprayer

How To Clean Paint Zoom SprayerIt is essential to learn about your machines regularly so that they could last longer. Thus you should also ensure that you clean paint zoom regularly. To do so, you need to follow a few steps that are mentioned below.

  • Make sure that your paint zoom is turned OFF.
  • Ensure that the pressure is set to the lowest setting
  • You need to ensure that the prime valve is down. The top valve towards the open position.
  • Try ensuring that you remove filter assembly and assemble airless spray gun without a filter.
  • Also, make sure that you also eliminate guard and SwitchTip.
  • Now you can go ahead and clean the filter, guard, and SwitchTip in flushing fluid. This flushing fluid could be of any type, but the recommended ones are water, paint, and thinner.
  • You may remove the siphon tube from the paint and place under the flushing fluid. It is suggested to use water for water base paint and mineral spirits for oil base paint.
  • If your sprayer has a filter attached then unscrew it and remove the filter assembly. Assemble the bowl without a filter and clean it properly.
  • Now you can turn the paint sprayer ON and prime valve to a horizontal position. This horizontal position is closed position.
  • Now it’s time to hold the spray gun against paint pail and take trigger safety OFF. Now it’s time to trigger the gun and increase pressure until flushing fluid appears. Do this until the flushing fluid seems clear. Once it is clear to release the trigger and engages trigger safety.
  • Turn the prime valve down to the open position and allow flushing fluid to circulate for at least 2 minutes so that the tube cleans up well.
  • Now raise siphon tube above flushing fluid and run sprayer for 15 to 30 seconds to drain fluid. During this process, it is essential to turn the power OFF. Once done you need to install filter bowl and filter assembly.
  • Tighten the filter bowl with hand. Once you have tightened it use a wipe sprayer, hose and spray gun with a rag soaked in water or mineral spirits to clean the paint sprayer.

How To Use Paint Zoom Spray Gun

How To Use Paint Zoom Spray GunIt is essential to know how to use paint zoom so that you could get the best results. Before you start using your paint sprayer, it is crucial to make sure that you have gone through the user manual that outlines all the necessary instructions of usage in detail. You can access user manuals of paint zoom deluxe and paint zoom platinum here.

Paint Zoom Complaints

Although paint zoom provides you an outstanding chance to get professional results still there are a few complaints by users. Most of the users have complained about the results they get because of over diluting or under diluting the paint. Finding the right balance of the paint is difficult, and the machine requires you to be perfect in your measuring to get the results you have always looked for. Even though the results vary with a different balance of paints people love the paint zoom because of its numerous such features that are mentioned above in the article.

Paint Zoom Lowes is one of the major brands of the world which provides you with a collection of paint sprayers. The best collection at is of paint zoom. They have got customer reviews available at their website as well that will help you decide whether paint zoom is going to prove worthy of the task or not. Moreover, we are sure of the fact that you will enjoy their product range. However, Amazon is still a more trustworthy and authority brand when it comes to buying paint sprayers.

Paint Zoom Sprayer Parts

Although paint zoom is one of the best paint sprayer currently available on the market it is difficult to find the right parts if it gets damaged. But it is not a problem at all because provides you the opportunity to get all the necessary parts. Here is the list of products that come along with the package. While you are buying, it is essential to verify if you have got all the necessary products.The product package consists of the following parts

  1. Well packed paint zoom spray gun
  2. 7 Inch Cable
  3. Powerful 1000 Watt Turbine
  4. DVD Guide3 Inch Tube


Paint zoom is the best paint sprayer, and the overwhelming reviews of customers prove this. The brand has many great products available for the beginners as well as the experts for home projects and big professional projects alike. The comparisons mentioned above and product reviews will help you decide what best suits your style of painting.