Kitchen cabinets are one of the essential equipment for a cozy kitchen space. Therefore, the consideration of choosing a suitable kitchen cabinet design is what most families are interested in.

However, you can easily see that the market for this product line is extremely diverse. Have you ever hesitated to buy a new one as there are so many options and you have no idea which the best choice is?

To seek the above problem, you can evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of two popular kitchen cabinets by these criteria below. Hopefully, this will be useful knowledge for you to have a genuinely satisfying choice for your home. Painted vs Stained cabinets- no more concern!

Painted vs Stained Cabinets – Pros and Cons in All Aspects


AestheticsPainted cabinets are widely-applied in the kitchen with a modern look, especially the kitchen in white. You will never have to worry about the color balance between the wall and the floor.

They will create an elegant space and bring a sense of comfort to all members of the family. Besides, the painted cabinets also build an awe-inspiring side effect, which is to create the effect of expanding the area. For rooms with tight spaces, this is a great idea!

Be a person heading to vintage style? So stained cabinets are made for you. If you want to give a luxurious look to the kitchen, pick up stained cabinets, and the spotlight from your wood’s natural character will come out-the visible grain.


Occasionally, painted cabinets carry a higher price tag than those of being stained because they require about 15% more.

However, the exact answer comes from many factors, such as the size, the color you choose, or the people who make the closet. There is no difficulty in making the cabinet budget-friendly. So think out, and don’t let yourself be strapped for cash!


Touch-upIt seems more challenging for you to do a touch-up with painted cabinets without cabinetmakers’ help as you can’t purchase semi-custom matching precisely with the origins.

Another reason for you to hire cabinet painters is their assistance- a touch-up kit. The combination of water-based acrylic paint and oil paint specialized for wooden furniture and brushes and sprays will not let you down.

While painted cabinets cost you a sum of money, the dyed closets are more favorable as always standing a color out there closely resembles yours. All you need to do is buy another stained surface and apply it to your cabinet on your own.

Water Resistance

Cabinets with mainly wood materials are likely to be water absorbent. Therefore, to overcome these problems well, you should select a painted closet as one of the most economical waterproofing methods. The creation of hydrophobic substances inside this product allows filling the material surface voids to prevent water permeability.

Despite being quickly done with touch-up, the stained cabinet has low water resistance. That’s why, in this aspect, we vote for the painted closet.


CleanlinessAfter a long time, dust will condense heavily in places with niches or patterns. Thus, it’s not a wise choice to pick up stained cabinets if you don’t have much time for house-cleaning stuff.

However, dust particles stick out on the dark surface to easily be realized, and you can wipe them out right away. In contrast, painted cabinets with multiple colors do an excellent job at hiding dirt but only when the dust is in a thick layer will you find it out.


The painted cabinets often work out in nearly ten years. After this period, the color fades away, together with some wood chips emerging from inside. Once you snap up to this situation, you have no option rather than give it a touch-up.

While the last category has a short term, the stained closets last for over 30 years. This is the right option for houses with a challenging way to come in. You don’t have to change unless your kitchen expectation changes.


MaintenanceThermal expansion quickly causes cracking of cabinet structures. Both painted, and stained cabinets are resistant to scratches and impacts, and do not discolor when exposed to harsh cleaning chemicals.

Some notes that you should keep in mind is that the cabinets in paint are easy to clean but are more likely to get scratched. So when cleaning kitchen cabinets, you only need to use a soft cloth or glass spray.

Painted vs Stained Cabinets – Which One Should Choose?

Which One Should ChooseTo be able to choose a beautiful kitchen cabinet model suitable for an apartment, you must determine the exact kitchen cabinet area. This will help you get the best overview of the cabinet you need to choose.

On the other hand, these precise measurements will make it easier for you to find product information and quickly select the right design without spending too much time and effort.

Each product line brings its superiorities. So follow your tastes and bring coziness to the overall house space. It’s not compulsory to single out either painted style or stained style. What about combining the two? If you can not come to a decision, let’s get both. You see? It’s not a big problem to get what you want.

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Final Words

A kitchen with an elegant finish and endurance for decades is always highly-evaluated if built up by these standards above. How to choose the cabinets that fit you best- It’s all about personal preference.

So following primary stages: Make some references- ask for samples- create your style- whether redesign or start, the most relevant item will be yours soon. Painted vs Stained cabinets- no more wonder!