Painting a gun with Krylon is believed to be one of the best gun painting practices. With the help of Krylon Camouflage Paint with Fusion engineering technology you can blend in with the wild around making your gun almost invisible to mere eyes. Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

Krylon camouflage owns a special type of Spraying Can which comes with 4 different colors, with this special spraying you will have a wide option of colours ranging from black, green, brown and khaki. This special product is made with a promise to bring an astounding appearance to your gun.

Ultimately, having this paint can be a wise decision you have ever made for your gun. In this article, I will show you what you need to do to turn your gun into a magnificent work of art.

Keep reading this article to check some tips to give your guns a perfect new look!

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Why Does Painting A Gun With Krylon Work Well?

Why Does Painting A Gun With Krylon Work WellEvery effort you make in disguise your hunting equipment and clothing will go down the drain if you forget the most important and trusty tool of yours that comes with you during the hunt. Of course when asking any hunter what is the most important tool for them in a hunt the answer can only be one which is their gun.

Therefore, it is reasonable to camouflage your guns to be “blended” into the environment, making you become invisible in the eyes of your “target”. Krylon Spray can help you to perfectly finish this affair.

The main purpose of using Krylon paint for your gun is to give you a big advantage with a gun that can blend in well with the wild.

Pros Of Using Krylon Paint

  • Krylon has a super fast-drying time. The whole process of painting consists of spraying, drying, handling just about 1 hour and the drying time only takes 15 minutes.
  • Krylon specializes in the ability to be used on several materials even wood, PVC, plastic, metal, vinyl.
  • Providing stainless and perfect flat look for your guns after 1 spray.
  • Easy to find on Amazon or other stores for painting with affordable price (just 5$ for cheapest spraying can)

Cons When Using Krylon Paint

  • There will be some problems when spraying Krylon paint with high pressure.
  • With the poor spraying technique, it would be flaking and peeling off in the following days.

Therefore, It’s essential for you to know how to paint your gun properly. Are there any secrets behind painting guns with Krylon Camouflage? Let’s figure out.

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How To Paint Guns With Krylon Camouflage?

Before Painting, Check These Things!

I highly recommend you finishing these 2 things before painting your rifle with krylon paints

First, Clean Up:

clean and smoothBefore anything, you need to make sure that the surface you want to paint is clean and smooth so that the painting process will be much easier.

Therefore, cleaning your guns outside by scrubbing it down, scraping all of the dirt and then griming it off. After that, follow up with cleaning spray cleansers to scraping down all rust and oil stuck in your guns for a long time.

Second, Lockdown Sensitive Parts of Guns:

lockdown sensitive parts of gunsFor your safety I highly recommend you take out all the bullets and flip the safety switch. This will make the painting process more secure and prevent any unwanted event to happen . After that, covering off all the parts you don’t want to paint is also a must-do. So, please use painter tape or mask to cover the zone, tube or muzzle of guns to make sure paint is not worn off later.

Start Painting, Follow These Steps:

Step 1: Beginning with the Base Layer

Beginning with the base layerStarting painting your beloved gun with the darkest color from Krylon Collection (I highly suggest Black Camouflage color). This is called a “base layer”, which will help to define the base tone of your guns’ color and provide them with a good-looking background for other colors to function well later.

To make your base layers perfect, remember to apply background color by using sweeping strokes. Spray carefully in order not to hold on any zone for too long or apply Krylon Camouflage too quickly otherwise you would leave globs of paint.

Step 2: Applying Spray Again or More Colors Due to Your Preference.

Applying spray again or more colorsAfter you have a perfect base layer background for your rifle, it’s time to let your imagination run free. The next layer you will be painting is the decorate which will make your gun special and stand out from the rest.

Therefore, you can use lighter colors compared to base layer colors. If your base layer color is black I recommend using a light green or Khaki color to contrast the base layer and create a sharp look for your rifle.

However, if you want to camouflage your guns into the environment when hunting, please do not use much contrast colors because it would catch the attention of your “target”. Instead, you can make sharp lines for your guns to easily blend in clothing or hunting equipment.

Step 3: Finishing with Foliage, Stencils or Laundry Bags to Make Pattern for Your Guns

Finishing with FoliageIn order to easily blend into the surroundings, you can make use of easy-looking foliage such as leaves, stems or some patterned objects that can help to make patterns for your guns. Another way that you can apply is the unused laundry bag for your paint to make an outstanding look to your guns.

Step 4: Waiting for Guns Dry in 15-20 Minutes.

Waiting for guns dry in 15-20 minutesAfter all the effort of putting the special decoration layers on your guns with Krylon, It will only take about 15-20 minutes for the paint to dry. And the paint will become touchable, safe and ready to handle after 45 mins to 1 hour.Read late: The Best Spray Paint For Ar15 with Excellent Coverage and Quick-drying


After all, painting a gun with Krylon is as easy as pie with the following straightforward steps that I have mentioned above. And I am quite sure that with the help of Krylon camouflage, you would have the perfect-looking gun after finishing those steps. Now, give Krylon a chance and you will have a stunning gun in no time!

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