Are you worried because your wife has made an urgent demand for a new, contemporary look of the kitchen? If yes, give your anxiety some rest and get started with the DIY kitchen project. With advanced paint sprayers, now you can turn your boring and dull looking kitchen into a classy and modern one without even hiring any contractor. Here we will tell you some useful tips to follow to upgrade your kitchen effortlessly. With an easily operable paint sprayer and few essential tools and supplies, you can bring a new look to your kitchen effortlessly. It’s time to surprise your wife by turning those worn-out cabinets into totally brand new ones and make her extremely happy!

Preparing For New Look

Things you need to have – Assemble supplies and Paint tools

To get started with the DIY cabinet painting project, first you need to assemble the important supplies and tools. You will need a few essential items to paint the cabinets flawlessly in order to change the look of the kitchen. When it comes to painting, you can use paint brushes and rollers but if you want to do it quickly, effortlessly and impeccably, going with a paint sprayer is the best option. Here is the list of supplies you must assemble before starting the project:
Painting Cabinets

  • Paint (prefer semi-gloss paint as it gives a nice coating for cabinets)
  • Primer (it is used as a preparatory coat to enable a fine paint application)
  • Degreaser (it is used to remove the stains and wax from the wood)
  • Wood filler (you will be needing it to fix the damaged or cracked wood surfaces)
  • Caulking
  • Painters plastic (it provides drip protection when using a paint sprayer especially)
  • Painter’s tape
  • Disposable gloves (these are optional if you have no problem getting paint on your hands)
  • Cleaning rag (for post-project clean-up)

Other than supplies, you also need some tools to get done with the project quickly as well as conveniently. With the help of advanced tools, you will able to complete the painting faster and flawlessly. Tools make painting pretty fun task so don’t forget to get these essentials tools before starting the painting process:
Painting Cabinets

  • Paint sprayer (you can also go for paint brushes and rollers but if you want to complete project quickly and flawlessly, sprayers are the best option)
  • Fine grit sandpaper
  • Sanding sponges
  • Paint respirator
  • Putty knife
  • screwdriver
  • Caulking gun

Once you have gathered these all necessary items, you are all set to color the kitchen cabinets.

Step by step for preparing


Remove the Doors and Drawers: take a screwdriver or use a drill to loosen all the hinges and nails that are holding the cabinet doors and drawers in place. You have to take the doors and drawers off because they will be painted in an open space such as garage or back porch. Disassembling the cabinets will make painting natural and flawless. Every corner will be coated pretty nicely.


Clean the surface of cabinets: to enjoy best paint results; the next step is to clean the cabinets properly. Make sure you get rid of all dirt, frozen grease and grime. Use a degreaser to remove the stubborn fat and wax from the wood to enable an even coating. Don’t skip this step if you don’t want to peel off the paint and do it all over again.


Sand the cabinets’ surfaces: typically professionals prefer 180 grit sandpaper, but it doesn’t matter much because the paint will cover all the surface. Anything ranging from 120 to 220 will serve the purpose finely. It’s a time-consuming step and much professional use orbital sanders to do it quickly. Don’t waste your time in sanding the entire existing finish but only sand enough to make the surface rough so new paint may adhere to it quickly.


Clean the cabinets again: while sanding the existing coat, you must have produced a lot of dust and paint waste. Clean the surface again by vacuuming it properly. Once the trash is picked up, use a damp cloth to mop the area. This step is necessary to read the cabinet for fresh and new paint application without creating uneven coatings. If you leave the waste as it is, you won’t be able to paint the surface flawlessly.


Cover the surrounding surfaces: when painting, make sure you only wash the targeted area and not everything around it. To avoid creating a mess, cover the surroundings by using painter’s tape. From walls to countertops and floors to shelves inside the cabinets, tape everything you don’t want to paint. This step is necessary when using a sprayer because it always releases the paint with a pressure making it unable to restrict the application.


Make drying arrangements: after the paint application, you will need to dry everything properly before assembling the cabinets. Look for some racks in the house where you can place the freshly sprayed doors and drawers to dry completely. For offices, leave the fan on, and you can even use a hair dryer to speed up the process.

Roll your sleeve up and Paint!

Once all the prepping is done, you are all ready to roll your sleeves and get started with the painting by following these steps:


Prime the Cabinets: start by applying a beautiful coat of primer to the surface of the cabinet. Proper coating of a primer allows paint to stick to the cover firmly and gives a long-lasting finish. The introduction also reduces the amount of color because it doesn’t let wood absorb it. Primers are also much cheaper than paints so it will save you some cash as well. Let the primer dry adequately before applying the paint.


Apply first coat of paint: once the primer has dried properly, you are set to paint the surface. Using the paint sprayer, apply a uniform coating of the paint flawlessly. You can also use paint brushes and rollers, but with a sprayer, it will be easy to get a thin layer of paint. Avoid thickening the coat as it will create bubbles and blemishes in the paint. Start painting the doors and drawers first and while they are drying, you can paint the cabinet boxes. Don’t rush into applying the second coat and let the first one dry completely.


Go for the second coat application: many people don’t go for a second coat because they think the first one has got it covered pretty impressively. Well, no matter how good paint is or how perfect the first coat appears to be, a second coat is necessary if you want to enjoy a long-term quality finish. Two thin coats always offer a better and durable finish than a single thick layer. Don’t go for the shortcuts if you want to enjoy excellent results.


Let it dry: once everything is painted, it’s time to leave it to dry properly. You can use a hair dryer to speed up the process, but it’s better to let it dry itself by taking the necessary time. Letting the paint dry naturally allows it to set correctly by developing more firm foundations. You can turn on the fan to maintain the room temperature. Remember one thing, the process of drying plays a significant role in making or breaking the final look of the paint application.

Time to Enjoy Your New Kitchen

Now everything is painted and dried pretty nicely; it’s time that you put your kitchen together to enjoy the final look. To attach the doors and drawers, use the screwdriver and hinges. You can use the same old hinges, but if your budget allows, it would be even better to buy some new hinges to enjoy long-term usage. Also, add handles and drawer knobs you took off earlier. If you want to use the old ones, consider varnishing them to bring a new shine. You can always buy new handles and knobs as well to enjoy modern designs. Assemble everything tightly to avoid any minor or major accidents.

Once the cabinets have been finally put together, you can enjoy the brand new look of your same old, dull kitchen. Before setting spice bottles and dishes in the cabinets, let them stay empty for a while or put a piece of coal in the corner of each cabinet to get rid of paint smell. After 24 hours, you can start placing the items in the cabinets to make your kitchen look complete and fresh finally. Don’t forget to put little decorative items on countertops of cabinets to give a nice, appealing touch to the place. With freshly painted and finely assembled cabinets, you are all set to enjoy the beautiful look of your kitchen.

Painting Cabinets

Some Tips for Painting Easier

  1. Choose right paints: Choose the right colors as wall paints are not suitable for the surfaces like wooden cabinets. They don’t stand regular cleaning and cost pretty expensively. For cabinetry surfaces, alkyd enamel works best and offers long-term smoother finish.
  2. Choose a beautiful color: To create a harmonious kitchen, choose a color that goes well with the appliances. Consider classy combination and contrasts to enhance the overall look of the kitchen. Black appliances with white cabinets and silver appliances with red or blue cabinets would nail the look.
  3. Remove the hardware: Don’t forget to remove the hardware including the handles, knobs, hinges, and door shutting magnets to attempt the refinishing properly. It will allow you to paint every single corner without going through any trouble or confusions.Painting Cabinets
  4. Organize everything: If you don’t want to mix up the doors, knobs, and hinges of all cabinets, give numbers to all items. So, when you are done with painting, it will be easy for you to combine everything by matching the numbers.
  5. Pack the kitchen: Take some cardboard boxes to pack every kitchen product and appliance safely. It would be better to empty the kitchen properly so nothing will get in your way while painting and cause a delay in the project completion.
  6. Buy an electric sander: Sanding is an essential step to prepare the surface for painting. It can be quite time-consuming, but with an electric sander, you can do it pretty faster without putting in much effort.
  7. Arrange a lot of cleaning cloths: cleaning the surface is as essential as sanding it. You will be required for cleaning the cabinets before and after sanding to get rid of dirt and old finish waste. In fact, there will sand between coats as well which means more mess and more cleaning.Painting Cabinets
  8. Always use oil-based primers: when it comes to choosing a primer, an oil-based formula is much than water-based formula. With oil based primer coat, white painted cabinets are less likely to get discolored over time. Oil-based primers also provide a nicely done surface for the paints to stick on.
  9. Go with tinted primer coating: If your paint color is darker, tinted primer coating will reduce the number of paint coatings. You won’t multiple paint coats to get the correctly color due to the colored layer of primer. It will save your time and paint as well.
  10. Spread a canvas drop cloth: while painting the cabinet boxes and hardware, don’t forget to spread the canvas drop cloth sheet. It will help in reducing the paint mess as all paint drops will fall on it instead of floor or other objects.
  11. Use disposable paint tray: this tip is for those who use rollers or paint brushes because, with paint sprayers, you don’t need any trays. Disposable trays are easy to carry anywhere, and once the job comfortable, you can throw them away and avoid the cleaning process.
  12. Prefer sprayers than brushes and rollers: sprayers make painting quick and easy with no extra efforts required. By just pressing the lever, you can get the paint on the surface evenly in a flawless manner. Sprayers offer a more beautiful finish than paint brushes and rollers.
  13. Separate brushes for primer and paint: if you are using a paintbrush, make sure you use a different brush for the primer. Never use the same tool for both tasks as it will affect the final look.
  14. Keep painter’s tape ready all the time: while painting, there are many areas that you don’t want to paint and cannot remove them as well. Such regions can be easily covered by using painter’s tape so you may spray freely and remove the tape once a painting is done.
  15. Paint cabinet’s base and door are back first: when it comes to painting the kitchen cabinets, you need to prioritize the bottom of the cabinet and back of the cabinet’s door. As they will make the most contact when attached hence make sure they get enough time to dry properly.
  16. Apply thin paint coats: increased number of thinner coats is better than a reduced number of thicker layers. Apply thin paint coats and always let the previous one dry adequately before applying the next coating. Thinner coats offer more durable and flawless results.Paint cabinet
  17. Apply a sealer: like a primer, it’s also essential to apply a sealer to seal the final look. With the first coating of sealer, the finish will last longer and stay protected from wear and tear. You can apply that using a roller as only a single, thin layer is required.
  18. Don’t skip the insides: many people think that painting the external hardware of the cabinets is fine. Well, it’s not! Every time you will open the cabinet, the old worn-out interior will ruin the fresh external look as well. It’s worth the extra effort to sand and paint the insides as well.
  19. Choose between contact paper and paint: for inside coverage, you can choose between contact paper rolls and paint. If you are okay with investing some more time and efforts, go with painting otherwise use contact paper to cover the surface. It’s easy to clean and can be replaced over some time.
  20. Reinstall systematically: after painting, when it comes to reinstalling, attach the hardware to the door first and then fix the door with the cabinet. This way door will fit properly with no looseness.
  21. Ask for help when installing upper cabinets: it’s not easy or safe to install upper cabinets alone. Ask for someone’s help to hold the door while to tighten the screws.

Paint Sprayer for Home Use

For cabinet painting, paint sprayers are the best option to go with. There are many sprayers specially designed for the amateur painters to let them continue with their DIY home projects. Now you can paint your cabinets by using the cost-effective and advanced sprayers to achieve the best results. These sprayers are the best units to use for simple and complex home projects. Now you don’t need to depend on contractors because with our paint sprayers; you can effectively change the look of your house yourself!


Stop compromising on the dull look of your old kitchen and give it a stylish touch by merely painting the cabinets. You can do it yourself without hiring any contractor. By only gathering some essential supplies and tools and following proper steps, you can paint the cabinets pretty effortlessly. It just requires patience and devotion to enjoy fantastic paint results. Follow our tips and buy a good paint sprayer to turn your old cabinets into new ones in a day. It’s time to amaze everybody by boosting up the look of your cabinets!